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History 1700 - Hansen

Spring 2016 Lectures Final Examination: Reconstruction through WWII
Identify one significant problem in reconstructing the South after the Civil War.
The Biggest challenge to reconstructing the South after the Civil War was how would the south, physically devastated
by war and socially revolutionized by emancipation, be rebuilt. Also providing adequate housing for the increasing
village population. The South has been physically devastated by the war. The South has been socially revolutionized
by emancipation. In the meantime, providing adequate housing for the increasing village population is also the hardest
What were the problems the emancipated slaves would face with their new found freedom?
They no longer had food and shelter and there was almost NO employment, no education, didnt have voice in
government or be able to vote.
What economic problems did the South face after the Civil War?
Banks had closed, factories were smokeless, silent and dismantled, runaway inflation and transportation systems torn
apart .
What happened to the talented and skilled black slaves after the Civil War?
The talented and skilled black slaves moving to the North and that became a tragedy for the South
What did the Freedmens Bureau do for the freed slaves and poor whites?
The Freedmens Bureau provided food, housing and medical aid, established schools and offered legal assistance
Which group or person took control of the military reconstruction of the South from 1865-1876?
A. Republican Congress.
B. Southern Democrats.
C. Supreme Court.
D. Union Army.
What were the Black Codes?
Control the behavior and labor of former slaves and black Americans. Also Regulate the affairs of the emancipated
Why was President Andrew Johnson charged with impeachment?
Because he violated the Tenure in Office Act and was
impeached. And He replaced Edwin Stanton with
What group of votes won the 1868 Presidential Election for Ulysses S. Grant?
500,000 freed Blacks in the South
What impact did the Gold Market Scandal have on the United States economy?
It was an attempt by Jay Gould and James Fisk tried to raise the price of gold. This made President Grant to order the
treasury to add more gold to the economy. Consequently, prices of gold on September, 24, 1869 dropped adversely
affecting adversely those who had bought gold. The US economy nearly collapsed when the gold bubble burst -- a feat
achieved by the conspiracy of just a few wealthy men. None of the parties involved were prosecuted for their role in
Black Friday
What was the Bureau of Indian Affairs scandal?

A financial scandal that missed almost billion dollars

What was the Credit Mobilier Scandal?
The Credit Mobilier Scandal was scandal arose over the building of the transcontinental railroad
Why did President Rutherford B. Hayes agree to end military reconstruction?
In the Compromise of 1877, Hayes promised that as President, he would remove federal troops from all southern
states. Southern Democrats would regain complete control of the region. In return, Democrats would allow Hayes to
claim a victory he had not clearly won.
Identify one successful achievement or a negative impact that each of these presidents did during their administrations.

14. Why did Rutherford B. Hayes veto the Chinese Immigration Act?
End military reconstruction, hottest issues was the Chinese in California
15. Why was President James A. Garfield assassinated?
Established the normal school for colored teachers
16. Why was President Chester Arthur referred to as the high priest of the great god business?

Pendleton civil service reform act.

17. What facts indicate that President Grover Cleveland was a good president?
Honest, independent, and against corruption. fathered a child out of world loard

Who was Charles J. Guiteau?

Charles J. Guiteau was an American preacher, writer, and lawyer


What did the Pendleton Act do?

The Pendleton Act creating the Civil Service Commission and established the Civil Service System for federal
The Election of 1884 was characterized as a mudslinging election. Grover Cleveland, the Democratic nominee, was
accused of what poor behavior?
A. Fathering a child out of wedlock.
B. Rape and incest.
C. Violent crime.
D. Treason.
What was the impact of the Billion Dollar congress on the U. S. Federal budget?
Benjamin Harrison was president when the first federal budget of $1 Billion was announced
Who did the Populist Party represent in the Election of 1892?
Prohibitionists. C.
What business strategy did Andrew Carnegie use to build his steel empire?
Horizontal Integration of Processes.
Interlocking Directorates.
Vertical Integration of Processes.
Departmental Separation.
What business model did John D. Rockefeller use to dominate the oil industry in the early 20th century?
The Standard Oil monopoly that dominated the oil industry for several decades


What was the name of the first official labor organization established in 1866?

