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teaching not just testing Contents TEST 1 iat is eS = Rad tose aeeancs ies Story:"The lost key Poe Se See eee - eg aa ‘ Ceo) Part Signsinotes/messages 34-35; Part2_ Countryside walks 36-37 Part'3 Treasure at the bottom ofthe sea 38-39 Part'4 Liam Kileen, mountain biker 40-41 arty witing and alphabets 42-43 ‘dance class 4645; Wing about a lost item 46-47 Letter: celebrations 48-51 Storyit was the last day Eee rats Ameena Pats Wingtote ao TEN TEST 3 Part _Tople Page Eee Part Signsnotesinessages e485 Part 2 TV programmes 06-67 Panta Crous Oz 03-09 Part 4 Teenage fon rom Part Levi Strauss 2 ee Part The Sahara Desert 73 Part2 Wing an emai of apology 7% Part’ Leter: what yu doa the weekend ” Story" was Surprised when Re Part Short conversations and announcements 75-78 Part2 balloon trip 7 Part? Recommended hostels 7 Part4 A conversation about a swimming competion 79 oo | oT TEST 4 xe eat ceive a a cme = . Part’ Letier your favourite subjects Story: The best day of my ie Ee Se near arene Bases z pcr separ GRAMMAR BANK eine =e a ° fee fa Aare aaeinee ce Be accra momar eee Reported speech (Exercises 51-54) Reporting statements and questions 140-141 (een) Se eee peers te ie a ecsange pi oonaeaetarcapieiie ce cues a because, a5, since, but, although, wale, so 148-149 & Saying when things happen: when, while, uti, 149 before/after as soon as before ing 150 D —sofsuch that 150 MEM contents GENERAL NOCASULARY BANK EE or enten ee eee tee oak Adjectives ending in edo ng es) Tine expressions 154155 CAE) PPrepostion + noun 155 : ‘Adjective + prepostion 155 © Verb + prepostion 156 D Verb + preposton/advers 158 TOPIC VOCABULARY BANK Calebrations 187 Education 187 Entertaiment 158 Environment and the natural wos 158-159 Exercise and health 159 Food 159-160 Holidays and travel 160 House and home 161 Languages and nationalties 162 Media 162 Music 163 People and cothos 163-164 Places around town and understanding diections 164 ‘Shopping and money 165 Sport 165 Technology and communications 166 Work and jobs 168 FUNCTIONS BANK eee = Poesy nies, fa TEST5 Part__Topic Page Coe) Part Signsnotesinessages 97-28 Part 2 Music webstes 99-99 Part’3._Sunmerlobsin chiens camps 100-101 Part 4 Restaurant manager 102-109 Part’ 5 Advertsing 108 eee Part Suing 105 Part2_ Weng an ema with an ofr and suggestion 108 Patt’ Lair: your avout TY programmes 106 Story: "The dream’ EUS art 1 Short conversations and announcements 107-108 Part2 An actor 109 Part’ Photography competition 110 Part 4 A conversation about university accommodation 111 Part 1 Giving personal information, speting 112 Part2_ Taking about places to eat 12 Part Talking about music 12 Part4 Talking about ike, disikes and preferences 112 oon (Grammar bank 129-150 General vocabulary bank 151-1856 Topic vocabulary bank 157-165 Funetone bank 167-169 Visuals for Speaking Test Part 