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fl API Soeciicxnon St @ Table 1—Process of Manufacture and Produet Specification Lew | (PSL) Le pst “Grade Grade Process of Manufacture Anse A&B __AdLuhrougH NTO — Bihrough X80 Dare Searnless x x x x Welded without Filer Metal CCominuous weld x Bleciic welded x x x x Laser welded x x x Welded with Filler Metal Longitudinal coam submerged-are welled x x x Gas metabare welded x x x Combination gas metal-are welded x x x ‘Double seam submerpea-arc welded! x x x Dale seam gus metalare welded! x x x Double seam combination gas metal are welded and x x x s submerged-are welded sf Helical seam aubinerged-are wekle™ x x x ype of Pipe End Belted Enuf x x x rain End x x x x Plain End tor Special Coupling = a fa Threaded Ende x x "PSL 1s limited to sizes trom 0.405 through 80 PSL 2 smite to sizes trom 37) trough 8 Grade A2S. and ths consis ele pipe (a hich ie Hmited 0 A3S) i ‘Double seam pie is limited 1 sizes 36 and Larger Hetical seam prpe ts insted co sizes 417g and larger, Fete end pipe is imited vo wall thicknesses of 0.141 in. (3.6 mm) and Ks sizes ave nite 8 a sale, ‘Threaded pipe and couplings are limited to sizes 20 and smaller; helical seam pipe is excluded, ite to sizes SYyq and smaller, SPECIFCATICN FOR Line Pies lable 2A—PSL 1 Chemical Requirements for Heal and Product Analyses by Percentage of Weight an en @ ow or i Carton, Manganese. —___PhesPhOMS sultan Grade & Cass Maximum! Maximum Miimam Maximum Maximum Other Seamless TT Oz um T50 DOR 25, C1 021 0.00 cots. ose now 02 090 0.030 0.030 028 120 0.030 0.030 bd 028 130 0.030 0030 ed oe an 0.030 0030 ed 028 1.40 0.030 0.030 ad Welded rexel] oa 0m Taw Cry A05.CUIL 021 060, css 0.080 0030 A 022 090) 0.030 0.030 B 020 120 0.030 0.030 bd xo 06 10 0.030 0.030 ed KUGXSL.NS 0.26, 140 0.030 0.030 ed x60" 026 140 wow 0.030 eu Xo 036 has 0.030 ow ed X70" 026 1.65 00300030 ed lable 28—PSL z Chemical Requirements for Heal and Product Analyses by Percentage of Weight a er a. ao o @ Caron, Mangansse, Phosphorus Great Maximut? —— Masimun® ——— Maximurn’ —Solfur Maximim Other Semles ay os 120 OoIS Bd x2 on 130 0015 ed X46, XS2, X36 om 130 015 cal Ne NOS. N70", X8UE ont 140 001s ed Welded B Tw ‘o0IS or) xe 130 0015 ad AB, 92, N96 140 ors ed xur 140 01s ad xose 145 ois ed xe 168 ois ad x80 Las 01s ea Footnotes 0 Tables 2A and 2: Foc each ceduetion of 0.01% belo the specified maximum carbon content. an inerease of 0.05% above the specified max- imum manganese content is permissible. up to 2 maximurn of {SO tor Grades X42 through X92. up 9 a maximum of 1.5% Hon gras phe has X52 teas Kes than X70, and up to 200% for Grades X70 and higher. Columbia fniobin vanadium. titanium, or combinations thereof may be used by agreement between the purchaser and vanufactuet, *Columtum aicbiom),sonagiunn, Waive, or comblnatcns diereof uy be used atthe discretion ofthe manufacture “Phe sin of the eshanbivw (niohinen} sara. a titanium contents shall not exceed 0.13% Other chemical compositions may be larnshed by agreement between purchaser and manufacturer, providing that se in 1s of Foataoke dad the tabular ims for phosphonus and sullur are met a APL Specincarion SL Table 3A—Tensile Requirements for PSL 1 Vialdsrengh, Tene Shen ‘tam ioe Seon tate pr pM Pe SS Se ae ae ae anon Rin ast 7 8 smo un Stone ea So Stow as : xis 6m om tun : x 63) Seow Gs i = i om Soy 5 aa aca tr : xs tas) hom isp ; a ta_ stom fe 5 Table 3B—Tensile Requirements for PSI 2 7 a o a a © ire em VellSrenth ——-YeldSuengh Teme TemeSieiph, gy Minium Maxim? mum Maximum toga pee Msi cae RT Tp Ma a eC CT ; xo Rw Gm Sawdon House ea : Xs Ketoo Gt Tomo. Go) eoon tat Hogeosth : x2 Sauo G3) Tame Gah team Gist ome an : ke Sean an ooo sa) Stam son tnnoon an ; Xo mot) gaan 38) Onno) st ; xe aoa) pram gon) rum si) ober : xo Somos) Som test) zon tea tama : Sn fame (332) scnoar (6am, Sanan_ ten 1ono0 ah ; Fosaesto TIGR an 8 Sr micaniaels teeter eee ee eee or ese, ex tous u' u 1m elongation in 7 in «SUK sym) in percent rounded tothe nearest persent A = applicable tensile test specimen area, as follows 2. For both sizes of round bar specimens, 0.20 in2 (130 may 1 For fall ection specisens. dhe smaller of (0.75 i.” (485 nym) and (i He ersy-sectcnl aca oF te Fes specie. cue sing the specified cutside diameter of the pipe andthe specified! wall thickness ofthe pipe, rounded tothe nearest O,OL in? Wome; and ©. Forstrip specimen the smaller af) 1175 in 485 man) and Wd de cross seetional are othe tet specimen, coloulatsd using the specified width ofthe tes specimen and the specified wal thickness ofthe pipe, rounded tothe nearest O01 in 10 ma, U = specified minimum ultimate tensile strength in psi MPa). See Appenilx D forthe specified minimum elongation values fr various tensile specimen sizes and grades Pefoximum yild swength for an intestate ye sl be he taxinnum 1 the next higher listed Prade

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