National Labor Union


What was the most important point about Samuel Gompers labor philosophy?
Gompers's philosophy of labor unions centered on economic ends for workers, such as higher wages, shorter hours,
and safe working conditions so that they could enjoy an "American" standard of livinga decent home, decent food
[ 32]
and clothing, and money enough to educate their children.
He thought economic organization was the most direct
way to achieve these improvements, but he did encourage union members to participate in politics and to vote with
their economic interests in mind.


What is imperialism?
A policy that aims at creating, maintaining, or extending an emire comprising other nations, territories, etc. all
controlled by a central government. Or it can be the development or exploitation of the economic resources of another
country without necessarily assuming direct political control.
Why did President Grover Cleveland invoke the Monroe Doctrine to force Great Britain to back down in Venezuela?
Because He wasted to free the newly independent Latin America from European intervention and control that would
have made the new world a battle ground for the old one
What effect did yellow journalism have on the American people in 1898?
Provided entertainment
Created a war with Spain.
None at all.
Made the people more aware of modern art.
During the Spanish-American War what was the primary case of death?
Bullet wounds. B.
Cannon fire.
Bad medical practices.
The Progressive Roots Reform Movement waged war on social evils. List four major categories of social evils they attacked.

Social justice



The Muckrakers directed their efforts against a number of individual social evils. List five of these social evils.

Habit forming drugs

37. Immorals white slave traffic in women


Rickety slums, New York city


Number of industrial accidents

Patent medicines
The Political Progressives wanted to restore political power back to the people. List four significant political changes they

40. Direct primary election to undercut power hungry party bosses

41. Recall for removal of bad elected officials
42. Referendum. Proposed laws to be placed on the ballot for the people to vote on.
43. Secret Ballot. Avoid pressure from intimidation.
Teddy Roosevelts policies for the U. S. were called the Three Cs. What are the three Cs?
44. Control of corporation
45. Conservation
46. Consumer protection
What enabled Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, to be elected President of the United States in 1912?
Split in the Republican Party.
Emergence of the Socialist Party.
Strong Democratic Party organization.
Emergence of the Prohibitionist Party.
What was the Triple Wall of Privilege that President Wilson aggressively attacked in 1913?

The tariff, the banks, and the trusts

What impact did the Clayton Anti-Trust Act have on organized labor?
The act restricted the use of the injunction against labor, and it legalized peaceful strikes, picketing, and boycotts. It
declared that the labor of a human being is not a commodity or article of commerce. Organized labor was as
heartened by the act as it had been dejected by the doctrine of the Danbury Hatters' Case, but subsequent judicial
construction weakened the act's labor provisions.


What did the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 do for the United States?
Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed to regulate the banking industry


What was the result of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria in 1914?
All the Great Powers except Italy had chosen sides and gone to war


What was the response of the United States when WWI broke out in 1914?


How did the United States participate in the early years of WWI without actually going to war?


Important supplier to Britain and other allies

US mobilized over 4,000,000 military personnel and suffered 110,000 deaths


Which nations were considered to be the Central Powers during World War I?
Italy, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria
Why did Turkey align with Germany in WWI?


Italy align with Germany due to the secret treaty

What caused the Russians to drop out of World War I in 1917?
The Russian army could not match the army of Germans and the defeat was inevitable.



What was the Zimmerman Note?

A note was sent from a German official in Germany to a German official in Mexico asking him to join an alliance with
Germans, the Germans told them that they would help get the USA back to for the Mexicans.also The United Sates
had involved in the war in Allies side
What was the ultimate goal of President Wilsons Fourteen Points?
President Woodrow Wilsons outline called to bring about peace in Europe and establish fair trade across the world.
Assure peace in the future by not treating Germany as a vanquished nation
What was the intent of the Allies with the Treaty of Versailles?
To end the war between Germany and the Allied forces, and to decline the German flinty powers
Identify one event that exemplifies the hysteria caused by the Red Scare from 1915-1922?


Utah Joe Hill incident, 1914,Murder Trial Convicted Executed November, 1915
How did organized crime make their money during the 1920s?


