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Questionnaire Feedback

Q1) Do you think my chosen charity is linked well throughout the whole
production? (Circle your answer) and why?
9 people out of the 10 asked to answer the questionnaire said that yes it is linked
well as the colour scheme links well with the logo and everything is recognisable.
1 person however has said no because they didnt understand why the charity
was chosen when to them it didnt link with the target audience.
Q2) Do you think my Target Audience is brought into every aspect of my
work? (Circle your answer) and why?
All 10 people asked said that yes my target audience was brought into every
aspect of my work as I spoke about it often and they believe that young adults
and young parents will be able to link with my campaign.
Q3) Do you think, my goal is clear (circle your answer) and why?
9 people said yes as they believed I have carefully worked out what I wanted to
be done and because my campaign message explained it to them.
1 person however said no as they said that I hadnt mentioned what my goal
Q4) Are my sketches clear? Could there be any improvements to make
them better? (Circle your answer)- Any additional information should be
written in the box below.
7 people said yes as they mostly said that the sketches were well drawn and well
thought out and that they were clear for them to see.
2 people however said no as they said that they couldnt really see the outfits
the model would be wearing and they didnt like the props coving up most of the
Q5) does my typography and colour scheme link well with my ideas?
(Circle your answer) and why?
Everyone that answered said yes as they believe that my typography relates well
to my target audience.