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Rose, John ea Eriitz, Marla [(] Wednesday, August 12, 2009 3:54 PM Rose, John RE: Evelyn Ardito v, Eric Johnson and City of Hartford T cautioned Tom not to ehare any of the Portuguese words he does know, they sre not meant to be said in mixed company, especially when one person would understand what he said! = don't know if you heard, but T am moving on to another area of Travelers claims, so T won't have any more of your claims as my current pending is being xe-assigned. I have Enjoyed working with you and if anything comes up that i can help with you can still £ind me at the same email and telephone number. s/s an. Erkeiee travelers ce — Liability Claim Resource Group 666-0 L, Bi & P.0. Box 2954 Pluse ae Rartford, CP 06243 Telephone: 860-277-0805 Evubr 4 ogy oF het Fax: 877-610-3938 zat Goll: 413-537-7276 cement wn Aydde oe Tae original Kessage- Thebes Cre sed tre cot te Fron Hoge, John. [wailto;] yas Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 2:10 DM Jeon Senge > oe a: ‘To: Erkfitz,Maria Cc: Mendez, Elizabeth Techs Subject: RE: Evelya Ardito v. Eric vemns0n and City of Hartford Maria, met your husband last are much better looking and you speak Portuguese...we got the complaint. I sent it to dim Szexejko at Halloran Sage, 1 will send you a copy of the complaint this week. John [Lisa, please send Maria a copy of the complais -----original Message- From: Erkfitz,Maria [] Sent: Wednesday, August 12, 2009 10:30 A To: Rose, John Subject: Evelyn ardito v. Zric Johnson and City of Hartford Hi John, the Sot has passed so I am certain there is a lawsuit in a sheriff's hands waiting to be served. Could you please make sure that a copy makes its way to me, and also let me know who the city chooses to defend so that we can communicate directly with them. hanks Maria 7. Erkfite ‘Travelers Liability Claim Resource Group P.O. Box 2954 Hartford, CP 06143 Telephone: 860-277-0805 Pax: 877-810-3918 Cell: 413-537-7276