2 1704175 Visuals for Speaking Test Part 3 176-181 Answer shoots 102-104 Teachers guide and answer koy 185-200 Assesement and marking guide 210-211 Tapeserpts 212-224 TEST6 Part Topic e oer) Part Signs/notes/messages 1314 Part. Partsime courses 11415 Part’ A New Zealand journey 116117 Part4 Tom Avery's expedition tothe North Pole 118119 Part The Galapagos Islands 120 art The Globe Theatre| 121 Part2 Wiring an emai wth an invitation 122 Part’3_ Letter: do you spend or save money? 122 Story:"Daniel opened his eyes EE Part Short conversations and announcements 123-124 Part2 A young voln player 125 Part’ Brandon Forest Park 126 Part4 A conversation about learning to drive 127 EES Part Giving personal information, speling 128 Part2 Taking about going to the seaside 128 Part’ Taking about being photographed 128 Part 4 Taking about likes, datkes and prelerences 128 CONTENTS a = a Coe zi Cer ‘Sipyorsogesae Unga om ove a it mi sei Shien ate inet pin ner Cesena From tomorrow, buses a MO. | © spire tiem tna minutes instead of every | acmncesnnes Ry Part 4 ae| ooooog THE aa + G)senpn ion nin ts oem Snr ec E Sirveronnsa ta es Sra +0 semper org et Fae 1) Kan na tpt ne ean. at ‘Stibeemmmrotecosannus| Wecmgrarme ing bm 0 © Gatien ne pe?” "oy Look a ent np ee 2 Armaan png ee weg ecceercet ee ‘Beet ett ac Sonera — (Tate en ee ee cum gayest, tray ty + Dorp etd “meee enmny 1 Ateteriance a, Se ou tee ig o> F giteerungnntn a Dronoetis rrr ‘ce me pepe nny Shaetelocegatn hemi ig ‘rte poe wing > Psion + Asotin capt Wy a 2 retinas conen ann gunn tn a oon Sacco Sopher eae se >. ‘oat nn wo i ‘ee oi a ema t pac capualeae A feat oman te ‘ferment -getemttrltd | 9 wip tonne titre ‘seh gyre thnks | Mt bm pera © care oni wars go (a ) ° om 1 eam ma ots ce BEFORE LEAVING TRAIN |“ bein YOUMUSTCHECK YOU | 9 funn inaiteneeromes HAVE ALL YOUR. Sater oe paca © Pang ete ay 2 meget nate 1 sepsis ‘on iespmmanoans eer rt tre eaten ay name Mate sure you have enough |g rennet money with you before eae filing your car with petrol | © Joiner ane rent SS Sr eat eatin Sse | * Some No rece aegis Soe ao > ‘Countryside Walks | ity ‘Desir hn olsar ibaelWipiay wp ah alan ‘sun Pep oo mee se noc petite sewage te ae Te ts un Gata fy _ ‘ig hm al gee iT Rens wicca aoa nian or ome is are nena Nene ma nop net ad Ci Kioina ‘ign a ay nh Pha waged ald moot ond Mgr ‘etter sae ese ane tenes a (Gears susanaes pe perspec ‘Soete meietat Tren area ee a conn te Sage _ ‘Threat Raia ea SA Twn ‘Bete sie webct Tir tec raeatan ‘petra tree im is Wet ——_ a ‘tha ei lesa nia wd rake eer Fn aye ena Cua pace en ‘Eran ro va reso ———— SS Soot oe one Sriairansvees cao Sees Sane aoe © fan shen son e saeenemeeneneean pcaitaeatammraen A pemeeeseoeH {Somme O ae 8 iaaaars 8 ‘Stocentunc yo eso ‘ethno aw sno 4 an ot cnn ee 1S cians dad [Res Parte eter tay Stiecewmepsnonece ae Treasure at the bottom of the sea sie Sih Sate € 12 two ple le rea