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Ayse Suslu

8706 Bridge Park DR Houston, TX, 77064


PROFILE A dedicated professional with 2+ years of experience in tutoring with additional proven experience in creative writing, management and leadership endeavors. Specializes in increasing student understanding and involvement through a socratic approach to education and unwavering patience with all students. Now seeking to contribute my talents and efforts into making a significant impact on the educational canvas of young children.


Tutor, Harmony School of Excellence-Endeavor, Houston, Texas — 2016-Present Enthusiastically tutoring young children to help reach their potential and pass their end of the year exams. Also working with seasoned educators and learning a lot from their experience and expertise.

President of Success Committee, North American University, Houston, Texas — 2016-

Present Presided as head of the Success Committee, dedicated to improving student success rates and inclusion in addition to promoting humanitarian efforts and social awareness in the North American student body.

Tutoring Manger, North American University, Houston, Texas — 2015-2016 Tutored college level students on subjects related to English Language Arts and the Humanities. All the while managing multiple other tutors, social events and the general academic lounge at North American University.

Journalism Intern, Zaman Newspaper, Istanbul, Turkey — May 2015-June 2015 Interned as a journalist, photographer, and translator for a multi language multimedia news organization. Written, transcribed and translated articles published.

Ambassador, No Place for Hate, Houston, Texas — 2013-2014 Advocated for Anti-Biased and Anti-Racist education and awareness both in school and within the surrounding social sphere.

Intern, Raindrop Foundation, Houston, Texas — 2012-2014 Interned as a writer of political, educational and social justice oriented opinion-editorials that got edited and published onto an online webpage.

EDUCATION North American University, Houston, Texas — BS, 2016 University of Houston, Houston, Texas — BA, Transferred Arti1t Graphic Design and Networking Seminars, Society of News Design and Zaman Media Group, Istanbul, Turkey— 201544 Hour Workshop on Journalism and Creative Writing, The Fountain & Youth Development Center, New York, New York —2014

SKILLS Fluent in English and Turkish, proficient in French and Spanish. Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint (and their Mac Equivalents), 6+ Years of Violin Expertise, Excellent Communicator and Emphatic with others, Strong Sense of Leadership rooted in 4+ years of leadership positions, Excellent Critical Thinker