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HIT THE LIGHTS Words and Music by James Hetfield asin mY if & fe | Moderate Rock J= 144 a deci Faden aS —= 5 i 2 2 = 2 2 Hem. * ASC) ead ES Am? Ne. Asay Ps Gs Ant © (end Rhy, Fig 1) S125; Coming Deon Me expo sommes : SSS virion c B ‘G wiRhy. Fig. 1 4, 2 eZ 2 = =p 1S Se = Te wem ee. = waeusw ee aeie el ae wiRhy. Fig. 2 Ds Got the met~ al Ds mad ness Ne. When oor Om a) GAS) fans etart seroam in’ Gem © ee right. Tet rin Gs sir. w/Rhy. Fig. 1 (1st 2 bars only) Ds G5 ight, yeah. ‘When we start to rock — we @3t, 2. at. Ose. te. O©3tr. J a J J J 3 AS cs Gs ne te ft ee 7 a: es : c Fill 2 (end of Interlude II) Qs Interlude [ ww/Rhy. Fig. 1 As ASC) cs cs Fl Tnjgelade 11 w/Rhy. Fig. 1 AS(7) cs ps Am? ASI So os ‘ei? | = + — +. a + Neus) cs NEMA ps NO«AS) cs = Sat : ————— : eid be SER a3 2 2 a a5 22! a + os = + $ Fé % = — Galtarsele Eso a bs ah Read got) gh 73 7 nave welion throughowt sb (end Rhiy Fig, 3) open tam) + dosed tet) MEIED, w/Rhy, Fig. 3 te ee 0 ay tigimz $ ex w/Rift B Be = DS Full Fall Full 4 i wiRhy. Fig 3 BS Ds Sie : = Ful Full Pall, ao — Pak A a Estes) BS Ds Ew Fall w/RiIrB Nc. Bia *Vibrits on lower steal ww/Rhy. Fig. 3 ps pre ure the gee y re eau fees se Ss es sh ib, w/oar > iy al Fat TEP TEE TRE TEE TPE IPP yp 5 a Tap with edge of pick Uroushowt Fl byl Fy 2 Baa ps 5 yee) ps i: B Estre3) ps Ds Esiyee3) w/Riff A w/RIEE A G times) NC 1“ Additional Lyrics Know our fans ure insane. We're gorna blow this place away With volume higher Than anything today. The only way. When we start to rock we never, ete With all oat screamin’ We're gonna rip right through your brain. We got the lethal power. It’s eausin’ you sweet pain, Oh sweet pain ‘When we start to rock we never, etc THE FOUR HORSEMEN Words and Music by James Hetfield, * Ss ‘Lars Ulrich and Dave Mustaine. ae el me Es Even Ds Sabstiate RATA oe ah Te eae ~ ~ in 5 Gs DS cs oa) = (Both ates.) Ait pik OF 7 cs os ps os Pes bs (ead Ry. Fit 1), Rhy’ Fits? a cs cs cs DS Os 8s cs ps es Reiss cart Gy OG Cape a Ne ‘tonal Sigh Secahd A Rpts Need 1s Ist, Ind, 3rd Verses vy. Fi 22 times) ES cs obs 1. By the last breath the fourth winds blow, _ Bet — ter 2,3. See additional tyrics a. SS os cs $e 2 fet =f sound of hooves_knock at your door, Ds Et eg Lock up your wife amd chil-dren now, It's Gs Es ES cs ps ES can, 3 OS DS CS time to wield the blade, __ For now you've got some com - pany, Chorus Ry, E572) bs See ——— ee Fa 30 So aes ae J J 4 Horse-men are draw-ing near ~ On leather steeds they ride fend Rhy. Fig. 3) “ ~—no 8 > _ekilde eee eS => ee == =r = ‘They've come to take your Hf, w/Rty. Fie 3 Este) ps ‘On through the dead_ of night - with the Four Horse~men ride BS cs BS GS WiRty- Fie 1 Jo a