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Jaquan Brown
Mr. Truitt
AP Literature
1 April 2016
Killing Floor Freudian analysis
According to, Freudian relates to causes and treatment of neurotic and
psychopathic states, interpretation of dreams, etc. Psychoanalysis refers both to how the mind
works and a treatment modality <>.
Freudianism is influenced by and only exists because of Sigmund Freud. Sigmund Freud was an
Austrian neurologist, best known for developing theories and techniques of psychoanalysis
<>. Freudian analysis in literature
basically prefers the audience to pay more attention at a piece of literature from the point of view
of the authors mind. It focuses on what the author might be thinking at the time of certain
scenes or maybe even the author's likes, wants, and needs and comparing them to his character's
likes, wants, and needs. Freudian analysis also focuses on looking at text from a symbolic point
of view rather than literal.
Jim Grant is the author of Killing Floor. Jim Grant goes by his writing Lee Child. Just
like the main character of Killing Floor, Jack Reacher, Lee Child also has a brother; however,
unlike Jack Reacher, Lee Child has three brothers. The audience learns about Jacks dead brother
at the end of chapter nine. When you are growing up with siblings, it is a brothers duty to
protect your brother whether you are older or younger. A good brother would want their brother
safe and if their brother is in a dangerous situation or faces a dangerous threat, it is a brothers
job to eliminate the danger as soon as possible. In the novel Killing Floor, Jack Reacher had an

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older brother named Joe Reacher. Joe Reacher was murdered in Margrave, Georgia. As the story
continues Jack Reacher has memories and feels guilty about his brothers death because he
wasnt there to protect him. Jack had a memory of when he first had the thought about having to
protect his brother, I was about four years old before I caught on to the loyalty thing. I suddenly
figured I was supposed to watch out for Joe the way he was watching out for me. After a while, it
became second nature to me, like an automatic thing (Child). Jack made it his duty to avenge
his dead brother and he wouldnt allow anyone to get in his way. Finlay could not understand
the simple truth I had learned at the age of four: You do not mess with my brother. So this was
my duty. It was between me and Joe. It was my duty (Child). Jack and Joe stop being close after
Joe left; however, even when he states that he was not close to his brother he is driven by his
death (and others) throughout the story. This somehow has to relate to Lee and his brothers
because he had three brothers and he must have cared for every single one of them while wanting
to protect all of them.
There were a few music pieces and musicians mentioned in Killing Floor. In the novel,
the musicians were Blind Blake and The Beatles. Blind Blake was mentioned a lot through out
the novel and if the audience did not know whom he was, it would make them a bit curious after
reading Killing Floor. Blind Blake was the reason why Jack Reacher was in Margrave,
Georgia in the first place. I thought I would come and look for Blind Blake He also mentioned
who Blind Blake was and how he knew of him. Blind Blake was a guitar player, I said. Died
sixty years ago, maybe murdered. My brother bought a record, sleeve note said it happened in
Margrave. He wrote me about it (Child). Whats actually interesting is that Blind Blake is a real
person; however, Lee Child altered his life in order to make he apart of his story. Blind Blake is
an African-American guitar player. In Childs novel, Blind Blake was killed by one of Lee

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Childs fictional characters in order to make one of the antagonists seem like evilness ran
through his blood and veins. The Beatles were mentioned near the end of the novel. The Beatles
were a music group that played rock music. One of Childs fictional characters, Paul Hubble,
was a big fan of The Beatles. Jack Reacher found Paul Hubble when he hid himself away from
his trouble just by knowing that he was a big fan of The Beatles. Other musical works were
mentioned only in certain situations. Jack must have loved music because at random times he
would think of the lyrics to a song and compare it to something. Music is important to Lee Child
too. It has to be. Music is talked about everywhere in his novel. Lee Child even compares writing
to music. I really dont want to be one of these pretentious writers that talks in musical terms
but in the same way a composer thinks of a key if you are writing music. The key of E flat minor
is extremely different sounding than C major. The key starts to imply weather, temperature,
location, the look of the landscape
Dealing with law is very specific when writing about it. It is important due to the fact that
law already exists and it is being put into a believable fictional setting. Lee child said himself in
an interview that If you learn the law, theres a certain amount of precision in expression
because you cant afford to be ambiguous. Its not generally a very elegant style but you certainly
learn how to write with clarity.<>. What does law have anything to do with Child and
the way he thinks of law? Everything due to the fact that he is writing about law so, he has to
know it and he went to school to study law. He seemed to know what he was talking about, the
first clue would be when officer Baker said, You are under arrest for murder, he said. You have
the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used as evidence against you. You have the

