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Miranda Gall

Instructional Strategies & Assessment Methods

Test Questions
Project Description: Being a Front Line Leader for the Wisconsin Distribution
Center comes with many challenges. With each leader managing a group of at least
40 associates in a Distribution Center that is approximately one million square feet,
issues can arise. Not only is it important to understand how to run the operations, it
is important to understand how to lead people the most valuable asset of an
organization. With business demands high and achieving key business results
stake, effectively managing a team becomes deprioritized. At times, the
reprioritization can lead to poor performance management, decreased associate
engagement, or increased potential legal risks to the Company. The Front Line
Leader Training will provide the leaders of the Wisconsin Distribution Center with
tools and resources to effectively manage their associates when dealing with
sensitive situations including conducting investigations, facilitating disciplinary and
coaching conversations, navigating through a reasonable suspicion situation, and
capturing performance and behavior issues with proper documentation. The
method of training will be face-to-face classroom training with the incorporation of
real-life case studies.
Terminal Objective: Follow the Drug Testing Protocol Procedures to achieve zero
mishandled reasonable suspicion cases per year.
Question 1 of 5
If an associate chooses to drive themselves home after testing positive for alcohol, I
should try to take their keys away (select True or False).
_____ True
_____ False
Feedback: Correct Answer: False. Do not physically engage the associate or try to
prevent them from leaving. Do not attempt to take their keys away from them.
Either action could result in a legal charge of assault on the associate. Instead,
contact security or local law enforcement.

Question 2 of 5
There are some reasonable suspicion cases that can be defined as a potential crisis
situation. Identify which situation(s) below would be defined as a potential crisis
(select all that apply):

Dangerous behavior
Threatening behavior
Obvious impairment
Illegal activity
Feedback: Correct Answers: Boxes 1, 2, 3, 4. All of the situations above are defined
as potential crisis situations. If you encounter any of these situations, contact HR
and Security immediately.
Question 3 of 5
During a constructive confrontation conversation, I should ask the associate about
their personal situations that may be attributing to their behaviors (select True or
_____ True
_____ False
The correct answer is False. During a constructive confrontation conversation, you
should ask the associate for an explanation of their behavior, but dont get
sidetracked by discussions of personal problems stick to their work performance
and/or conduct.

Question 4 of 5
If an associates drug test comes back positive, I should take the following actions
(check all that apply):

Remove the associate from the workplace

Provide telephone opportunity to make transportation arrangements
Allow the associate to come back to work if their Blood Alcohol Content is less
than .08.

Immediately fire the associates

Correct Answers: Box 1 & 2. If an associates drug test comes back positive,
immediately remove them from the workplace and provide them with an
opportunity to use the phone to make transportation arrangements. Do not allow
an associate to come back to work even if their BAC is less than .08. Do not
immediately fire the associate. Consult with HR and Labor Relations to make the

Question 5 of 5
There are nine steps to the Drug Testing Protocol Procedure. Put the following steps
in order from 1-9.
_____ Contact HR for Assistance
_____ Observe questionable behavior/conduct
_____ Request substance abuse testing
_____ Survey others opinions (trusted source)
_____ If test findings are negative, discuss fitness for duty with Medical, return to
work as applicable
_____ If testings are positive, send the associate home
_____ Document observations Complete Intoxication & Substance Abuse Checklist
_____ Call in advance & escort associate to Medical Department (with paperwork)
_____ Approach associate in question use constructive confrontation approach

Feedback: The correct answer is 4, 1, 6, 3, 9, 8, 2, 7, 5.

Reference your Quick Reference Guide to see the Drug Testing Protocol flowchart