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334 I WILL SURVIVE Words and Music by DINO FEKARIS and FREDDIE PERREN Mate Bis Beat es a kept think in? ay lirst 1 was a» Grad, (2) all the strength had part; kept try = in L could aev-er fives without you by my side Bat thea, spentso many nights thinkin’ ts just feelin? fiarid to mend the pies esof tiny brocken heart... And T spent, oh, $0 man -y and Ltearned how to get a> tong. And so you're how you did mewrong ane 1 grew — strong, hold my head up high And you see sorry for my-sely fous to ery, bit now E Win Suerve 3-1 «© 1978 Perren-Vibes Musi, Inc. ASCAP), 11740 Ventura Bod, Stadio City, Caf. 91604 International Copyright Secured Made In USA. ‘AU Rights Reserved ge Tong as I knowhow to love] know stay a ve Tee got rns SS aaa (2) I took (DS) _Now =e win Survive 3-3