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Rossini Di tanti palpiti from Tancredi | Horst c caiira - PIANO 2 ce returnid at last, wea te My country! dear ungrateful cou Oh pus trial dobeveimgra-ta patria, al fi Tot GES hail you! bre eiu! My home pucter-nal, Oncemore! greettitee, O land be-love-ed; sacle tol O cara forsva’ degli a = bi mie foo ‘Thismonment, for me so calmand peaceful, Calls furth in my heart fond as - pi- ‘co = mix - cia if ev, respi iin gue™ ste perme, fe re > HG Allegra rations of pleas-tre Arme-na-i- ds rarmi in se = mo! Arme mari del Vt, musings, thow te SSS SSS SS = Allegro a Soe See tions: Koa my Wish my hopes en-tour = ag mo > 4s se ~ conde Ho bel dos 4 piacere > a con-found-ed, All my deeds with glo -4Fy defor, co-re - mate la ‘olla coce Maderato heart still dot ce mio be ome spe omer = etl Shall feed — te No more to part, & rie ve - dvi, ‘Thine my heart. © hours De- ti see - vil eyes, love uot hours dear ho wi, treas - ured! ° rap ~ ture un = meas. - ured! pe r, og et crane et) con tem = - at we ttigtes ie od: Bliss shall en fold me, This. it cor heart hath told mel di me, My — fate u - nit-ed ‘with thine shall i mio de - sti no vio he mow No more to. part, Ho rine» ari, © No more to part Thine eyes, love - light # view - dri, nd tuoi bere Shall feed my heart. Soon re-u - nit, ed, No moreto part, mi fa = see i, mi rise - dra 4 rine. dri, shall feed my heart, mi fe sce = ri, ‘Thineeyes,love - light - ed, Shall feed my heart, me tuoi boi rae i mi fa sce 7,— fe fd as = —— Thy lov-ing glan - ces shall feed my heart, Thy lov-ing ne tual bee mE mi fa ser 1, ‘ne! thot et i ‘ glance. shall feed__ heart, shail feed_ my. heart, shall feed_ my_ ri ba Bie mi pas ce! Be mi pas sce heart, shall feed my heart! ere ae Tt