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By: Jordan Sutton

Topic of inquiry
My topic of inquiry is anti-Semitism, which is
the prejudice against Jews. I really wanted to
understand what made Jews such a target to
the Germans. What made them less perfect
than all other races in Germany. To begin, I
wanted to know where Hitlers direct hatred
came from, starting with his childhood

Adolf Hitlers Childhood

To begin, Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria to a struggling
mother and father.
He had 5 other siblings, but only one sister that lived past childhood.
Adolf and his father, Alois, didnt not get along.
Alois made a habit of beating his son.
In school, Hitler was a very good student.
Eventually, Hitler grew a liking to art and went to Vienna to become
an artist or architect, but was rejected twice.
After that failure, he became very interested in politics.

Hitler becomes involved with

Nazi Party
Since Hitler was classed as unfit for the Austrian Army he decided to
join the German Army.
He assisted in writing the partys political program and then the name
was soon changed to the National Socialist German Workers Party
(a.k.a The Nazi Party)

Hitler then tried to overthrow the German Government and failed.

He felt politicians betrayed German people.
German government put him on trial for treason.
Wrote Mein Kampf in prison.

Once released from prison, Hitler rebuilds the Nazi Party.

Hitlers Beliefs
Hitler believed the Germans should have enough living
space and only peple of German or Aryan blood should be
able to live in Germany.
He did not believe Jews could be Germans
One big reason for Hitlers hatred of Jews was communism.
It was a Jewish invention and threat to Germany.
He wanted to create a generation of young Aryans who
were physically fit and obedient.

Train of thought
Now, although we kind of see where Hitlers
dislike of Jews came from, I wonder how other
people felt towards them since a lot of people
went along with what Hitler said. Did other people
actually have a genuine hatred of Jews or did they
just go along with the crowd?

The Nazis did not want individual

sadism; they wanted a world without
Jews Sigmund Freud

Hatred of Jews
People were only drawn to anti-Semitism because they
were drawn to Nazism.
There wasnt a direct hate against Jews
Most Germans didnt want pogroms (annihilation of Jews)
but were ready to dehumanize the Jews.
Deportation and rumors of mass killings didnt evoke
strong reactions.
This leads us to believe Germans didnt know what was
going on.
Symbols got more deeply felt reactions than the fate of
Nazis ordered crucifixes removed from classrooms
Nazi propaganda began to work

Who was perfect?

Racial Hierarchy
1. Aryan Race
a. Considered a subgroup
of Caucasian
b. Blonde hair blue eyes
2. Nordic Race
a. Brown hair, light colored
eyes, tall, fair skin
b. Associated with many
inventions and

3. Mediterranean Race
a. Dark hair, dark eyes,
moderate to short
b. Responsible for evolution of
most important ancient
western civilizations.
4. Alpine Race
a. Short, broad feet
5. Untermensch
a. Lowest classes
b. Jews, Gypsies, and Slavic

Jew Testimony
Henry Buxbaum was a Jew that served in the German Army during
WWI. After returning to Germany, he recalls all of the hatred: You

could taste anti-Semitism everywhere; the air of Germany

was permeated by it. All the unavoidable consequences of
military defeat, revolution, a ruinous inflation, the Treaty
of Versailles, the loss of territories in the east and west,
the unsettling social changes following in their wake
each and everything was blamed on the Jews and/or
Communists, who for the convinced Jew-hater were

Train of thought
Since we kind of understand that the people of
Germany were pretty much followers and didnt
know what was going on, we have to ask ourselves
the question of what was actually going on? How did
Hitler plan to get this Aryan purity that he continued
to speak about. Most people know about the
concentration camps, but that only scratches the
surface. What went on outside of the concentration

Purity techniques
At first, the killings were done at close range, but the SS general
became worried about traumatizing his men.
Carbon monoxide
Shower heads
Gas chambers
Blood purification
No touching Jews in any form

Train of Thought
With abortion being such a huge issue today in
the US, I inquired about the topic of abortion in
early Germany and Holocaust Germany. Also,
what did eugenics have to do with all of this in the
medical world?

Abortion and Eugenics

In early Germany, abortion was definitely frowned upon.
A section of the Penal code for the German Reich stated that a
pregnant woman who purposely caused herself to abort or who killed
her child in utero would be subject to a penitentiary sentence of up to
five years and the same penalties applied for those who assisted the
pregnant woman.
Eugenics is simply defined as the belief in improving the qualities of
the human species or a human population.
Eventually, the trend of eugenics led to Hitler wanting to cure the
era and although abortion was a blurry topic, if you were Jewish it
became a little more okay.

Train of Thought
We know Hitler didnt come up with the
concept of Eugenics and racial purity, he
just hated Jews. So the real question is who
did? That makes me wonder if Hitler was
the real mastermind behind the concept of
killing Jews.

Early racist

Ernst Haeckel
Medical zoologist, biologist, strong racist, and Darwinist
Named Germanys ancestor of eugenics
Exerted considerable influence on Nazi thought
Alfred Plotz
Physician and social Darwinist
Proposed the term racial hygiene
Founded the German Society for Racial Hygiene
Hitler emphasizes these points in Mein Kampf
Martin Bormann
In a talk with Hitler he spoke about how the Nation needed to free itself from the
Jewish poison, and then went as far as to say the regime that accomplished this
would earn eternal gratitude for extermination the Jews.

By the end of this assignment I have concluded that Hitler
wasnt the mastermind that we thought him to be. He was
just a great follower who soon turned into a leader. In my
opinion I see the Jews as a scapegoat for the Nazis. They
needed someone to blame their misfortunes on. This, to
me, seems like a typical case of the blame game and the
Nazis are the younger sister blaming the older brother

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