pad, ‘eats ig eee ‘ah latch sche ne is i he ‘ee fen as sae mers mews 12 Sebel are hort Ca’ es i a ati i ‘pm ec ee sete pel Bee em ene Sy Spt nd ‘eid Fa ‘igh wren on eet Teer thay Mates ee sw nd oer ban fm the Tam in Se {nae omm nd ae srtasamped ‘eth eed a he ‘Bi Tha rr whe Seis Spec neck Toc ng hasan ar aking naa aed ea ‘dio abel el we ‘hee dst ie ‘he ee Mo meta ‘rm Se sont hd epee ‘teeny ie £m Pew “ise ane oa cle etl Che ay a Fae ‘Soe peg sche be PET ‘Sucourirbep jute » Sotto et 2 Geen 2 a te pet li) ‘ect at +See fast pe orator pire ray Taatontedbot card Sree ‘Sel pares ee eomance er tet Seager Secoeeemane Skreet > ori ex saeces, ta ti eveenee sng oar ames ae wear [oe 2) ly Writing and Alphabets Wen prop (PR wey i en apie. hey (Sev mp in Gl) teeth ee ng an a ey “hehe igor pe ig a a A) nee he mesg eng pen ey et 39 Sines) sooner yp Te sea ee {eran dowant yar Wh oem Gk and reson anc a ya ned we pe str de te in) ete {Go edt ean peop temo ape Hw ‘ody ean sn hai ow ad 8) st Cri oro ‘See Srocpte 3 cat tmaie ET Saag mater Cd Sie inspec a iz >» {Chin esos owe erie meine iatinden Part 4 some: [o [hee] tr en lo 2 Tyba me mason canst 4 Tepeon ten ty een Tosh ety ed poy. Cam Pane on ‘tee eter ateanegu ins 4 iat * = 2 wg oa ae Item Bandon oar «Te ee eto? hatte | ‘rte ene ‘ng then aac rape et ‘un ioe ei c 19 Pa rey 4 Ure tne — rr (letter) Ee 2 Paming yur 1nd or hd Bi aon Part a nepemee tonite rm nS Panta vestons epimers eshte ern Tg i Lar Xba rtd wth my et Rare i hae ee rte nn np So pa er ft ‘ht you cn Ut Your tory ed sat oF te corey Bee Septem The ie st lo kt - ere tee Seeeeeree See aes Smut, cope “neeiaeiies, tnose 1 Bnew eg ng? ° Lyre detec tree fan” poareee one ese ai a We cen fr kin Tne gp Ace ge of wap. ty a Lora eoroareern nt aart co une | pa dag re ach | ssn | a wih my fends ems morn | sana beg sgh ‘ueston? witch nga a in (pov par fare Cpl egny eee Be ge Gent cept a age oer Fs aa coe CoE r ‘ee gong to ar, 2 + mectepeninpeoone A and CP + Btn ein at # @ 3 OE £ eo z 1+ Gras mm erento ccna imate 1 gt o cee on bt ei Same uaemacemterted 4 eo 7 Faneteceennmside 1 Sema anetameneye F] 22 ne erg tn Yornttar tar utcy a gupta se at egret ace wenn 1 ony ig ton em {2 yee ne ig 12 su cmt ne Spc pt ooo suntan incon 000 900 9o0 ooo ooo 7 ee Listening Part 3: Strategy + Dnt nm nce Eaten 2 Atte mn tet poaatge aetey weet Dee ecient ete perseariond a i: Part 3 + apne 06 ener” epi fe “09 oceans eg fel fl Tak by spear, Pt Greed = est gest te * famed he fm fa reset a plean oe eae + eines yfintr ad a ero * Remanecsnienminee Figpammms eens 1 rr oe seni a 108 2 hy nn ey oooo ooo ERT 9 Tost Eee © frtgesser cam omen 2) Cungroe. >». Sisreeetptewewee oi ° Siatgwascame ie 4 Seer ro cocooooo oo ot meme ak (oer ey i oan) ee ees Gaomeieeres 2 eee qm) 2 Sechieaie aN "See: G= Caaldate tck t engogh on Jeph same he les Pa oe octane ot er me rene teste Sari ns.