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D&D Basic Crib Sheet

Your Turn: 1 Action, 1 Move

Attack: Make a melee or ranged attack roll.
Cast a Spell: Does not provoke OAs.
Dash: Double your speed.
Disengage: Moving does not provoke OAs.
Dodge: Adv on Dex saves. Attacks against
you have Disadv.
Escape Grapple: Str(Ath) or Dex(Acro) vs.
Str(Ath) of grappler to break free.
Grapple: Str(Ath) vs. Str(Ath) or Dex(Acro)
to grapple a creature. Dragging a grappled
target halves your move speed.
Help: Give Adv to another's next relevant
ability check or attack roll.
Hide: Dex(Stl) while unseen and silent.
Improvise: Do something not covered by
the rules. Get creative!
Shove: Str(Ath) vs. Str(Ath) or Dex(Acro) of
creature up to +1 size category to knock it
prone or push it 5' away.
Ready: Trigger action as a reaction,
happens after triggering event.
Search: DM will ask for a check.
Stabilize the Dying: DC10 Wis(Medicine)
Use an Object: Activate an item.

Difficult terrain: +1' cost per 1' moved.
Walk: Move your normal speed.
Climb, Crawl, Swim: +1' cost per 1' moved,
may require check if slippery, few
handholds or rough water.
Jump: Move 10' to jump Str score (long) or
3+Str mod (high) in feet. Standing jump
halves distance.
Drop prone: Costs no movement.
Stand up: Costs half your speed.
Falling: 1d6 bludgeoning per 10', 20d6
max, land prone if any damage taken.
Stealth: Dex(Stl) vs. passive Wis(Per).
Requires LOS cover or heavily obscured,
and stay quiet. Grants adv on first attack
when hidden.

Reactions: 1 per round

Opportunity Attack: Provoked when a
hostile creature moves out of your reach.
OA resolves before movement.

Bonus Actions: 1 per turn

Two-Weapon Fighting: When you attack
while using 2 light melee weapons, you can
use a Bonus Action to attack with the
offhand. Offhand gets no ability mod to


Useful Rules

Blinded: Fail checks requiring sight. Disadv

on attacks. Attacks against you have Adv.
Charmed: Cannot harm charmer. Charmer
has Adv on social ability checks.
Cover: Half cover grants +2 bonus to AC
and Dex saves. 3/4 cover grants +5.
Deafened: Fail checks involving hearing.
Frightened: Disadv on ability checks and
attacks while fear source is in line of sight,
can't move closer to fear source.
Grappled: Speed becomes 0.
Incapacitated: No actions or reactions.
Invisible: Heavily obscured. Adv on your
attacks. Attacks against you have Disadv.
Paralyzed: Incapacitated, can't move or
speak. Fail Str and Dex saves. Attacks
against you have Adv and crit if within 5'.
Petrified: Incapacitated, can't move or
speak, unaware. Fail Str and Dex saves.
Attacks against you have Adv. Resist all
damage. Immune to poison and disease.
Poisoned: Disadv on attacks and ability
Prone: May crawl or stand. Disadv on your
attack rolls. Attacks against you outside of
5' have Disadv, within 5' have Adv.
Restrained: Speed is 0. Attacks and Dex
saves have Disadv. Attacks against you
have Adv.
Stunned: No actions or moves. Fail Str and
Dex saves. Attacks against you have Adv.
Unconscious: Incapacitated, can't move or
speak, unaware. Drop anything held. Fall
prone. Fail Str and Dex saves. Attacks
against you have Adv and crit if within 5'.

Advantage (ADV): Roll 2d20, keep the

highest result.
Disadvantage (Disadv): Roll 2d20, keep the
lowest result.
Adv/Disadv Stacking: Adv and Disadv
cancel, resulting in a normal 1d20 roll.
Multiple Adv or Disadv do not stack.
Armored Casting: Can cast if proficient
with the armor worn.
Concentration (Conc): Lose Conc spell
when taking damage unless you save vs.
CON, DC=half damage taken, 10 minimum.
Critical Hits: On a natural 20 roll all
damage dice twice, add them together,
then add modifiers once.
Freedom of Movement: You may move
both before and after your action as long
as you have speed remaining, and
movement modes may be combined.
Initiative Ties: The DM decides all ties.
Negative Hit Points: HP < 0 is not tracked.
Perception: Wis(Per) is for noticing,
Int(Investigation) is for searching.
Provoking OAs: Movement within reach
does not provoke, only by leaving reach.
Ranged Attacks: Ranged weapon and spell
attacks in melee range of an enemy have
Resistance: Take half damage.
Ritual Spells: Spells cast as a ritual add 10
minutes to cast time, do not consume a
spell slot and do not need to be prepared.
Spell Preparation: Full casters can defer
preparing spell slots until later.
Vulnerability: Take double damage.

Death, Dying and Recovery

Instant Death: If damage remaining after
0HP is >= your HP maximum, you die.
Death Saves: If you start a turn with 0HP,
roll 1D20. 10+ is 1 success, less is 1 failure.
Stabilize on 3 successes. Die on 3 failures.
Totals reset when you regain any HP or
stabilize. Natural 1: Counts as two failures.
Natural 20: Regain 1HP.
Damage at 0hp: Suffer an automatic death
save failure. Crits count as 2 failures. Crit
damage that equals or exceeds your HP
maximum kills you.
Subdual: An attacker that reduces a
creature to 0HP can choose to knock the
creature unconscious instead of killing it.
Short Rest: 1 hour. Can spend Hit dice.
Long Rest: 8 hours. Restores all HP and half
total Hit Dice. Allows 2 hours light activity,
but strenuous interruptions >1 hour cancel
the long rest.

Useful Equipment
Acid Vial: Ranged attack, 2d6 acid damage.
Alchemist Fire: Ranged, 1d4 fire/turn,
DC10 Dex to extinguish as an action.
Antitoxin: Adv on poison saves for 1 hour.
Ball Bearings: DC10 Dex save or fall prone.
Caltrops: DC15 Dex save or stop, take 1
damage and speed reduced by 10'.
Healer's Kit: 10 uses. 1 use as action to
stabilize the dying without a check.
Holy Water: 2d6 radiant to fiends, undead.
Hunting Trap: DC13 Dex save or 1d4
damage and stop. DC13 Str to break free,
failed Str save causes 1 damage.
Oil: +5 fire damage if splashed target takes
any fire damage. Or burn on ground, 5'
area, 2 rounds, 5 fire damage per round.
Potion of Healing: Action to heal 2d4+2.
Torch: Burns for 1 hour. Provides 20' bright
light, 40' dim light. Hits for 1 fire damage.

Based on the v0.1 Basic Rules available for download at D&D is 2014 Wizards of the Coast.