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Note the focus area and standard

descriptor/s the artefact /

document reflects

Note the type of

artefact / document

Describe the artefact / document and

indicate the possible impact or result on
teaching and/ or student learning

Describe how the artefact /

meet the standard descriptors you
have identified.

7.3 Engage with

parents/carers: Understand
strategies for working
effectively, sensitively and
confidently with parents
and carers.

The artefact
provided is a letter
to introduce
myself to the
parents, carers
and families of the
students in my
class as I
commence my
final professional

This artefact is a strategy that can

be utilised to build a positive
relationship with the people who
are very important to the students.

The artefact below

demonstrates one strategy
where I am able to work
effectively, sensitively and
confidently with parents
and carers. By introducing
myself from the
commencement of my
professional experience as
well as asking them for any
suggestions I would benefit
from, I am able to start to
build a positive and
trustworthy relationship
with the parents and carers
within the classroom (APST

I feel the letter establishes myself

as a confident teacher who is
displaying active communication
skills, seeking to involve ideas from
parents and carers to enhance their
childs education.
The impact on both teaching and
learning from this artefact will be a
positive one where I commence to
build a partnership with the parents
and carers straight from the
commencement of my professional
experience. I feel it is important for
me to reach out and introduce
myself as I am going to be teaching
their children. As stated in my
professional teaching philosophy,
parents and carers are an integral
part of school and by interacting

with them I will be able to find out

more about themselves and their

Dear Families,
My name is Elly Martin and I am in my final year of teaching at
Southern Cross University. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of
Arts/Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary) and am
very excited to be completing my last Professional Experience in
Juanita Thomsons Stage 3 Opportunity Class.
I will be completing my professional experience from Week 4 to
Week 8 (commencing Monday 16th May, 2016) to which I will
endeavour to meet all of you and introduce myself. As this is my
final professional experience, I will be working very closely to Juanita
and the other stage three teachers to create engaging lessons
suited to each of your individual childs development.
I am currently working at Possum Place Preschool and Early Learning
Centre in Alstonville as an Early Childhood Teacher so have a strong
connection to Alstonville Primary School and the Alstonville
community. Throughout my time on my final professional experience
I hope to further delve myself into the school community and create
connections to the students and families within the class.
If you have any suggestions that you believe I would benefit from,
please return this letter to the class with your ideas.
I am looking forward to meeting you and your child to create
exciting learning experiences.
Kind regards,
Elly Martin.