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right to representation by an attorney. Should you be unable to afford an attorney, one will be
appointed for you by the state of Georgia free of charge. Do you understand these rights? It was a
fine rendition of Miranda. He spoke clearly. He didnt read it from a card. He spoke like he knew
what it meant and why it was important. To him and me. I didnt respond (Child).
Traveling around to different places around the must have been loved by Child. Traveling
had to be one of Lee Child wants because of his character Jack Reacher travel a lot. If you know
anyone that loves to travel then you know that they love to talk about their experiences and how
great traveling is. Lee Child was born in Covenant, England. Him and his family move to
Handsworth wood in Birmingham, which is still in England. He then moved to the United States
in 1998 <>. Most likely his traveling did not end there.
He probably continued to move around the states as he resided in the United States. In Killing
Floor, Jack Reacher loves to travel and when he does, he does so without anything on him
except for cash. You were carrying no ID at all. No Drivers license, no credit cards, no nothing.
You have no address, you say so Im asking myself, who is this guy. (Child) Jack Reacher lives
no-where and he is mistaken for a vagrant. No statements, he said. Ill ask the questions and
youll answer them. Youre Jack-none-Reacher. No address. No ID. What are you, a vagrant? Im
not a vagrant, Finlay, I said. Im a hobo. Big difference. (Child) Another example that shows
Jack Reacher travels a lot. I told him about leaving the Pentagon. Washington, Baltimore,
Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Pittsburg, Detroit, Chicago. Museums, music, cheap hotels,
bars, buses, and trains.(Child) The final example would be I travel by road, I said. Always by
road. Walk a bit, and ride the buses. Sometimes trains. Always pay cash. That way theres never a
paper trail. No credit card transaction, no passenger manifest, nothing. Nobody could trace me. I
never tell anyone my name. If I stay in a hotel I pay cash and give them a made-up

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name.(Child) This also explains the reason why Jack likes to travel without anything on him
except for cash.
At the end of Killing Floor, the novel, Jack was given a choice to either stay with the
love of his life or keep moving place to place like he has been doing for a very long time. The
readers could tell that he did not want to leave her but they could also tell he did not want to stay.
They had a conversation about the whole thing. He even tried to get her to go with him; however,
she wanted to stay in Margrave, Georgia. Both Jack Reacher and Roscoe respected each others
decision. What are you going to do? I asked her. She looked at me like it was an odd question.
Work my butt off I guess, she said. Theres going to be a lot to do. Were going to have to rebuild
the whole town. Maybe we can make something better out of it, create something worthwhile.
And I can play a big part in it. Ill move up the totem pole a couple of notches. Im really
excited. Im looking forward to it. This is my town and Im really going to be involved in it.
Maybe Ill get on the town board. Maybe Ill even run for mayor. I looked at her. It was a great
answer, but it was the wrong answer. Wrong for me. I didnt want to try and change her mind. I
didnt want to put any kind of pressure on her at all. Thats why I asked her straight out, before I
told her what I was going to have to do. I wanted her honest natural response. And I got it. It was
right for her. This was her town. If anybody could fix it, she could. If anybody should stick
around, working her butt off, she should. (Child) Roscoe want Jack to stay but he knew he
could not. We talk about it all night. We didnt fall out over it. Just talked about it. She knew
what I was going to do was right for me. I knew what she was going to do was right for her. She
asked me to stay. I thought hard, but said no. I asked her to come with me. She thought hard, but
said not. Nothing more to say.(Child) Lee Child looked at this as the choice for love or freedom.
If he was not married and did not have children then he could go anywhere he wanted to go and

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do what ever he wanted to do. Since Lee Child is married he chose the opposite choice of Jack
Reacher, which is love. He is settled down in one place, loves it, and his family.