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Assessment of Classroom Teaching

Science Education
Virginia Tech
Intern: Sarah Helweg
Name of Lesson: Living and Non-Living
Observer: Dr. G. Glasson

Date: Oct. 28, 2015

School/Grade: CMS

1. How was the lesson constructed and organized?

Students were engaged in open-ended question about needs of living things (e.g. insect
and lion). Student responses written on smartboard.
Students completed activity sheet on basic needs of animals.
After video for explanation phase, students begin elaboration activity writing a story,
drawing picture with labeling or poem about animal and basic needs.
2. What strategies did the teacher use for engaging students?
Mrs. Helweg circulated around the room, allowing ample wait time for students to
construct responses.
I like how you asked students to share responses with their partner!
I like how the students are exploring animals in their environment (with photos).
3. How did the teacher manage and monitor student learning?
Class is very well-managed by applying structure to lesson and making sure students
stayed on task.
Ms. Helweg circulated around the room, assisting students as needed.
Lesson was well-structured and organized.
4. How did the students respond to the activities?
Students were on task and all participated in the lesson
5. What are suggestions for this lesson and for future planning?
Avoid "target students" - e.g. calling on same or few student to answer the question. Try
to elicit responses from all students throughout the room.
Pictures are a good strategy for stations but it would be even more effective to have a few
live organisms (e.g. earthworm, fish, snail) for students to explore. This really would
bring home adaptations of animals and living vs. non-living.
Look for teachable moments to elaborate on student questions with more detailed,
exciting information.
Give students chance to share their observations and interpretations from exploration
activity. Also, sharing poems, pictures, etc. would be great with more time.
Being open to feedback a by observers is a valued professional disposition.
Nice job.