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N479 Professional Activity Evaluation Form

Your Name: Audrey Goh

Date of Activity: March 17 & 18, April 8 & 9, 2016 Faculty

Name: Darlene Lacroix

Describe the community service/professional activity/s you attended or participated with (be
specific about the purpose and your role):
This community service involved learning about the reasoning behind packing the food for the
children in the Third World countries and how the food and donations were being utilized to
maintain better health for the children. The main goal of the service was to act as small groups
with specific individual tasks in order to package the nutritionally enhanced food. With volunteer
labor, the organization would then be able to continue funding of sending and providing food to
the children. The tasks performed included scooping the food, weighing the food, packing the
boxes, and sealing the boxes. Each person chose a task to perform over the entire duration in
order to increase efficiency as a team. At the end of the packing time the total number of boxes
packed was calculated in order to see what kind of difference the packing session made.

Where was this held and what was the program/activity length?
This was held at the Feed My Starving Children facility in Mesa, Arizona and each packing
session was two hours long (total 8 hours)

Discuss the value of this experience to you (be specific):

This experience was meaningful to me because it allowed me to provide better health for a
person through whatever resource I was ablewhich in this case, was manual labor. As a student

with no income, I cannot financially support the cause and I lack the licensure and experience to
go and care for the children myself. Therefore, I felt that being able to take part in packing the
food and learning about how the food provides for the children nutritional deficits made me
further appreciate what circumstances I am living and what resources I have. I played a small
part in the entire process of formulating the food and shipping and delivering it to the children,
but it gave me the sense that as a community, we were doing our best to slowly tackle the issue
of world hunger.

Would you recommend this specific community/professional experience in the future; why or
why not? (Describe)
I would definitely recommend the experience in the future; during the experience, you learn a lot
about where the food is going and see specific examples of children it has helped. In addition,
the packing process is delivered in a way that it can be slightly competitive which makes it a fun
and enjoyable process. Overall, the experience is one that is active and lively and it goes towards
a great cause at no cost to you as the volunteer (besides your time).

Brochure or proof of attendance obtained? __Yes__ Signature on validation of clinical hours

form obtained? ___Yes____