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Adriana Ysabel Inandan

Grade 10-St. Joseph

The diverse talents of students from the Oblates of Saint Joseph have never been set
aside. In fact, showcasing of the talents had always been part of the history. This years Oblates
of Saint Joseph Arts and Culture Associations (OSJACAS) Historico Cultural Festival, held last
27th of January at the Batangas Coliseum showed the sacrifice, suffering and hope of the
missionaries of the Oblates of Saint Joseph. And this one is a different story for me.
The theatrical fest was good and meaningful. Good in a sense that the show captivated
and awaken our spiritual being that maybe slumbers now. Meaningful in a sense that
performances was really intended to commemorate the history of OSJ in its 100 th year
celebration. Talking about the performances, I was really disappointed and hurt. Frankly saying, I
wasnt satisfied with how things came up. We have encountered lots of difficulties from the
moment we got there until the time were about to leave. When we arrived there, the performers
were not really accommodated. Performers from 7 oblate schools with approximately 50
participants each, were just given two rooms. The early birds were lucky, but sorry for us, we
have to stay in the corners or on the stairs like beggars on the street homeless and unfortunate.
Another problem is the sound system. Since were the first performers, were the ones who
experienced much technical errors. The lapels were not working, no sound of voice can be heard
from my co-performers especially of our main actor. Thinking that weve made every line to be
spoken as heartfelt as it can be just end up unappreciated made me mad. I couldnt bear seeing
my co-performers trying to cover up the faults in the play but acted like theres nothing wrong
with it. Another one is the fog machine that made our performance get worse. Most of our best
moments were not recognized because the whole stage was covered with fog and that no actors
became visible to the audience. Speaking of the stage, it was not that expansive enough to hold
all those scenes logically. Performers couldnt perform well because body movements seem to be
limited in space. And there came a time that one performer fell out on stage, she didnt seem to
notice the size of the stage.
As the fest continues, more issues arise. The rubrics and guidelines for performances
were not really followed. Some of the performers from other schools, exceeded within the span
of time given to each participating school. Some didnt follow the theme and look like they made
their own. Some havent even made their own composition of songs in the play. Some centered
their dance in connection with the oblates schools which should be a purely modern dance. It
was really hard for me to accept the fact that all our time and efforts were not justified. The fact
that weve pushed our limits the best we can that we even had bruises because of the
exaggerated movements and actions during the practices and the play itself just ended up with
all of these troubles was so hard to accept. With all of these mistakes, I got so distracted by the
thoughts that we might not bring home the bacon.

After all the performances, there goes the announcements of the best performances, the
moment weve all been waiting for. But honestly speaking, Im not that excited to hear the
winners proclaimed by the hosts and by Fr. Noel Magtaas, OSJ. because what made up my mind
that time are the things that failed during the performances. But still on the other side of me
hoped we could still have an award. A part of me that wished we could come up the stage and
claim our victory. A part of me that desired to have that title as best performers or even just best
actor. But none of that happened. No appreciation seemed to be given back. And that hurts the
most. Seeing our contenders running to the stage like winning a million pesos, while I, together
with my co-actors standing there, watching how happy they are really annoyed me. Maybe a part
of me shows how jealous I am that moment because I think we didnt get what we deserve to
The OSJACAS Historico Cultural Festival has really a sense as it was supposed to. But
it was still a painful moment to remember. Whenever, it pops out of my mind, all I can recall are
those slips and faults arouse in the event. And dont take me wrong, Im not bitter as what teens
always say, I just cant take the fact that you did all of your best but but is still wasnt good