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Taylor Monk

Mr. Hawkins
U.S. Government
October 1, 2015
Alien Humans
What is the United States' border patrol's position and how is that
being affect, both now and in the future, to laws passed by both Federal and
State governments? This is an important question that should be wisely
discussed and studied as the effects on American people are much larger
than one would expect. Here the government and the people decide on the
future of this great nation, and all avenues of course should be considered.
Regardless of whatever is said, it is essential to the welfare of everyone
involved that the problem of illegal immigration and smuggling be solved.
The reason for such a question can be attributed to a multitude of
things. Over the past several decades our country has made an effort to
block itself from the country of Mexico and we now have a formidable force
attempting to maintain the borders, our United States Border Patrol. One of
the reasons for this is drug cartels. They are the ones that the American
public can clearly point at as the bad guy and pursue them with the utmost
diligence. Since the 60s our nation has had a huge problem with drugs. All
drugs ranging from cannabis to methamphetamine to heroin that are highly

illegal, due to the serious health issues they will cause in users, are widely
used throughout America for euphoria, ecstasy, and monetary gain. There is
lots of money in drugs, but producing them in the U.S. is risky, thanks to
Federal agencies like the FBI and the ATF. Instead, the drugs are grown or
manufactured in the closest low income and poor GOP per capita nation. This
country for America is Mexico. Individuals in Mexico decided to make a quick
buck by selling some home-made drugs and then expanded their thriving
enterprise into a full-fledged business. Unfortunately, any business that is
highly lucrative and highly illegal requires more nefarious individuals. This is
the beginning of what is called a Cartel.
These cartels biggest enemies, besides each other, are the U.S.
Customs and Border Protection. They are constantly working to prevent the
transportation of illegal drugs across the border. Some of these drugs are
brought through the desert by smugglers illegally, while some are smuggled
through customs by U.S. citizens. The CBP has to constantly be checking
even United States citizens for drugs. Some of these cartels dont just
smuggle drugs across the border, but people as well. Of course, there are
also private enterprises leading illegal immigrants through the desert. These
human-smugglers are known as coyotes. They guide anywhere from 5 to
50 people across the border through the desert at a time. Some of these
coyotes are nice, but most are anything but. Many threaten people or and/or
hold their families hostage until they get paid for guiding the individual into
the land of the free. Even still, the people they smuggle through can be just

as problematic to Americas national economy, government, and safety as

much as the coyotes themselves.
An incredibly large amount of California residents are here illegally to
the point of matching if not superseding the amount of legal citizens living
here. This can wreak havoc upon our nations infrastructure in several ways.
The first one is job sources. Mexican illegal immigrants basically control most
construction companies, gardening services, and more. This can put legal
citizens out of the job and onto the streets. While the unemployment rate in
America isnt terribly high right now, there is still an unemployment rate of
5.5% (USBLS.) That means there are at least hundreds of thousands of lawabiding citizens out there who are leaving in a cardboard box while people
who snuck their way into this country enjoys a, if somewhat low-income, job
that allows them to own a house, a car, and maintain a family. What more,
quite a few of these people dont even like America. They scream and chant
for Latino and Mexican pride and spit on the flag of the country they
essentially invaded to make some money. This is the ultimate insult to the
American public, to take our jobs, our money, our materials, and still treat us
like were the foreigners. There some organizations that believe the whole
state of California, and several other states arent even rightfully American.
They believe that its their land, regardless of the fact that the land was
legally purchased by the American government over a hundred years ago.

So whats being done in light of all the information already proven by

statistics to be accurate? The CBP at the current time is finding itself slowly
stripped of its power and even reason to maintain the border. President
Obama has set a policy that is in the progress of protecting 87% of illegal
immigrants, essentially protecting any illegal immigrants in the country that
dont have any criminal record (The White House.) Whilst Obamas
administration has taken the wiser path in regards to whom they protect,
they seem to still strive to ignore and blind the publics eye about the less
obvious problems of undocumented aliens in our nations economy. A study
showed that in 2010 illegal immigrants were draining roughly $14,000 per
household annually ( This burden of 54.5 billion dollars in annual
deficit has to be paid by proper American citizens to keep the government
out even larger deficits than it already is in ( Not only that, but
also the fact that most of the members of the Mexican Nationalist Front and
similar organizations are not individuals with criminal records. These
organizations are the ones that believe that the purchases and requisition of
land by the U.S. government from Mexico was illegitimate and so rise in
protest and make claims of planning on reconquista, or re-conquest of the
land (Reconquista.) These organizations usually are anti-violence; even still,
they cause division among the population of southwestern and western
One thought that actually is given little to no attention by the majority
of the public is the social impact illegal immigration has on the nation. The

