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The Crusades Chart

First Crusade

Second Crusade

Third Crusade

Fourth Crusade


1096- 1099




(name and

Alexius Comnenus I:
Byzantine Emperor who
sent envoys to the Pope
requesting military support
Urban: travelled to france
to address the church
concil and reunite the
eastern orthodox and
roman catholic church
Robert: sanctioned the

-Pope Eugenius III

-King Louis VII

-Fredrick Barbarossa of
the Holey Roman Empire
- died soon after
joining the other two to
journey to the Middle
-Philip Augustus of
-Began the Saladin
Tithe with Richard to fund
the Crusade.
- After arguing with
Richard, he returned
home and left the
-Richard the Lion
Hearted of England
- Carried out the
crusades alone when the
others returned home or

-Pope Innocent III

Called a new crusade
to regain the Holy Land
The doge; The ruler of
-Geoffroi de Villehardouin
A noble man form
Champagne who
participated in the sack of

Fredrick moved his

troops through Hungary.
He drowned however and
most of the troops
returned. Philip and
Richard met in Sicily,
where they fought. They
argued in Palestine and
Philip returned home.

French knights assembled

in Venice then went to
capture Zara as payment
to the doge for passage.
Then, they attacked
Constantinople, which
inevitably fell.

(include an
rom Clermont in France to
Nicea and then through
the middle east, and

Both France and

Italy tried to send
their army against
the Crusades but


Moslem who
conquered Iraq,
Syria, and Egypt,
conquered the

Saladin invaded
Jerusalem and
surrounded the
Crusaders, the
Crusaders fell to the


Richard sieged Acre and

took it a few years later.

Specific Objective

Aid the Christians in the

east and liberate the holy
land from the infidels.

To take the land back

from the Crusaders.

To gain back Jerusalem

and expand holdings in
the Middle East.

To regain the Holy Land

and capture Zara for the
doge as payment for
entering their land.


The Crusadors invaded


Muslims capture

After the siege, Richard

signed a treaty with
Saladin that guaranteed
Christians safety and
access to the city.

After capturing
Constantinople, great
riches were discovered.
The attack stoked the
bitter relationship between
the Latin and Greek

On the way back from

Acre, Richard was
captured by Leopold of
Austria and held for a
huge ransom.
Outcome positive:

The Crusadors remained

in the holy land and
developed better
Relationships with the

The land was taken back

from the Crusaders

The Europeans took


Zara and Constantinople

where captured.


Many people died and

regretted their decisions
during the harsh journeys,
and they did not take back

The Christians lost their

land to the Moslems

Little was accomplished

and the divides between
the major powers in
Europe were highlighted.

It set in motion the fall of

the Byzantine empire

the Holy Land.

As a whole:
Positive: Some of the Holy Land was regained. The city of Constantinople/capital of the Byzantine empire was captured and lay in
the hands of the Christians. Trade increased between the middle east and Europe.
Negative: Land was lost to the Muslims. Tensions rose between nationalities, lots of people died. The Muslims gained land. The
weaknesses of the rifts formed that lasted for centuries. Alliances and conflicts began which would carry on until the first World War.
With the capture of Constantinople, the fall of the Byzantine Empire began. The Christians failed in their original purpose of bringing
the Holy Land under Christian control.
Argument: Crusaders were motivated by their search for adventure. Third Crusade. Location: Acre