es cs coe a fe or choose your fate and ie! 2nd time DS. of Code Ind time to Codall @ my CS GSi» Ds cs Oh, yeah, yeah! Coda 1 ES Gtr. 180 REG): Pay 7 times co N.CAES) FS ES ah Halftime (4 = 102) E (end Ray. Fi, 4) = : F Gee? RIC en. 18> 3 es = Wages 1 = q + — Faster d= 164 Play 8 times cs cs DS rE: $s Straight eighth feel NCES) cs cs DS eM. Pat Bridge w/Rhy. Figs (8 times) (5) CS CDS NCES) cS cts os Time as tak -en it toll on ‘Thelines that crick— your face. DS N.C.(es) cas your bod-y it has tom through, — With -ored in ev = ‘ry placa. C5_ CH DS NCE, 5 CES DSNCES) ae =a a eaees ¢ Po tree) {OCHhal yes halen dim Feria Yona iat Gnsey lol Death, dei Half time (4 = 102) C5_ CES DSN.C(ES) cs cts DS WiRItBC tine) Rhy. Fig. 5 NCCES) 47 Guitar solo 1 swiRhy. Fig. 6 (Gtr Fenty) (7% tines) se ‘Slower J=90 Bast myreocey Pe meen) fa Pull Fy Fol 2 ts rat ca mimi Bs 2 = a aa Pha shit mal Brand ES Deus? Coal? Braue Brsust Gu, Pa Patt i Grr Ualitys ull Ful aS ait we Gee Tempo J= 204) w/Rhy. Gites cs_as es as cs as coy shot Nees Fs Es ? Gir 1 Depron ba atte pat ‘Gr: Depress fur om fet eat, ‘Gtr Lindieated 10 eight of tish in TAR, Half time (4 = 102) N.CKES) er 4 Hires se Rt B (2 times) DsS. (tempo 1) al Coda It coda, Iy/sthy. Fig. 1 & NCES) ic ss es NG + (studio effect) “Cun Se approximated by seni lowering pitch of open low E string w/bae wiRhy. Fig. 4 Play 4 times (es) NCES) FS Guitar solo Tt ww/Rhy. Fig. 4 (8 times) Fs ES NCES) N.C.RS) a NCS) Full Pat FS NCGS) ovo. Ful Put run 2 J £ ae Full Full NCS) NCES) Fs NCES) Ni (ES) w/Rhy, Fig. © N. = ES = © Gs ps cs = Saat Adilstonat Lyrics 2. You've been dying since the day you've been born, ‘You know its all been planned. The quartet of deliveratice rides, A sinner once, a sinner twice, ‘No need for confession now. “Cause now you've got the fight of yourlife. (To Coda) 3. So gather round young warriors now ‘And saddle up your steeds. Killing scores with demon swords, Now is the death of doers of wrong. ‘Swing the judgment harames down. Safely inside armor, blood, guts and sweat, (To Chorus) MOTORBREATH Words and Music by James Hetfield sis. ft. fata. str Fast Rockd=iso Hee HE inna Se t mf Ps, = s = L : SS SSS eer ee 2 ts) (G5) (45) 5) a a3 oe — saree Bas (cod Ray. Fe. 1) % Ry.Fie BS AS GS FS GS Fs GAS GS FAIS _NCIESIHS aS Ist, 2nd, 3d Verses wiRhy. Fig. 1 @ times) BASSAS GS FES GS FAS a ey Gs AS Gs FAS NCIEDS AS 4 ; == Ce ee ee ee ee 215 Sealab BAS BS OAS GH OFIS: Gs IS AS. GSAS GSS ONGCURSFIS As Ses Rete = ——<=$—$—— £ 4 = : —— = Es Life Jo the fat fate fs jt owt em, fistand te teoray ites heey. and men, omyey © 183 Cena Death Vane 9) jTirkrengenon' 0 by Cronarg Dea We \seretonlCopightSeared Al is Beer 2 7 DAS 4 = Sopa a3 foe 4 tod) a2 d 2 y ade Ei} 7 bed