| See rs vem | roam ana i areata * Socio neta n oro! > _ booms CE ‘Questions Woes Boxe ne a it i ai 1 Shictoet pet it ‘THESE BOOKS CAN BE BORROWED FoR TWO Davs [WITHTHE PERMISSION OF A "TEACHER, I rr 1 Nag cat ay oe it eas pt a eee | cae rete i * cris mipGe WILL BE CLOSED FOR REPAIRS [PROM SUNDAY MIDDAY FOR TWO WEEKS: If you want to go on trip to Edinburgh, pay £20 deposit by Thursday. A meee suerte nai Tetris ‘round the word Mickey done ‘Alone Worts Tika to Aca mart 3 (uesons 11:29 19 tages pnt Ca aes vestons 21-25 lam i vnsen ‘Teenage feton "yaoi Ar epson ci res eos he tc ssh She tpg ton seo pele he 17 bt wt ge nese fo ees he eo at cer and Site ian ton rhe se Pua ig Sve The nna ngs mae wep ep ook os ‘heya wt sein oi "in wh dns sete ik hu be i We a Spe hie sexl'8 Shae el x eo the renee Thy tee ee “isanstagce wwe me ese i ae sa eae ems {ns ithe shih ey tke oT eh Dae ‘angus ay © gone mow sys 2 Stetina rou yates peor Part s xo i ‘evi Strauss {tenses low Based hr nd wet phen He med (Gena) yeu expe he ba 2 ye er De ae ‘Ses nt eter) BD tf ome He ee (ap tng te pac fs oun cb ba a a aoe headed ‘onc nc othe cre eh ots eee stn pony ot of et mm ch wo ae tig cbs Tc aro fem cos 5) pied nor Toy pee acu ewan wet BA . ema 2 ms pres ° min nae Writing Part 1 Ovostons 1-5 Part 2 uestons or te ara tes utp nn aay oc Pata ‘ueston? vestons ors atin mt vn wg aera ‘le! es i ii te} : \ i : ‘po ®@ Qchl: i ; iL JE pL i Sl Part 2 Hi tm Recommended hostels In the Easton area ‘co cfr fom the Comey tase! of on co on prostate st ‘by rast! Nae eg ay nite oan Part 4 eesti 20-25 10 70 oa oa oa Coo Part 3 tom eaiowtreeg olan en oar? Part 2 pana prising pom 2 Sipe] + paige emcee FEL werent tia nw Pad Cera Ba ‘TIS EXIT IS FOR USE 2 eases eon DURING DAYTIME.IT IS | thenneminunsioteen LOCKED AT 6P91 EVERY EVENING. Part 3 veto 1-20 11 Shoemart 1 esmbte tn pin t pnngnt ea The Millennium Stadium, Cardiff vest 21-25 ‘Along journey wae te pn ane on ie Eat Ca mw kon meta im sone in ch ar nee denim a wien nite muta ‘tft ooh eigenen ane ses pe wo ‘Stott hha gs Sco Se oe sf eo ‘amd esto mon ‘ested emit ep the ene tg we Cay wan He pou Sect nin cexsrtone a ita tc 5 esto 26-25 Becoming costume designer ett fn i ct een 29 IE ‘Soe tin and prom be scammed ou hae et) ‘iene a dome sn he knowl of ton el Mere Oa Mo ae tue dene Som pope nae Be © em Da A ou © © mo > amy sea: [0 one ] Si {or Cy i oy, 1 ont yn anh Part 2 ‘esata yu cgi acne tf Part 3 ay farart aj iat bat ae ey Ais, What nde ym stay ond chat seyon be bet? + non ate eng ne an ‘ea te Gor Part ‘hase coe ze ae ha) we orb 1 rd aon A meiten innate o The central, library ‘Te ery sr fom 940 00 ey dag en os J Seda © es re te fk fran msi eon om fe els ede fe rset « in ater Tes 208) on the grunt fo. ae can hau ft frre eke, Mer a (fn er 1 sami itn ou tase hon, oo Ca at Panta Part 2 Part 4 ae, NTS, TEST 5 Coe 0 Reading Part 4 vests 1-5 aft imme | Senecio aceon SHAT tes | tannnnthon tutes