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Name: Lauren Bakker

Indiana State Standards:

H.1.3 PROFICIENT: Identify iconography in an artists work
or a body of work and analyze the
ADVANCED: Analyze how forms and icons have been
appropriated and modified through the
H.3.1 PROFICIENT: Analyze the effective use of symbols,
elements, principles, and media in works of art, using
appropriate terminology.
ADVANCED: Analyze how the visual organization of a work
affects the communication of ideas and suggest alternatives,
using appropriate terminology.
H.6.2 PROFICIENT: Make informed choices about specific
subject matter or concepts and defend those choices when
given a range of objects or spaces.
ADVANCED: Select subject matter, symbols, and ideas to
communicate personal statements, and describe the origin of
symbols and their value in artwork.
H.7.1 PROFICIENT: Evaluate the effectiveness of elements
and principles in works of art and use this evaluation to inform
personal work.
ADVANCED: Create multiple solutions in works that
demonstrate competence in producing effective relationships
between elements, media, and function.
H.7.3 PROFICIENT: Create artworks that demonstrate skill
and understanding of different media, processes, and
ADVANCED: Begin, define, and solve challenging visual

Ceramics 1
Lesson Title: Sgraffito Teapot

Prior Knowledge:

- clay handbuilding
Beginner: basic teapot
form and sgraffito line
-using under glazes
-using various

ceramic tools
Intermediate: more
-line as an element
of art
developed teapot form
and sgraffito design


Advanced: sophisticated
and well
teapot form and design

All: completed teapot
form including lid,
spout, handle, and
crafted some form of
crafted foot + some sort
-White Clay
of sgraffito design
-loop tools
-needle tools
-soft bristle brush
-spray fixative
-under glazes
-clear glaze

Class Work Activities

-Students will view a PowerPoint presentation about sgraffito teapots
-Students will complete artist research in their sketchbook along with teapot and sgraffito design
-Students will take notes in their sketchbook on a handbuilding demonstration
-Students will choose and get approved 1 teapot and design sketch
-Students will view demo on new coil method to build their teapots
-Students will coil build teapot
-Students will view demo on lid, spout and handle construction and take notes in sketchbook
-Students will view demo on under glazing and take notes in sketchbook
Students will view carving demo
-Students will use demonstrated method for sgraffito design application


Instead of teapot form, students may create bowls and tiles depending and decorate using the sgraffito
decoration technique.