qos FIFA IFS 4 : ¢ a — = ee .e 4 ae eS Guitar“oto 1 chs ‘ Ge, My) $$ 4° ye Se geafiem,, ean Woh on oon i Rhy. Fig, 2 Gr. 1 1D, a w/Rhy, Fig, 2 (Ist 3 bars only) et ats cs ; Gee os parce i eee Ueto ey. at eee GES cts r a r ru = cts cts i se _ at $ r Pp sh sh. cs Gt. cts Fut Fut Fatt ru ray PDP a] Fill (Gtr 1V) steady glise — wiPiangee plok alle Additional Lyrics 2. Don't stop for nothin’, it's full speed or nothin’, 1m takin’ down you know whatever's in my way. Getting your kicks as you're shooting the line. Sending the thivers up and down my spine, (To Chorus) 3. Those people who tell you not to take chances, They are all missing on what life's about. You only live once so take hold of the chance. Don’t end up like others, same song and danee. (70 Chorus) JUMP IN THE FIRE Words and Music by James Hotfeld, Moderate Rack J= 176 Lars Ulrich and Dave Mustaine Ne tire, Set Rhys Fe cs Bs “Doubled byw nd we 7 (ond Rhy. Fig 1) BBS ? (end Rhy. Fie 2) bs F i Ne. ¢s hie 2 DoS TEE Ategnn oy Cama a nasal Copy Sooate agus Rooted ct Ist Verse w/Rhy. Fig. 2(3 times) NC. i NC cs Des Down in the depihs_ of my fire - y home— the um-mons —_bell___will chime, — Thee’ @ 5 = ate gS =e = = wie Ss a ee pep aae me aoe fei, Fig 2 (08 2b ely) ss Ne vis ° = Now it's time for your fate and [won't hes - i- tte to pull you Chorus w/Rhy. Fig. | NE. s pbs Enc. cs BSS NG es BS Jump in the fret So come ont 2nd time to Coda I; 3rd time to Coda if ® Jump in the fire —— 2nd Verse wiRhy, Fig. 2 (3 times) Ne. BS F NG. 3 Des With Hell in my eyes and withdeath in my veins the end is clos - ing. in, Ne Bs E NC. cs os ie Feed - ing on the -—tminds-— of men— and from their souls with- in. My dis ~ Si-pks all shout t@_search_ you out_ and they al -waysshall__ 0» bey. —____ Fol - tow w/Rhy. Fig. 24 DIS. at Coda J NC & Rhy Fig 2 (ist 2hars only) Ne Bes cs bss = =. a ——, = ne now,my cil nok emeck ge, he ik, ut do SE ay So come on! — at erhude A BS - a cs Bos Rhy Fit. 3 AS BS GS w/Rhv. Fa, 3 2 times (end Rhy. Fig. 3) Bos 3G He) Fs GS Gtr Abs bs ve f Abs BS os ace ea hides = = Site Pe 3.4 tne) _ a a or eee soy s a ws 0, sa Verse ‘n/Raiy. Pig. 2 (3 times) Ne BS FS Nc cs Des Suunp by your will — or be tak-en by force, WN get you el ther way, Aan “s i ah Trying to keep the hell-fire it, om stalk = ing you ax prey: Lay ° Fall to your Gs Ds ESM —= o 2 ni Kensos and bow to the Phan-tom Lord! In time J= 138 sofa oven Gover Soren SS B ASHE GsY E FSM E G5 FAST Esta 3 2 id fi dei ke 3 wi 7 te ow 7 ‘Feedback pitcher Gu. 17 Gece Additional Lyrics Victims falling under chains, ‘You hear them crying dying pains. Fists of terror breaking through, Now there's nothing you can do, (To Chorus) 3. The Jeathered armies have prevailed, Tho Phantom Lord has never failed. Smoke is lifting from the ground, The tising volume metal sound. (To, Chorus) 49 NO REMORSE Words and Music by James Hettield and Lars Ulrich Sq AS, AHS, BS Aves) pg psy sys sven ae a, str © ts, Ee te. fe : it. a : fr a i sts. Fast Rock d= 188 Es Fs ES ni 6 BS Rhy Fig 1 (Ge. 1811 BFS Hes Tes ES ee toad Rhy Fig. 1) Intro. = Guitar soot ‘w/Rhy, Fig, t (6 times) Es Fi ¥e= elved rede) ‘9 open (Lass) ES 5 Bs rts te “fy Bs Fis Be ORS FAS reps Es hts 6 ESFts 56 AS E6 BS F#S Ep AS ES F#S ES ES FAS E6BS Ss N.C«ES) AS ASS BS NcIES) § Ger. UL ~ ? Rhy. Fig, 2 (Gtr. 1) 2 u # ¥ © W 7 a Ist, Ded, 31d Verses wi Rhy, Fig. 2.(Gtrs. 1 11) w/Riy, Fig. 2 (2 times) 5) cs NCES) ASAISBS NCES)" ——— iio ——— 1.No mer-ey for 2.3. See addirional lyrics cs NC.ES) AS ANS BS NCE) what wee do ing Na thigh Wie sealer aan: dae Weident med te ons © oss os Reens = 5 No re-more for the Bep-ess ont Wer with = out end (Em7) 1a Chorus w/Rhy. Fig. 3 (3¥ times) Nc. po remo. No re-morse, No repent We don't care what it meant. An-oth-e dy, : [Tar ime, DS al Coda TH Did time 10 Cou 5rd time to Code if se/Rby. Fill (Ry, Fa nib cs ‘BS cs BS + = an _- oth ~er death. ‘An-oth -et_sor-row, an -oth - er breath, an-oth-er_breath, Rhy, Fill] (Gire. 111) Nes BS le remy, Codat N.C. Hay t times Teiptertoot SJ=) bs eos $s es eur ata a a Fa SW Bed icmrem 1 a= == = 2 d am “Pick scrapes, While left Hand mises stings, ao fuge of pis I eed to scrape upand down, Play’ 4 times ppcoaimely over midale picky, DS. Ds NC. cs NG (end Rhy. Fig. 4) zs = sare ——— = Sa ‘vib. lower note only os —s i " Fa Fal atl fae _ = = } o 3 SZ ———- i Saag ye ead si : ENG DS NG co bs Slower J= 152 ‘ DS(Tempo I) al Cod Sencha NE. edie NG i irs. SpA ee: E&I ps AS Gir tt Coda Tt * NS SS ee (Gis. out) Double time feel Gtrs. Born Boren Het asenn a, DS. A te ee Pere Rer errr Deeeerr rererss : fate 4 ates Jo FIFI FIFI n2 2757 e ava SSS Bridge Bul ~ lets ae fy - ing, war ma chines go - ing. Rhy. Pig. 6 (Gtrs. 1 &11) Mad = ness sur - round ~ ing. All hells break = ing_—oose. No mer = cy giv = en to oan - y = one here, The (ond Rhy. Fig. 6) wiRhy, Fig. 6 AS cs AS Ds cs AS cas BSCS BS Sol-diers are hound-ing. Bod -ies are mount-ing. _Can-nons. are shout -ing to take their fui - ousfight ing, Swords are like light "ning. It all be- comes fright“ning, Youknow death is meat wiRhy. Fig, > (2 thes) jee Berm ome weak ase Ds Bs A ova BS” C5 BS” cs Bs SY as J intime (= 144) Oore ‘2, afr. Oe, WiFi — ric FF ee ar ae oe iis oa td Bs Dstiesy Fut (Gu. a ick side Additional Lyrics 2. Blood feeds the war machine Asit eatsa way across the lind. We don't need to feel the sorrow. ‘No remorse is the one command. (To Fre-chonis) 3. Only the strong survive: No will o save the weaker