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ESTANTE, Elijah V. 4 th Year BSFT USC Councilor


Main Points

- Representation of the Concerns and Rights of the Students

- Formation of Union of Student Organizations (USO)

- Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE)

- Indigenous Peoples Assembly and Basic Mass Integration

- UP Situationer

Representation of the Concerns and Rights of the Students The University of the Philippines System will face one of its biggest transitions in history. There will be a change of UP Pres ident, few freshmen enrollees for the next school year, implementation of Student Academic Information System (SAIS) to UP units, third year after the academic calendar shift has been implemented, the risi ng cost of tuition fee through the Socialized Tuition System, and the proposed GE reform that will lessen the number of units of General Electives in the course curriculum. Some of these policies deemed to affect the public character of UP as the university that serves the interests of the students and the people. The voices of the students must be prioritized and represented when the UP administration implements these policies. More so, the policies should be in line with the interests of the students that do not step on the constitutional rights of iskolars ng bayan. For example, the University of the Philippines has been alienated to other universities by changing its academic calendar from June to August. There had been movements and mobilizations that opposed this policy since this will affect the learning of the students because of the scorching heat on the months of April and May. The UP President Mr. Alfredo Pascual promised that UP will provide air-conditioned classrooms but until now, this promise seemed to be hanging on the wall. The fight for accessible education to every Filipino regardless of their social status will be pushed through. A fearless University of the Philippines Visayas University Student Council will fight for proper budget allocation to state universities and colleges to provide free and quality education to Filipinos. There will be a UPV-USC that will hear and take action of the concerns of the students and a UPV-USC who is not scared to fight for the welfare of the students.

When the UP Administration changes some of the current sta tus quo in UP that will affect the student body, there should be proper channeling of the concerns of the students through consultations with the admin. Students’ voices must be empowered and heard by the University Student Council since they are the main clients of the Student Council.

Union of Student Organizations (USO) To further create strong bonds between student organizations despite being located from different colleges, there will be a Union of Student Organizations that will be formed by the UPV-USC. Basically, the goal of this formation is to unite the student orgs when there are campaigns carried out by the USC and to enhance the awareness of the students. The campaigns that will be carried out by the USC will be intensified if student organizations are part of the calls of the USC. The union of student organizations will also head some of the events of UPV-USC. For example, this formation may head the Pahampang with the help of UPV-USC. This should be done in order for the UPV-USC to focus more on their campaigns, activities, and advocacies. The formation of USO will create more united student organizations of UP Visayas. The formation may help in the dissemination of information to the students to create a more informed and responsive student body.

Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) To promote a more holistic learning in UP Visayas, Alternative Classroom Learning Experience shall be conducted every sem. This activity will be hosted by the University Student Council with student organizations from UP Visayas. A more specific example of an ACLE is Photoshop Lecture Tutorial for those who are aspiring digital artists. Another specific example is an organization like Philippine Association of Food Technologists iota Chapter may conduct an ACLE about Genetically Modified Organism in food. Education Discussion about the current situation of the Philippines may also be conducted during ACLE. Organization of the University’s Chemical Engineering Students (OUNCES) may also conduct an ACLE that is about waste management or other interesting topics about their field. The goal is also for student organizations to conduct activities that will be of great benefit to the student body to facilitate better learning process during their stay here in the university. This will be fully supported by the UPV-USC to have a maximum student participation.

Indigenous Peoples Assembly and Basic Mass Integration

The people from the community must also be also be heard since they represent a big sector in our society. The role of the youth in spreading awareness of the struggles of the marginalized is really significant. Therefore, students must be empowered and informe d about the current situation of the marginalized sectors of our society. Students must integrate to the community to enhance their understanding of the struggles of the marginalized and what they can do as students to help forward the concerns of the people from the community. Indigenous Peoples represent the culture of the Filipinos before we were colonized. IPs have also class struggles within their community because of the apparent militarization within their area. As iskolars ng bayan, it is our duty to empathize with them and call for accountability if ever their rights are being oppressed. There will be an Indigenous Peoples Assembly hosted by the UPV-USC to promote culture and diversity within the university. There are stories that should be heard by each student from the members of IPs. Stories of rising from the challenges in life, and stories of struggle. An example of Indigenous Peoples are the Tumandok that remain to be the largest group of IPs in Panay.

UP Situationer Before the start of the semester, the current situation of UP Visayas must be studied thoroughly since students are still adjusting on the change after Calendar Shift was implemented. Also, there will be a rough research on the next activities of the USC in order to not affect the academic workload of the students. UP situationer will be carried out through student consultations in each sector in UPV (may it be from student organizations, student councils, fraternities & sororities, and others). This will help the USC understand the struggles of the students in their academics, laboratory classes, dorm applications, ventilation of classrooms, the cafeteria in the ir colleges, and more. The concerns of the students will be compiled and submitted to the Office of the Student Regent and shall be presented during the meeting of the Board of Regents. The UPV-USC shall call for the responsibility of our administration to provide the adequate learning facilities to the students and shall be transparent at all times.