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Basketball Quiz

1. When shooting the ball, your feet should be_____________.

a. apart
b. together
2. When passing the ball, your elbows should be out.
a. True
b. False
3. When dribbling a basketball, the ball should bounce no higher than
your _________.
a. knees
b. waist
c. neck
4. Which of the following contributes to a successful bounce pass?
a. bounce the ball of the way between you and your
b. bounce the ball really high so the defenders cant get it
c. bounce the ball to the defender
5. The team that has possession of the ball is on ______________.
a. defense
b. foul
c. offense
d. holding
6. When dribbling around defenders, where should you keep the ball?
a. closer to the defender
b. really high so they cannot get the ball
c. alternate hands, and keep the ball on the opposite side
d. none of the above
7. What does a defender look like?
a. standing up, arms crossed
b. knees bent, feet spread apart, arms out, ready to move
side to side
c. knees bent, arms down,
d. arms out but standing still
8. Do you shoot with two hands?
a. Yes, you shoot with two hands.
b. No, you do not shoot with two hands.
c. Yes, but you have a guide hand and a shooting hand.

9. Did you enjoy playing basketball?

a. Yes
b. No
10. What area do you think you need more work on?
a. dribbling
b. shooting
c. passing
d. all of the above
Total: ____/10