Notably, the primary goal of organized crime groups is to make money; these groups are profitdriven rather than
ideologydriven (a key distinction between organized crime and terrorist groups).

Why were professional athletes considered heroes in the 1920s?

Because they brought the vital influence for people to popularize sports and made contributions and impact till this era
Identify four groups of people that the Ku Klux Klan violently opposed?
63. Catholic
64. Jewish
65. Blacks
What impact did the 18th Amendment have on the American society?


The Communists

It prohibited the manufacturing, selling, transporting, importing, and exporting alcoholic beverages.
What was the New Love affair during the 1920s?
A. Sexual freedom.
B. Automobiles.
C. Liberal morals.
D. Jazz music.
Identify the authors who wrote the following books about American life during the 1920s.


A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway



A Light in August William Faulkner

What was the Tennessee v. Scopes trial about?

The Great Gatsby

Elmer Gantry

Scott Fitzgerald
Sinclair Lewis

It was the case that high school biology teacher (john T. Scopes) was accused of violating Tennessee's Butler Act, by
unlawful to teach evolution in any state-funded school. Scopes was a high school biology teacher who started teaching
Darwins theory in Tennessee, but the law was made that cant teach Darwins theory of evolution because it against
Christian. So Scopes was punished by $ 100 fine and 6 month in jail if convicted. This trail was a real flash between
science v. s. religion and biology v. s.theology

What was the biggest change in Hollywood films in the 1920s?

Talking movies and radios


What was the focus of family home life and entertainment during the 1920s?
Men would spend their money on alcohol instead of focusing on the children. People were going into the war so it was
a sad time. New technology affected their lives everywhere like the automobile, radio, and movies. People purchased
many products. People accepted poverty. Women were not equal with men.


Why was Albert B. Fall, Secretary of the Interior, removed from his position in Hardings cabinet?


Because he was found guilty in Teapot Dome scandal.

What did Colonel Forbes do that affected the Veterans Administration?
Embezzled over $225 million from the Veterans Administration
What scandal was Thomas Miller associated with that involved Attorney General Daugherty?


Fraud scandal where he sold Germany patents at a cheaper price.

What was the Industrial Workers of the World?


It was a union of wage workers that was formed in 1905 in Chicago after being angered by the American Federation
of Labor.
Who were Sacco and Vanzetti and what happened to them?


They were Italian laborers and anarchists. They were accused of murder and sentenced to death without full evidence.
What were the Three Rs of the New Deal?


81. Relief: Food, clothes, shelter and jobs

82. Recovery: business, engineer
83. Reform: fixed the problems that caused crisis
What was the purpose of the Civilian Conservation Corps?


It was to put unemployed men to work on both state and national lands
What benefits did the Social Security Administration Act provide?


Old Age Insurance or pensions, Aid for dependent Children and disability Insurance Benefits.
What was the Tennessee Valley Authority?


It was a US agency that was set up to develop and exploit the power potential of the watershed of Tennessee Valley.
It was a government program that ran a series of dams built on the Tennessee River, generating hydroelectronic power
What program provided jobs for raking leaves, shoveling snow and odd civic tasks?
Civil Works Administration


What was Joseph Stalins ultimate goal for Communism?

To transform an agricultural nation into a world super power.
Dominate the world
End Democracy


Who held the actual governmental power in Japan leading into WWII?
Emperor Hirohito


Who was Benito Mussolini?

He was Italian plotical leader, a former revolutionary socialist, founded a new movement called "Fascismo" and and
leader of the National Fascist Party, ruling the country as Prime Minister from 1922 until his ousting in 1943.


What happened to the Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1930s?

Postwar economic and financial problems, Political instability, Great Depression, Conditions of the Treaty of
Versailles, Debt, Lack of industries


What led to the Spanish Civil War in 1936?

Roosevelts recession led to the Spanish civil war because economic hit the snag and recovering everything so slow.


What was the greatest concern for President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his first two terms in office?


Build greatest American economic finish the great depression and finished the unemployment out of American lives.
What methods did Adolf Hitler use to gain power in pre-world war II Germany?


Hitler worked within the Education Department of the army and his task here was to lecture returning soldiers on the
dangers of communism, socialism and pacifism.
Hitler joined the German Workers Party and became the propaganda officer, changed the named to National Socialist
German Workers' Party
National Socialist German Workers' Party blamed bankers and financers throughout the world and it touched a lot of
Germans to join Nazi
Hyperinflation ruined peoples lives and they blamed to the Government, therefore, Hitler planned to seize the most
important city in the south - Munich - and to use the city as a base to launch an attack on the rest of Germany, hoping
that the angered middle class would rise up in support of him throughout the nation.
What mistake did English Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain make that led to war with Germany?
Failure of appeasement. Basically allowed Hitler to do whatever he wanted to do, leads and takeover of


What was ironic about Adolf Hitler hating and trying to destroy the Jews?
Because the war in Spain was vital for the Soviet Union and presented some positive opportunities to the Soviets. He
felt that Jewish were responsible for loosing WWI .


Define the mentality of the Japanese fighting men?


The honor of family, country and emperor must always be protect and respect.
Why did the Japanese attack the U. S. military bases in Hawaii on December 7, 1941?


Because of the geography reason, Hawaii Is closer to Japan than the US, so it was easy to attack the military base in
Who was the Japanese admiral that warned his government that to attack the U. S. was to attack a sleeping giant and if
it awakened it would destroy them?
Why did President Truman decide to use the atomic bomb to bring the war to a close with Japan?
Because he made public statements that contraindicated the policies of administration

Identify four options that President Truman had instead of using the atomic bomb to end World War II with Japan.
101. Let the Japanese keep their emperor in exchange for

102. Get help from Russia to make victory quicker

103. Invade Japan


Lay siege to Japan

What were two important facts revealed after Japans surrender that indicated that Japan may have had an advantage in
winning the war?
106. Japan was developing their atomic weapons
107. Three week from testing
What mistakes were made by the military commanders at Pearl Harbor prior to December 7, 1941?
Commander Admiral placed U.S. carriers in position to surprise the Japanese moving up for their preps ray carriers
were caught while refuling and rearming.

How did the U. S. Navy lure the Japanese into a fight at Midway Island?
Japanese sought to lure US aircraft carriers into a trap and then eliminate their strategic power in the Pacific. the US
Navy to set up an ambush because US code breakers were able to determine the plans for the attack.


What were the important results of the battle?

It was a military strategy employed by U.S in the pacific war against Japan during world war two. To gain military
power bases and secure many islands in the pacific


What is island hopping?


Island Hopping is the phrase given to the strategy employed by the United States to gain military bases and secure
the many small islands in the Pacific.
What was D-Day?


D-Day Invasion. On June 6, 1944, Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy and turned the tides of World
War II.
Which landing location was the most difficult at Normandy, France on June 6, 1944?
A. Utah.
B. Omaha.
C. Gold.
D. Juno.
E. Sword.
Who was the American general that disobeyed orders during the invasion and battle for Sicily?
George S. Patton
What was the Battle of the Bulge?
It was major German offensive campaign throughout the densely forested Arelennes forest. It resulted massacre at
American soldiers.
What was the response by the American commander of the 101st Airborne to the German demands for surrender at
A. Good night! B. Forget it!
C. Danke Schoen!
D. Go for broke! E. Nuts!
F. Fat chance!
What was Executive Order 9066?
Executive order 9066, dated Feb 19, 1942, gave the military broad power to ban any citizen from fifty to sixty mile
wide coastal area stretching.
Where was the Topaz Relocation Center located?
A. Poston, Arizona.
B. Twin Falls, Idaho.
C. Hinckley, Utah.
D. Moab, Utah.
What does the propaganda cartoons made by the United States tell us about the enemy?

They instigated hatred for the enemy and support the Americans allies urged greeter public enforce to the war
production and rectory.

What was the Potsdam Conference of 1945?

It was a conference that held at Cecilienhot, in German. Its ultimatum given to Japan to surrender or be destroyed.


