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Jessica Williams

ELED 3221
18 March 2016
edTPA Indirect Instruction Lesson Plan Template
Body Systems
Central Focus/Big Idea: Know functions and organs of each body system.
Subject of this lesson: Body systems: Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Muscular, Skeletal,
and Cardiovascular and the necessary functions of each to sustain life.
Grade Level: 5th Grade
NC Essential Standard(s): 5.L.1.2 Compare the major systems of the human body (digestive,
respiratory, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, and cardiovascular) in terms of their functions
necessary for life.
Next Generation Science Standard(s): What K-5 performance expectation is addressed?
RST.11-12.7: evaluate multiple sources of information presented in
diverse formats and media (e.g., quantitative data, video, multimedia) in
order to address a question or solve a problem..
21st Century Skills:
Communication and Collaboration: they will be using this skill because they are required to work
in a group and collaborate efficiently to create a final project. Also they will be communicating
with the rest of their classmates to explain the information they found.
Initiative and Self Direction: Students will have to research and find the information on their
own and take initiative within the group to assign different group members tasks to be most
efficient with their allotted time.
Academic Language Demand
Language Function: In the table below highlight the one most important language
function for your lesson. Explain why you chose this one.
Describe: Students will be researching information and describing their body system based on
the organs/bones is the system and why the system is important .

Scientific Vocabulary:
body system


Instructional Objective: Students will be able to name their assigned body system, describe
functions that are necessary for life, and name some organs that are in each system.

Prior Knowledge (student): What knowledge and skills should students already have to be
successful in this lesson? Students should know what cells are and that cells create tissue, tissue
creates organs, and organs create systems.
Content Knowledge (teacher): The teacher just should know what the body systems are the
students are required to know and be able to help them locate information online to do their mini
group project.
Accommodations for special needs (individual and/or small group): What will you do for
students with special needs (ELL, ability, etc.)?
ELL: I will have them work with a strong English language student to help them better
understand the information and guide them through the online information.
ADD: I will supervise them extra and circulate by them frequently to make sure they are on task.
Materials and Technology requirements: Chromebooks, chart paper, and color
pencils/markers, worksheet I created.
Total Estimated Time: 60-90 minutes.
Source of lesson: I made it up on my own.
Safety considerations: Suggest websites for students to use:
For all body systems:
Digestive System:
Respiratory System:
Circulatory System:
Muscular System:
Skeletal System:
Cardiovascular System:

Content and Strategies (Procedure)

In your procedure, be sure to include all of the following 5 Es. Your procedure should be
detailed enough for a colleague to follow. If you will be relying on technology (e.g., a YouTube
video), describe your back up plan thoroughly. Imagine your most novice colleague needing to
teach from your plan. Dont just answer the questions. Additionally, I expect you to include
possible questions you could ask for each section. This needs to include higher-order questions.
Engage: First I will have student think about the different parts of their body and what they
might do to help keep them alive. I would ask questions like what is a body system? What is
your femur? What body system do you think it belongs to? I would show them a few different
body systems and see if they could guess the names of them. I would move on to explore stage.
Explore: I will then split students into 6 groups (1 for each body system) and assign them a
system. With their group they will use their chrome books and find the following information
and record it on a worksheet I will provide for them:

Functions of the system

Organs in the system
Why is this system important
Interesting facts they want to add

After students have found the following information and recorded it on their worksheets we
will meet back together as a class and each group will share their information with the class.
Explanation: Now we will go over the body systems together and I will answer any questions
the kids may have. I have created a PowerPoint that goes through each system and gives them
key information they may have missed while researching. Then I would share a video with them
called Organ Systems by Mr. Parr on YouTube.
v=iCFUpIkhVBI This video is an overview of all the body systems and their functions. I would
also go over any vocabulary here that they dont understand.
Elaborate: I will then have the students split back up into their groups and they will use chart
paper and colored pencils/markers to draw the body and represent their system inside the body
and include the organs. After they finished their drawings, we will briefly talk about when they
get hurt what body system it would be involved in and what the injury might affect the rest of the
body to connect it to their lives and make the information come to life for them. I will give the
class an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the human body systems we
discussed that day.
Evaluate: Students will be graded on their small group projects that they created. They will get
50 points for the drawing and organs labeled on a poster board, and 50 points for completing the
worksheet with correct information for a total of 100 points.
To be completed after the lesson is taught as appropriate
Assessment Results of all objectives/skills:

Reflection on lesson:
CT signature/confirmation: _________________________________ Date: ________________

Body System:
Why is this body system important?

What organs/muscles/bones are within this body system?

Any interesting facts you want to add: