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When ideas and individuals combine, incredible things can be achieved.

However, it
has a negative side too. War of ideas can happen if there is a disagreement
between two schools of thought and they conflict with each other's interest. I
believe, in these conflicts a common man losses the identity and has to bear the
negative consequences.
A person following a group ideology has to sacrifice his personal identity in
order to be part of the group. Even if he does not agree with some actions that the
group takes, he is required to keep up with it. The result is, all members of group
are left with what is known as mob or herd mentality and no ingenuity. Peer
pressure takes away creativity of a person and forces him to do what others think is
right. Eg*
Human history has numerous examples for us to learn from. *for eg*
Rebellious ideas give birth to terror organizations. The member of such organization
have little idea what they will lose in order to fulfill the organizational gains. They
are brainwashed to not only cause harm to others but to themselves also.
At times, a handful of leaders can get full control of the group. Such dictators
misuse the power. Their actions will be based on personal interest rather than
welfare of the whole group. Individuals in the group have to suffer just to fulfil these
personal gains. Organizations and even countries get entangled into wars *in the
clash of ideas*when ideologies oppose *each other*. Individuals who are part of
either side also get dragged into these wars. Irrespective of who wins, it is people
who have to pay, sometimes with their lives. *trampled*
*Some people might say Groups are necessary to combine human power
and bringing greater results that an individual cannot achieve. Nonetheless, the
negative repercussions that an individual has to bear cannot be denied. In the war
of ideas, individual have to pay a price, in return he gets nothing.