Which military unit was the most highly decorated and suffered high casualties during WWII?
A. 442 Army Infantry. B. 101st Airborne.
C. 88th Airborne.
D. 2nd Marine Division.
What was Operation Magic?
Operation Magic Carpet is a widely known nickname for Operation On Wings of Eagles an operation between June
1949 and September 1950 that brought 49,000 Yemenite Jews to the new state of Israel
What was the result of the naval battle at Leyte Gulf in 1945?
Japans menacing nary was at last subdued and finished as a sea power. American felt now vales the pacific waves.


How did Doolittles Raid on Japan influence the war in the Pacific?
It raised us morale as it was a direct attack on the Japanese homeland. And showed the US was willing and able to
strike at Japan itself.


Who intervened for the Japanese people to bring about surrender and ending World War II in the Pacific?
Emperor Hirohito invented

Extra Credit 5 POINTS


What does the word Shinto mean? worship one god only ( The way of the God). Sin(kami) mean God and To mean
the way or path.


What is the meaning of Bushido? The code of honor and morals developed by the Japanese samurai. Bushido (code of
the warrior) Bushi mean Sumurai, warrior, Knight and do mean the way.

How did Stalin deal with Leon Trotsky? Stalin banished Leon Trotsky, both Trotskyist and Stalinist organizations
thoroughly convinced that the workers could not come to understand and want socialism have orientated themselves
towards working with official reformist organisations. Instead of standing clearly and forthrightly for socialism, they ape
the manoeuvres and sounds of official Labourism, seeking to influence nonsocialist workers through tactical manipulation,
rather than convince them to change their minds.


What was the Japanese way of atoning for failure? One Life Must Be Given


What tactic changed the fighting by the Japanese at Okinawa? Use of suicide planes

Essay Value 25 points

Select one topic to write a five paragraph essay.

What made President Franklin D. Roosevelt popular with the American people?
In 1929, The Great Depression seized America. The country wallowed for four years in

desperation, until a new leader was elected. Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to the presidency in 1933

focused and with a plan like never before. His so called New Deal was the innovation of policy at the
time, and the public responded in turn. The country seemed to be on the steady process to recovery. The
twelve years of desperation from 1929 to 1941 changed the face of America today
As unacceptable and intolerable as this notion may be, most Americans still believe revered men,
painted with stern expressions and white powdered wigs over two centuries ago, were the last attempt to
afford rights to citizens; however, forgotten is the four term president, who introduced a Second Bill of
Rights, in the year 1944; Franklin D. Roosevelt's words ring true today in support of the changes that
must take place in America to be the country envisioned. The country didnt recover until Hoovers
successor, Franklin Roosevelt, spent billions of dollars on his New Deal. In times of economic downturn,
laissez-faire is not an option. The government must be actively involved in job creation by spending
money on programs to provide relief and employment for the unemployed
Without TV to occupy most peoples time, most American families who had gathered around a
radio listened to these fireside chats. Roosevelts competition was fairly tough the first time he ran for
office. Not only did he barely win the election, he also had trouble winning the nomination for his own
party. He was up against John Nance Garner (who would be his Vice Presidential running mate), Newton
D. Baker, Alfred E. Smith. For three ballots, Roosevelt held a large lead, but lacked the two-thirds margin
necessary for victory. He was desperately going to need some help to win this one. His campaign manager
then promised John Garner the vice presidential nomination, which he grudgingly accepted.
The Great Depression was a trying time in American history. Unemployment reached levels that
are unknown to us today and millions lost all of their life savings. Franklin Roosevelt offered hope to the
American people in a time of need. The New Deal offered sweeping legislature that radically changed the
role of the American government. For all of Roosevelt's efforts, the American economy never extricated
itself fully from the Depression. It would take the most horrific war of the twentieth century to bolster
economic production and finally end the depression.
Roosevelt used his diplomatic power and refused to recognize the Japanese puppet state of
Manchukuo in Northern China until there was an official apology. Shortly after Roosevelt's statement,

Japan made an official apology to the US and offends to pay for the damages in full. It is without question
that FDR is one of the greatest leaders ever to grace the face of this earth. From his powerful,
motivational speeches, to the fact that he was the leader of the most powerful nation in the world for 16
years, the facts are perfectly clear. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is well-deserving as being selected as the
Outstanding Individual of the Twentieth Century.