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Mechack Ngoie Kainda

Kelly Turnbeaugh
English 1010
English 1010-074
I have been learning so much from this College Writing Class (English
1010) that I am taking this semester (Spring 2016) at Salt Lake Community
College. I am a Student VISA, and English is my third language after French
and Swahili. I am from Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C), before coming
to United States of America I was not able to write more than five pages; I
couldnt think critically too much about a subject and thought that my ideas
were always limited. But I knew I could make it someday, and I did. All my
life, I have always wanted to write my own book about business, and I feel
like I am ready now. I am ready to write a book since the day I walked in
this College Writing Class (English 1010). And my professor was so nice and
decent, she always told me the truth; what to write about; how to write; and
why I am writing. Her method of teaching is professional; she always gives a
file where we can find the instructions needed. By reading all of those
instructions, I always felt confident that I could write the assignment without
any problem.
In class we worked on many types of essay such as reflection
essays, bibliography essay, image analyses, text analyses, and perspective
and exploration essays. All of these essays helped me, but I acknowledge

that there are three of them that helped me more. Those three are the
bibliography, reflection, and exploration essays. I wrote two reflection essays
in this class, the first one was personal essay titled Still Need more
Knowledge. in that essay I explained how and why I am studying so hard, I
explained how I had no business experience that why I needed to learn more
in order for my dreams become true someday. And the second essay is this
one that I am writing right now.
And the exploration essay was titled A Better World, in that essay I
was explaining how Business and technology are our solution for a better
world. Business is an exchange between nations that always bring happiness
around people and technology pushes people to work together by
exchanging ideas. While Religion and Politics dont have anything in
common, and whatever they are telling us will not resolve the big problem
that we are facing right now around the world. The best things those two
groups can bring to our beautiful world is that Politics will destroy it while
religion will tell us to wait for another imaginary beautiful world call the
Before I wrote the exploration paper, I needed to find some
information (resource) that could help me write the bibliography essay, it
wasnt that easy. I used too much document from the internet and found
some similarities with what I wanted to write about. I used popular quotes
from famous people such as Jesus, Learge Addair, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas

Paine, Herman Goering, Dwight D.Elsenhower. And at the end of this class I
found out that as a writer I am first a thinker and creative person.

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