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Facilitated Positional Release Technique:

Originated from Dr. Stanley Schiowitz:

- He is a Doctor of Osteopathy from New York.


By compressing the muscle spindles through the positioning of the body, we cause inhibition of the stretch reflex of the golgi apparatus thus reducing muscle spasms. The “rocking” or oscillating motion stimulates the proprioceptive mechanoreceptors. Increased mechano-receptive activity reduces nociceptor activity which causes pain reduction.


1. Cervical Spine Motion Testing

2. Posterior Cervical Spinal Musculature treatment bilateral

3. Anterior cervical spinal musculature

4. Shoulder treatment

5. Arm and Hand treatment

6. Thoracic Spinal Musculature treatment

7. Anterior Thoracic rib cage treatment

8. Abdominal Treatment

9. Lumbar treatment

10. Lower Extremity treatment