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based lesson

One to one correspondence

Fatima Ahmed Alshehhi

Section 1
Mr. Basel Badran


This report will include, a lesson plan for grade 1/2 in primary level.
The lesson will be about one to one correspondence; its one of the
math concepts. In this lesson I will teach about one to one
correspondence, and relate it to the process of inquiry.

The 5Es:

The 5Es are stages of planning a lesson in a sequential technique,
and the 5Es are:


Engage is getting the students personality ready and involved in the
lesson, and give them a background about what are they going to
I will begin my lesson with a song about then numbers from 1-10 as a
review, after that there will be a small background about one to one
correspondence, after this background the first activity will start. The
activity will be like, I say a number and the students make a group of
this number, for example, I say number 5, 5 students make a group
together, I say number 8, 8 students make a group together too and
so on.

Allowing the students to build their own understanding.

- The second activity will be a whole class activity too, I will show
in the display board a numbers and objects, the students will
match the numbers with the objects.
Give the student the opportunity to explain what they learn, to their
classmates and find out what they learn so far.
- I will let the students choose their partners, ask each pair to
come and pick one of the cards, from number 1-12, after that
each pair go and search in the class for the shapes that
represent the number, for example for number 6 there will be
6 shapes that are glued together, and the same to the rest of
the numbers. When all of the students find the shapes, each
pair come to the from and say the number and count the
Allow the students to use their knowledge and continue exploring.
- Each student will have a white board, there will be cards that
include pictures of objects on the board, and each student will
count how many objects in each card and write the correct
number under the card.
In this stage the teacher and the students will see how much they
move so far and how is the understanding go.
- The students will be given a worksheet as a homework, about
one to one correspondence, and work on it individually.


- Students will learn how to count.
- Matching the objects with the numbers.
- Differentiate between the numbers and amounts.


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