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KK. TIVb Ya—A— DIzDD 30088 Tb VA F-ORDD3 VOR Bx D3 20KE, 19-7 -OMeikO Lac, BR EG BETCMPE RMT SRM oe ORIEN ELD Ths. HECELT, G2 0M OMMRE TAS KOS CED SUS EOS MEME L THRE EYE LOT, FRM THEM, LF MEVORILEM, EEA LEBER THE, MEMEO LOL, FABNDHS LOL, BLS, SM, HEE, MMOD T— THA, MME LT REM ILO THD LAMENT LSI, BOI, SBEROTCRT SSE, RAM bt BMD E, ANOMLEL TO, MMHSSLOTHAS. BELORR 1. BORE BEDI KOM LEME ADL HDLOTHS, | OH) QREMLHO1 29456 7TH (HIRT 2394 5 RCS Ee (RATA) 1, eeORE EEOAKONL, MEBOFEMT EDD LOTH. MUBAROMT TH, MIRE 25 1 OAD FICHE OW THMTH S. KCH)IEO 2 BACH)IEL 23, BACH) OF COREL 23456 B/CKIEO12 456 a 1, 2820888 A-ADEMN TOT ATONE EBA TOS, BAMORTHH, REOWM SHEE LOM TOAHME ana. SRE ORM UE, Th oT, SACI, BERD HEEM SIT COLM, SAM, AMER DN SHES, AIM, VXLOMIG, Mk, eLEMLTAY, HHO T EMO ORMRHL, WO = een, MIDE b ota, WTR HR Te THREE EXERCISES FOR ALTO RECORDER, face These three exercises were born from the lack in recorder literature of material to tackle the typical finger-technical problems of our instrument. My inten- tion has been to concentrate as many specific fingering. difficulties as possible in each exercise, without bother- ing to much about being musically interesting, since 1 felt that technique can have a fascination of its own, ‘Thus you can consider every single measure or group of measures equally useful as an exercise by itself Played in their entirety, though, they are valuable as a test for prolonged concentration and mere physical condition. Notes 1, “The Right Hand” Entirely based on the four fingers of the right hand, and the functioning of the left thumb. §? in this exercise should always be played with alternative finger- ing-1234567. 32) with 6123456. (always valid for the entire measure) Ul, “The Left Hand” Based on the functioning of the four fingers of the left hand, and the production of the top-notes. Alter- native fingering-sign « is always valid for an entire ‘measure (like flats and sharps). €2-023; 12-123; f2# -0; #2-1234567; €2.0124567. IL, “The 28 Steps” ‘The 28 Steps contains all the connections between all the notes within the f1-£9 range, Alternative fingering sign + only valid for one note! No “interpretation” marks have been added, since I consider these exercises as “raw material”. You can do with them whatever you think is useful: e. g. add slurs, change the rhythm, add pauses etc. The repetition sign at the end of nos, I and III is, of course, optional (memento mori). 1977 Kees Boeke AFORE “THE RIGHT HAND” Seer ee eee a © 1978 ZEN-ON Music Company Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. International Copyright Secured. 151-3 a b : Stet o at (oe ee 2a eal 11-4 Fi FORE “THE LEFT HAND” 151-5 151-6 28 ORE “THE TWENTY-EIGHT STEPS” 181-7