Statement of Apology

It is incumbent upon the Rio Rancho School Board to conduct it’s affairs on behalf of the citizens it represents, not only in a lawful manner, but also in a professional and courteous manner, fair and respectful in our deliberations with the community, administration/staff, and fellow board members. The excellence and success of this district is not only calculated and dependent upon student scores, but also in the “culture” and attitudes of district personnel, especially our leaders. As a board we strive to treat others with integrity and respect, even when and especially when we disagree. Therefore this governing body wishes to extend an apology to the Administration, and specifically to Ms. LaJuana Coleman, for the abrasive and humiliating treatment she received at our April 26th board meeting. Ms. Coleman, on behalf of the administration, and as the chairman of the Language Arts Adoption Committee, presented the committee’s textbook recommendations to the board. During the course of the deliberations, Ms. Coleman was unprofessionally and inappropriately subjected to unnecessary personal criticism both in word and attitude, for her work and the legitimacy of the committee’s recommendation. It is this boards opinion that Ms. Coleman’s presentation was done in a professional manner, and it successfully communicated the committee’s recommendation. She was simply doing her job. The criticisms Ms. Coleman endured during the deliberations crossed the line of acceptable dialogue, which we regret and hope to avoid in the future. Ms. Coleman, please accept our sincere apology. May 10, 2010 Board of Education