nice, Wee ready to kill ll comers. Like loaded gun right st your feos. (To Pre-chorus) SEEK & DESTROY Words and Music by James Hetfiel: and Lars Ulrict x oe x AD x x C5 ,D5 Gsy FSs F. ES E ESU _ — x NW XX xXx x XX Fest f pees rote pee a Dat. Bahar Fan” FRE Thr, Had M1 1 iM li 13 1 13 1 “Yd G5x Ftsix FSvur Esttype2) psy Eseyre 3) Gain Fesu ASY Em7 x fr x TO of, x Te ete. x Tote. x a st ay a ahr, ‘ x TT sir Cc ofr 5 H i i 13 Aad A 13 > H 134 Moderate Rock d= 140 Gtrs. Play § times Nc T&II N.C. (end Riff A) pip p.-. 2-2 (Gtr. : 5 out) NCES) N.C.(E5) GS AS G5 AS N.C(ES) Gt. Ry Fig.) GS ASGSAS N.CLES) (end Rhy. Fig. 1) Double wiGtr H------ > urs. 14] | ee Oo ry _ $F 1 sty tS ee J H ia +3 a as og a vw? =z aoc 3 wv? vw z rdw vw 7% +s PM ---eeree 4 PMp-eleeeee- 4 PM n--s2ee222- 4 w/Rhy. Fig. 1 (Gtrs. 1 & nN) w/Rhy. Fig. 1 GS AS GS AS N.C.(E5) N.C.(E5) GS AS GS AS N.C.(E5) Play 4 times SSS SS] e Al - right. (Ist time only) Piay 4 times N.C.(E5) ‘ : - (end Riff C) oe RiffC vy! — a He 7 :. oS — ot = = ; a = os + fj oado3 2:3 aw ¥ y¥ FF + F 6-7 €~ | | | . Conynght © 1983 Creeping Death Music (ASCAP) Tra Arrangoment © 1990 by Croaping Deen Music _ Ist, 2nd, 3rd Verses % w/Riff C (4 times) NCES) 1, Scan-ning the scene_ in the cit- y to-night. We're look-ing for you_ to start up a fight. 2.3, See additional lvrics —— D¢. — a eo 2 959 pe Eee H There’san e-vil feel-ing in our_ brains, butit’s noth-ing new. Youknow it drives us in - sane._ Pre-chorus . w/Rhy. Fig. 2 (2 times) lL. (end Rhy. Fig. 2) open @®oren w/Fill 1 A Cc. Goren Rhy. CS A CS D5 C5 A CS DS CS P.M Run-ning. On our way. Hid - ing. You will pay. Dy-ing onethou-sand deaths. 2. oes FES F5 w/Riff B (2 times) Rhy. o J A N.C. Fig. 3 —j— —_———, TO SS === SS SS ee ee eed 6 a eS Search- ing. Seek and de - % Pe | open oF (end Rhy. Fig. 3) y Rhy. Fig. 3 (last 2 bars only) 6 re gl 227) FFF L773" j BB. 14, 2nd time to Coda I; w/Rhy. Fig. 3 (last 2 bars only) 3rd time to Coda Il w/Rhy. Fig. 1 @oren + GS AS G5 AS N.C(ES) stroy stroy Faster] = 208 w/Rhy. Fig. | DS. alCoda! Coda w/Rhy, Fig. 3(1st 2 bars only) ES E N.C(ES) G5 ASGS AS $ G5 FS OFS ° Jim ~ 37 (Drums) Toee ees 3°71 —————— Search-ing. Seek and de - stroy._ w wy to ra GS N.C.(E5) Tatts rrr csr rt cst eter nomen e eee e een nn se on Yocgy w/Rhy. Fig. 4 (3 times) N.C(ES) 8ya----- F5 FE5 w/Rhy. Fig. 3 (1st 2 bars only) GS N.C.(ES) Full (ES) FIS NC. P < PLM oe ene ere eee eee ee eee en ee eee eee eed a e Y a w a w GS N.C(ES) 1 ~~] | | — Substitute Rhy. Fill 1 (2nd,3rd & 4th times) C5 N.C.(AS) BS N.C.(AS) N.C.(A5) pe * —-— = ——— ea? ——: ie ——— oo re a Sat = > = > t= ~*~ +s sa 7 SBS SB OF y ~s > ~- ~S —-— 3 Be si PLM P.M.----4 P.M PLM. ---4 PLM.--+-4 PLM, P.M.---4° PLM----4 Guitar solo w/Rhy. Fig. 3 (3 times) JN. Play 4 times Gtr. TI N.C.