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Ahmed Mohamed
English 111-97
Cause and Effect Essay
Apr. 3, 2016
Causes of Stress
Stress has been implicated in the many diseases including heart disease, cancer and
neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Huntingtons (Logue 537). When it comes
to living life to the fullest, stress can change not only the way someone functions but also how
they live their life. When referring to stress, in most cases, its common that people have
encounter their own forms of stress. The word stress was first documented by Hanes Selye
who defined it as non-specific response of the body to any demand for change (Pomfrey 1).
With this definition, it shouldnt be much of a surprise to see that most people in this world can
have different types of stress at different intensities. With stress being a common issue with
people all around the world, the way to fix this problem is to go to the source. The main causes
of stress include school, work, and relationships.
The first major cause of stress is school. School can be a very serious time for a student.
Many factors come into play when it comes to school. Not only can the education be a problem
for the student, but they can also have problems with other classmates. When it comes to school,
usually high school, most people want to have their own clique that they can be with. Students
might have trouble getting along with others, whether it being just shy, or there being a bully.
Bullies are a big factor to having troubles in socializing in school. Because classes are
taken periodically, the student is to face these classmates often. Each time the student could be

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focusing on what people think of himself or herself. Self-consciousness will eat up the student
and begin to fill his or her mind will false perceptions. An example of this being believing that
all the classmates hate this student. This paranoia will have the student stressed out on
socializing at school. This then usually causes troubles in the students academics, ultimately
multiplying the stress. The student it then not only stressed about other classmates but also his or
her parents, and even the students future.
The second major cause of stress is work. Stress in the workforce can occur even before
even entering a workforce. Stress can grow as far back as anticipating the acceptance of a
resume. Although stress is built up even more for interview, stress levels go down after getting
hired. Sadly, it is not long before the employee will be back with stress. When in the work force,
employees face the challenges of competitors of other companies. Much like how the computer
killed the typewriter, some businesses can decimate others. As soon as better competitor rises,
the employee has the probability of being in a failing business. Employees do not only have
competition from company to company, but also from employee to employee. Similar to school,
some people might have problems working with their coworkers. Stress can rise from situations
like these causing the employee to be disturbed, ultimately weakening his or her working form.
The third and final major cause of stress when it comes to people is with relationships.
People have difficulties to find relationships while in their thirties because during this time, most
people believe that others have already found someone to be with. When someone is looking for
a relationship during this age they feel as if they have to settle on what they can get because they
have no other option. In reality, this is not the case considering about 50.2 percent or 124.6
million American adults are single (Rao 1). Even when successful couples are formed, there

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are still possible times of having fights with one another and having rough patches. When truly in
love with someone, the person is indulged in the other and cares intensely for his or her
wellbeing. It makes sense that when having issues in a relation with someone in true love can
lead to the person can be stressed out for the state of the relationship, the state of the spouse, and
also the state of the beholder. The fear of being alone can drive almost all people to be stressed.
It should be clear now as to how stress is found from schools, work, and relationships.
When dealing with issues like this, its not to say that we should not go to school, not go to work
or not and have a relationship. There is no definite answer to treating stress when it comes to
these cause because most people need school, work, and a relationship. There are factors that are
difficult to control like ones personality or the area that someone lives. The methods of stopping
stress is in the hands of beholder. A simple perception flip can show that things arent so bad, and
that things could always be worse, so enjoy what moments there is now.

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