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Topic: Differences between Chinese dining culture and Korean dining culture



Introduction (Paragraph 1)
China and Korea, both located in North East Asia, share three
thousand years of history while building a unique relationship with
one another. During the shared history, one can easily find
similarities such as use of Chinese character and characteristics of
ancient dynasty or customs.
I have experienced both cultures, even though other customs have
been similar in the past, they have culturally different customs
during their dining meal times.
China and Korea have dining culture differences such as etiquette,
drinks, and the way of paying bills.

Paragraph 2 Topic sentence


A. Chinese culture: When Chinese are having a

meal, they leave some food on the plate after
the meal to show that they are full.
B. Illustration/example: telling them that supply
food was not sufficient.
I. Served meal C. Korean culture: When Korean served a meal,
no matter how much youve eaten, you
should show that you ate all the food
because the supply food was delicious.
D. Illustration/example: Telling them that supply
food was delicious.
A. Chinese culture: Lift the rice bowl
B. Illustration/example: For comfortable.
II. How to eat
C. Korean culture: Do not pick up the rice bowl
D. Illustration/example: Koreas dining etiquette.
A. Chinese culture: Using chopsticks to eat rice
B. Illustration/example: mostly using chopsticks
to eat all the food.
III. Tools
C. Korean culture: Using spoon to eat rice
D. Illustration/example: For soup and rice,
Korean using spoons. Side dish should eat
with chopsticks.

Paragraph 3 Topic sentence





A. Chinese culture: drink hot water
B. Illustration/example: Chinese drinks tea a lot.
C. Korean culture: drink cold water / tepid water


II. Alcohol

III. Favorite

Paragraph 4 Topic sentence




II. How

III. Tips


D. Illustration/example: because we used to it

and drink purify water; clean
A. Chinese culture: white liquor
B. Illustration/example: Traditional alcohol
C. Korean culture: Soju
D. Illustration/example: Common alcohol
A. Chinese culture: Milk tea
B. Illustration/example: Usually drink bubble tea
C. Korean culture: Coffee
D. Illustration/example: Recently most of people
drink coffee
Paying bills

A. Chinese culture: Dutch pay

B. Illustration/example: Mostly sharing the
C. Korean culture: Usually order person paying
D. Illustration/example: because order person
earn some more money than younger
A. Chinese culture: when guest want to pay the
bill they ask for a waiter.
B. Illustration/example: included in service, for
the comfortable
C. Korean culture: Go to the counter and then
pay the bill
D. Illustration/example: Serving is the last
A. Chinese culture: Some restaurant already
included tips.
B. Illustration/example: fewer self-services in
C. Korean culture: No mandatory tips
D. Illustration/example: Sometimes customer
gives some tips but its not necessary.
Conclusion (Paragraph 5)

China and Korea have dining culture differences such as etiquette,

drinks and how to pay bills.