(ES) Full GS a P a 2 ot a ? ) Re ee SPasssesose pg cea pete [fang] [Ff [fe Sateen Sateen) — hemos) beeen | — pene be eS EE eee eee a P FE5 N.C(ES) Gtr, P ny NC. ol P Sieady gliss, Gtrs. = Set, & _—~ sl. 1&ll Os = Re mie wes oN onl neon — " ¢ 7 A= —_ I —~ — e - ° 3 - —-— _— z= TST =. y — Gus | | p I&l P.M.-----+-- q PM. -4 — sl Pp sl P.M,------- 4 P.M.--4 Tempo I D.S. al Coda. w/Riff A w/Rhy.Fig. | NC, Play 8 times N.C, N.C.(E5) GS AS GS AS N.C.(E5) Play 4 times Se SSS E z (4th time:) 3. Ou: t ha ha haha. Substitute Rhy. Fil! 2 (last time only open @open open Play 4 time G5* Fts@E FES XDS5V EF psVEste Gp G5* tt open 1: Fin, EB FESFSMte ESMInE Stee . P.M.---4 P.M,---4 eet tere eee ree ee ? 4 P.M.---4 P.M --4 PM.------------222- J SSS ee Substitute Rhy, Fill 3 (last time only) Play 8 times . een Este he gst FR Su One Gsm Opes ASY Gs Neu ® Oven Em7 fe “ P.M..-4 A. - 3 PM.-.-d “> Play 3 times PM.----0.----- J 7 é SSS | Rhy. Fill 3 F#S5 N.C.(ES) AS GS N.C.(ES) Additional Lyrics 2. There is no escape and that’s for sure. This is the end we won't take anymore. Say goodbye to the world you live in. You've always been taking, but now you're Biving. (7o Pre-chorus) 3. Our brains are on fire with the feeling to kill. vs And it won't go away until our dreams are fulfilled, There is only one thing on our minds. Don't try running away ‘cause you're the one we will find. (To Pre-chonss) METAL MILITIA Words and Music by James Hetfield, LBs CSN Dave Moun Bes AS as Ds cs. BS ASD BS ES FS rpsoren fe. fi ste, hte Bi ste. bt. ee ce a k ts. hee me BywpeD Powe FSom.) BSED CHS DE, ARS Cte GES Gs Ct Stumes) t Hey ate. ma i (. ie Hers. na ae fae ee Fast Rock J 168 NGM rc 6s as Nee) Bis AS NCES) sw/Rhy. Fig. 1 (Gtrs, 1 & (1) 4 times) (th time Ist 3 bars only) fiz > NCES) GS AS NCABS) BBS_AS N.CAES) GSAS NCES) BbS_AS GS a Ne. Gite AS Gtx, Fout) Bas pes cs Gs Aswest Jy -_ Gre? BPS C5 GSAS BIS i aehy, Fy end Rhy. Rete May 2times yond Ry Play 3 testa —~3 — ee — E ba et ire a Poa Pa = be eo ee nF z oe — of : + a * ‘pps 188 Cue i aseae) _TiArngnenrS 160 Cre nah le w/Rhy. Fig, 2 (Gtrs. 1 & ID § Nc. EbS BIS CS GS AS BIS ‘st, Ind, 3rd Verses wy Fig. 2 (4 times) NO 2 eg 2@ 20> so —3— a FSS RBS CS GSAS Bas = = —— IThin-der and light-ning. ‘The gods take re - venge. Sense -less_ de ~ struc- tion. See additional lyrics Ne. of SI I ExS B55 CS GS AS Bhs ee Se g73 _ ; ee = = Vie-tims of fa ery are cows ard = ty now Running for safe = ty. xc. fee Soe 33 EbS BOS C5 GSAS BS. ref a ale tala SS Stab-bing the her -lot to pay for her sins, ‘Leav- ing the vir ~ gin. NG. 3 2 Se 3 RBS BIS CS GSAS DOS tee 2 2p sos 3 3 Ast i pd = # Ee é Su- i- cide run-ning as if it were free, Rip- ping and tear - ing. Pre-chorus bs cs BS ASW DS cs se di-——~d d 2 gis J od ba t eee s es +t t—F = ————— —— bis Pe SS ‘Oh! ‘Through the mist and themad - ness. We're try-ing to get the mes-sage to rd time to Coda 1 Chons (od Rhy, Fig 3 Gore Goren oven @ome os bs te? 5 cs DS A EbS DS A £5 DS “A — so MIDIS SAAT TAA a fs iY : Pe : po 1 at —3— F == yeu. Met timi- Ry Fe 3 G times) Grd time Ist 3 bars only) @evee Ath tine to Coda A C3 DS A Ess DS A cs DS A Ebs Ds cs at 7 - it —— — i= tint Mets at mi = /Rhy. Fig. 4 Coda | even A Es DS CS EBS. DSSS s . «eo » Ima ae ae sts, (Gres. , Jail out) Gu. 2 w/Rhy. Fig. 5 (2 times) ° (ond Ry. Fit. 5) 9 out. pss MB Fs Es ops yr Ds gS 3 AFF? FFT2 FIAT) SIF8 FID w/Rhy. Fig. $ (Ist 3 bars only) at. Py Fut eg Be Fu Bp os a os 1 | Slower = 160 Interlude oven oe - gRANADIN CRAB IAG coee2d cpery Plane d times » Play 4 times copa) aya chor, E65. BbS__CS_GS ASESDES_ CS ps _AS BsmmRGS FASCH DES ASS CS_G#S G3 DS ES Bswici AS Sa oele 2 foes 2 cet) a re oo DS. (Tempo Ia Coda If Sha s a), as sides sae Met~ al mi ~ Additional Lyrics 2. Chained and shadowed to be left behind, 3. We are one as we all are the same, Nine and one thousand. Fighting for one cause. Metal militia For your sacrifice, Leather and metal ere our uniforms, Tron-clad soldiers. Protecting what we are. Soin or be conquered, the Jowof the land, Joining together to take on the world ‘What will befall you? With our heavy metal, ‘The metalization of your inner sot, Spreading the message to everyone here, "Twisting and turning. (To Prechonus) Come tet yourself g0. (To Preschorus) BLITZKRIEG Ry Fi 1 Gr 11D (Sine at ie ot 3 a ot) $ nots) ray stnes Nees) ow 2 Nea)" = oe 280 from “te 4 iy. Pi 2 3 esate wR Fi 3 cs as cs wom owe as ess = =e ; —— SSE =: SS re mes = = py & ss as cs ss aa = : SEB Te en = tte. Ds Bs Des os (Sing 2nd tment} ab ‘ity. Pi 1 ds bas) pain ° s om (ere Riy. Fe 6) 25° winny Be. $07 tien os coat Ray. F 5) BEI A or re sci Sees By, BES er RY FO wy. 66 tie) gzr2 tase idea — oy smes e Qn se ic dor ra ST LOT? Fe I? AT TF, glib EEE PEPER SEES EEE HEE E fr News) 3 je aa = Fass | “ =o ey fii = SI ore nde by Ban ar “io Sean {ion Heras AM! EVIL? Intine 1-240 gut Nw 7a 9 3 Pera eects eres ei” foxmne gee » gq Py Petes, as ws as nce) os As = = SS eae e Se Este Egemn Rts = aaa = a ramen Be ps Bye —— See el Ood-es out oe ase samen PS epee (1 pes BS Ss =— peel aurea, RR Be 1S as Ncw) sas mss Ry. me (ent Rhy ie 3) NEUES) as may. Fes Gnaeus ms as Est is wees rem ps es (ore thou) Fuser Jnt92¢0d2 3) 4 tyres con tty ous as Agee (oot Rin Fa sf ae = ae fonam.ra BO MO A ee DoW brid === SE SSS] ero (end Ry Fe) (Ry Fa. 7 6 ne) a yt yan a LS ESA UN A ek ye kn a a a a —— ety Pe seme Team Tear jg, A Ped eT ero Stower d= 160 ite ret News