degradation of any specific culture is being drowned in the mixing pot of

America. This is not to say that things like segregation or national isolation
are okay, but if the United States continues to allow people from all over the
globe to come at an essentially unfiltered amount, history of culture and
tradition will be lost permanently. The cultures all across the world are
beautiful. Whether they are European, African, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Latino,
North American, or any of the rest, they all have traits particular to their
culture and their culture alone. If we continue to mix at such a methodical
and consistent rate, there will be no sense of any culture, merely bland
sameness everywhere; uniformity. Everyone, both foreigners and natives, will
slowly but surely lose their sense of family heritage. This idea may be more a
matter of opinion and opinion only, but that doesnt make it inaccurate.
Taking a look into the history of not just the United States, but the entire
world, its plain to see the amount of diversity that has been. Without this
diversity, the world will flounder in an international identity crisis. Diversity
has been the source of every war in history, but that doesnt make it bad.
Wars have been started, or at least fought, by people with firm belief and
resolve in their ideals and culture. Without this, each generation will slowly
dissolve into complacency in the average, the undistinguished. This should
prevented, but thats a problem already beyond lost cause. Its up to
individuals now to ensure that they dont allow themselves to be just another
average member. However, looking aside from the entire monologue, how
about a look into the few advantages in illegal immigration.

The biggest advantages of illegal immigration are purely economical

and somewhat selfish. First, the main benefit is cheap labors. These allow the
economy to run more smoothly since all the lowest-wage jobs will be filled up
by illegal immigrants. Another factor is that the increase in population means
a higher consumer rate, which in turn helps boost the economy and allows
the country to produce more jobs. Also, they will usually take up residence in
various properties that are in depressed locales and have a hard time
acquiring tenants (NCLATP.) All the evidence above is obviously very onesided and somewhat selfish of the nation to think of in that manner, but not
all is that way. The other most obvious benefit is for the illegal immigrants
themselves. One must always take into account that they are just humans
like everyone else and should be treated as such. They should be entitled the
right to pursue happiness, as our Constitution states, just like everyone else.
However, how happy can such people be in a land social, racial, and
economic diversity? Is it really as great to move to America as once claimed
to be? Most states evidence to the contrary.
America; land of the free or is it? Citizens already face enough
problems in this society; these problems are only compounded all with other
problems for illegal immigrants. Recall the statement on diversity between
cultures mentioned earlier? Well, thats something that illegal alien families
have to deal with in a big way. One of the biggest difficulties for illegal
immigrant parents is that their children often end up quickly Americanized
which can, and often is, at odds with their own culture, causing division and

difficulties within households. Another huge problem illegal immigrants face

in America is the long odds of finding a jog in such a competitive society.
Many spend long hours on some corner, waiting for a job opportunity to
come so they dont have to fall asleep hungry yet again. This lack jobs, or
just very low-paying ones, means that these illegal immigrants will also be
unable to retain things like a house, transportation, or healthcare services
(Global Citizen.) The United States isnt really doing the illegal immigrants a
favor by allowing them to come and struggle almost as much as they
struggled in their homeland. That brings it all back around to the source of
the problem, the homelands of the illegal immigrants. So what can be done
to the problem is all that remains, and there are some decent ideas.
There are really only to adequate responses to such a problem. One is
simple in its complexity while the other is nigh impossible (Then again,
Obama got elected for president, so who knows? Anything is possible.) The
first approach would be to, as Trump so eloquently puts it, build an adequate
wall covering the entire southern border of the U.S. while also employing
thousands more CBP members to patrol said wall. This would undoubtedly be
considered an extreme right-wing approach and be written off by a majority
of the population, especially the minorities. However, it wouldnt be terribly
inconceivable for the Congress to enact upon and in the end would solve
most of the problems associated with illegal immigration. Not only would the
economy be able to stand on firmer ground without the influx of
undocumented aliens, but the drug smuggling business would also be dealt a

serious blow and may not even recover from it. They would have to resort to
using whats grown illegally in America, which isnt much, and smuggling
them overseas into places like Miami. Either way, the implementation of a
wall would inadvertently end the drug war. The second option would be to
procure a relief-type organization to go into the Central American countries,
Mexico first, and work with their governments to establish a healthy annual
gross national product, which would in effect rise up the entire economy of
the nation. The enormity and complexity of such a project would be historical
and would likely require a multinational effort from world superpowers across
the globe. The essential reconstruction of such third-world countries would
eliminate any illegal immigration, would remove the drastic imbalance of
power and wealth and overall allow the world community to work together
better. Either way, whether it be through theoretical isolation or an act of
such generosity it would be an act of human generosity like never seen
before, there has to be something done about the problem, and the
supposed solutions the white house is providing just wont make the cut in
the end.
Overall, it is a problem and ignoring it wont magically make it
disappear. Its all a matter of whether or not the government and the nation
find can find the truth and understand what must be done solve such a
serious dilemma. The claims of politics involved are just excuses to avoid
solving the problem, but dont allow that to fool anyone. No matter what the
administration says, it is critical that the problem is at the very least

analyzed and addressed appropriately. Regardless of whatever is said, it is

essential to the welfare of everyone involved that the problem of illegal
immigration and smuggling be solved.

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