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Student Teaching Cooperating Teacher Final Evaluation

Spring, 2016
Student: Haley Wissinger
School: Huddleston Elementary
Grade Level: 3

Date: 4/25/2016
Subject: Elementary-All

Consider the student teachers overall performance and growth when assigning a performance rating to each of
the Virginia Uniform Performance Standards. Specific indicators for each standard are listed in the Student
Teaching Handbook. Please refer to and consider the specific indicators for each standard as you complete this
evaluation. Your frank and honest assessment is most beneficial.
Performance Rating Scale:
5 - Exemplary: Consistently exceeds expectations at an exceptional level for a student teacher on all indicators.
4 - Highly Proficient: Meets and frequently exceeds expectations for a student teacher on most indicators.
3 - Proficient: Meets expectations at an acceptable level for a student teacher on most indicators.
2 - Developing: Does not consistently meet expectations at an acceptable level for a student teacher on several indicators.
1 - Unacceptable: Does not meet expectations for a student teacher on most or all indicators.

VA Uniform Performance Standard


1 Professional Knowledge

2 Instructional Planning

3 Instructional Delivery

4 Assessment of and for Student Learning

5 Learning Environment

6 Professionalism

7 Student Academic Progress

(Not assessed)

In the space below please provide overall comments regarding specific strengths and weaknesses related to the
performance of the student teacher. Feel free to attach another page if necessary.
It has been so great working with Ms. Wissinger these past 8 weeks. She is a wonderful person, teacher, rolemodel, and inspiration to the students. Her love for teaching shines and her positivity lights the way for
students. Ms. Wissinger has taken on any task handed to her during her placement. She has written plans and
taught lessons that align with our 3rd grade SOLs, incorporated technology into her teaching, remediated
students who are struggling on a certain task, and has taken the time to learn the students, not just by name, but
how they learn and on a personal level too. Her upbeat, cheerful voice keeps the students engaged in their
learning. She is not scared to try anything new or ask questions and offer suggestions. Ms. Wissinger also
reflects back on her lessons and adjusts activities according to student performance. She was introduced to the
"flipped classroom" method that we incorporated into 3rd grade math, science, and social studies this year and
we worked together differentiating the students based on 3 question quick-checks. She also worked with me on

new technology called "Plickers" and together we have begun to figure out things that work with that and
things that don't. She even got to proctor SOLs for reading and math. Ms. Wissinger is going to be a
wonderful asset to any school and her future students are going to be so lucky to have such an amazing teacher
who cares so much for them and takes pride in their education and their future.

Evaluator: Alisa Morton

Position: Cooperating Teacher

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Student Teachers Signature: _____________________

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