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Student-Teacher: Latefa Waheeb Ali

Date: 14.03.16

Primary EPC 2401 Lesson Planning Template Year 2, Sem

Grade Level: Year 3
Subject: Literacy
Learning Outcome/Objectives:

To understand structure and features of a play-script.

To recognize adverbs in a play-script.

PowerPoint on IWB
Grufallo play-script
Differentiated adverb worksheets
Sample of play-script

Prepare the PowerPoint.

Make sure that children are ready to start the

Key vocabulary
script, characters, actions, dialogue, adverb,


Time: 20 minWhole

Introduce the lesson to the children and tell them the objective of todays lesson are.
Ask the children what is a play-script?, and let them remember the Egyptian play, where they had to read a
script for the play.
Discuss the features of play-scripts, by showing the elements on the IWB.
Let the children suggest the features that are always found in play-script.
Look at the use of adverbs in The Grufallo play-script.
Ask What is an adverb?
Allow children to think, pair and share then explain that it is a word or phrase that describes or modifies a
verb. (Many adverbs have the suffix ly.)

Ask one of the children to walk from side of the class to the other begin to give him directions in the form
of adverbs, slowly, quickly, cautiously, nervously, sadly etc.
Explain that adverbs in a play-script they are often used in the stage directions, to indicate the manner in
which the actor should move or say his lines.
Choose another child from the class and ask them to recite a line from the play-script.
This time give them directions for the speech such as loudly, grumpily, cheerfully etc.

(Main Activity)
Provide the children with more scenes from The Grufallo and explain that today they will be collecting

Time:35 minSmall

Independent guided activity

Time: 5Whole


Children to make a list of adverbs for both movement and speech.

LA: worksheet 1

Independent activity

Children to make a list of adverbs for both movement and speech.

They can use thesaurus to find more adverbs.
MA: worksheet 2
HA: worksheet 3


Have children complete the activity.

Share some of the adverbs children have collected.
Choose children to come up and act some of the adverbs in the same way it was done in the beginning of


Make sure that children are able to recognize the features of play-script.
Make sure that children can identify where are used in play-script and what is an adverb.

What went well, is that the children were interactive, they answer any question I ask, and I used house points reward
system for the management. Children were able to identify the play-script and its feature. Also, they know what is an
adverb and what is it for.
It would be better if I gave clear instruction. So, next time I will give the instruction a little bit in detail, so they would
carry on with the activity without being confused and I will let children repeat the instruction so I know if they really
understood the task or not.
What did the children learn? How do I know this?
The children learned about the play-script and its feature, they learned the adverbs words and what is the se od them.
I knew it when, they gave a lot of adverbs, and they were able to act out the script and the actions through the adverb
that described the speech.