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57 . slp gsll Ayagead AS pat Saudi Electricity Company is partially done and remaining will be completed once ati of change order rectify the comments provided in the RFI for ication of Grid Tiles for False Ceiling in EC/DAR also mentioned that all the area where False ceiling rectification is required has been identified to Siemens so start the rectification work of false ceiling, Siemens replied that RFI was rasied for inspection . RFI has been attended and comments have been reveived by Siemens. Siemens will rectify the comments and will raise the RFI. So inspection will be done very soon, SEC mentioned that SIS is energised and Siemens has uot installed the sign board and danger sign as yet and advised Siemens to install these items at the earliest. Siemens informed that danger sign has been delivered at site and | temporary access for crane and manpower is awaited for the execution of the work. The sign board has been prepared and we will request to NWO Nayria to finalize the location of sign boards, | SEC/DAR advised Siemens to proceed the HVAC duct support | foundations work as per IFC drawing as the civil foundation works is in Siemens scope. VIENS informed that foundation work will be started once the will mobilize at site as the location of the support | foundation will be identified by Zamil. | Work is not complete and advised mens to arrange the manpower to complete the PDS balance work as per IFC drawings. Siemens stated that Future tech contracter completed his lies as per agreemat with Siemens, . RFI has been | | attended by SEC/DAR and comments have been received by Siemens comments will be rectified soon. ac SIEMENS. SIEMENS. SIEMENS SIEMENS/ KUC SIEMENS RI 23-12. 2014 R2 10.02.20) RS 26.02.201 Rd 30.04.2015 19.4.2015 115.2015 5 5