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By: Alexyss M.


Alicia Keys
Figure 1: Alicia Keys

Early Life
Alicia Augello Cook
Birthday on January 25th, 1981 in
Manhattan, New York City, New York.
Parents are Terri Augello & Craig
Began piano lessons at the age of 7.
Lived in Hells Kitchen, Westside
Attended a Professional Performing Figure 2: Alicia Keys and her mom!
Arts HS
Finished HS at 16 & attended
Figure 3: Alicia Keys @ Sweet 17.
Columbia University in the Fall of

Early Life Contd & Life Now

Dropped out of College & signed
to Columbia Records.
Later, she signed to J Records
with Clive Davis.
She met Swizz Beatz in 2009 &
got married in July of 2010.
She has 2 sons, Egypt (2010) &
Genesis (2014).
She played Skye Summers on
Shell be a judge on Season 11
of The Voice with Miley Cyrus.

Figure 4: Alicia Keys shares first photos of Newborn son

Music Career
J Records released first album,
Songs In A Minor - June 2001.
Sold 10 million copies
Fallin topped the Pop, R&B,
& Hip-Hop charts.
Second album, The Diary of Alicia
Keys released in 2003.
Much of the album were
created on tour.
Boosted her career on shows like
the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Figure 5: Alicia Keys: People of the Year - 2001

Albums &





Awards & Recognition

15 Grammys
BETs Humanitarian Award
2 Teen Choice Awards
Soul Train Lady of Soul Award
Other awards and
Named on the Peoples 50 Most
Beautiful People list.
30 Charities such as UNICEF,
Keep A Child Alive, & more.
Figure 13: Alicia Keys Performing in the Bahamas @ Atlantis

Stevie Wonder
Marvin Gaye
Nina Simone
Janet Jackson
And many other artists.
She played different genres of
music from Pop to Hip-Hop.
Figure 14: Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder

Good Critic - Journalist from Today:
Alicia Keys truly is everything that
bodes well for the future of the
recording industry, wrapped up in
one assured but respectful, classically
trained but streetwise, gorgeous
leggy caf au lait package.

Bad Critic - Journalist from Rolling

She cant sing she wasnt suppose
to compete with Beyonc or Adele,
just Carole King and Carly Simon
when it came to playing the piano but
they sing better.

Figure 15: Alicia Keys Piano & I

Fallin the first single off the
album, Songs In A Minor.
The very first time people
actually got to hear Alicias
talents after 4 years of
dropping out of college to
start her music career.

Alicia Keys - Fallin'

To most people, she looked more

like a college girl with cornrows
than a pop star.

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