FLOOR-NEXTTO mame (CUSTOMER SERVICES, © xan amo ta ‘THREE ITEMS MAXIMUM, a 2 + mttaer ve “ale So at . Poe She RRA © cm teseten ner rote Please note all tems 22 PTA cron Part Summer jobs in children’s camps Panta ‘ouestons 21-25. Restenrant Manager ny ene ag gr ee i por ‘nr bry sesh cn apie Sg ag che oe ipntig o uth en fce s lhgvh aoeTet SRE aay een secre Dt apy carom wip Scans engi th wo Pe at Sy acy tan com ep oa ca ‘nen Part 5 ston 26-25 hens compa wat 8 te pt wil ay ene ‘etna Oe ta pda eae stor prc pc Tatyana rensenen alo ep t heems| ves werk el Mo se se tea bo ess a ine ne sp er er ee ‘puns Bee ong seomes rie) po pe a ‘eGo etalsversomens theme Tey wy OG) ne car emi dpe wy pt mA mw Gay Dat whee pee © bes 2 woe Parts uations 1-5 2 ek tn et ta ecm yb ee Part 2 Oveston? + I patel too am Eg nt. ovestions + Yar her 2 ey] LEI 7a ood dl: Sere, << LL 5) sf ob 38 | EA w ge Part 2 ooo ooo 1 tags ooo ooo 1 Yovhmerorbh canny A Ht ooo ooo Tepes oe phaatebe mae Photography Compet oat on vests 20-25 Ser anata ek ad ane UE 1 Part 2 Sa Part 4 + Strain utiope ami Ta wot a ear 1 SFr mgs cr re oer z Reading Part 1 ‘quer srupy. 9 earn omen Lode rete Derg cesee ca LENSE FORM THE COLLEGE fomnestom nce amt emnce cenczoranyciumemven | 8 Yarteal nena cts net ymoee OT * Semmens prorat 1 ieee ito ee ee nasa i Part 2 vestons 6-10 Part 3 ‘uestons 1-20 “eevee Fast hd ni iy 1 Ara coy oy es 8 acon yu yg eee oe 2 Tepe tan sg a “om vey the Young Hono ee ah pl a i eam ee ‘eth oe ake ay ha exon he So Poe ‘en hy ha od oped ype a a asm thong nese ade sen ech, Ary i i ta techie. brad epeom he an You ce ld ‘Gptence ut nad a ben on el epee eA re belie yom hres the 6 gO pee "Op ‘fed into They eprint cng wo hee on he “Tein with ds eb am AR te. Yo amt dh ney ‘cm acu bene eee ote anh ov a eyo ‘We crane code done wn ing eo ll ep Lisa he nd when ek ms nig 2 matrewerriega ras © cnere ctr onan rae oe ae ney Myth oe Tyee em sane Part 5 Questone 26.95 “The Galapagos Islands ‘ee aman Ht) etm ff he ot of thm in ‘The mt jos ah ort and eee) ae ‘The Gata ow sin pA) pombe at anh y tat nor) the er 8) so a me fatto te accmpanedy sk ae They ene nog 0) they ‘ete they mtu) ng am way 2 to ea 2 ow eee 2 vw cay 2 oe Bho er Writing Part 4 Ovestions 1-5 ‘Tee hae apn toy seme Part 2 uestons Part a (uveston7 + Mpa y mn en anid amie some mn for my ty bt 1 eek halen wae Re ot fr geet nt ca eves mk groped ‘momatly? Which dogo thin eat? rant se in, uestons + Yr gin an asta We wntcocncetmpsterpnyt 8 Walittoncen c 2 tinue o nd cra worarintammimae © wenn ne mate c Part a vesions 1418 BRANDON FOREST PARK ret shop an a ‘Soedsaod den iin ale ay do) Prebook Bigeetire Cat hl ei ye Mra esha ting separ (tance tater a Yes 28 apna pey nada neg 2 sa eeseinae senna ton, oo oo oo oo ao ao CEE Part 4 somtuemmnsons 2 Scone meena Seer ane & ri meen vem SO, 1 Preset simple and avers ot tena premarin Fettpo ts Unseine be oso int ane Goreme ri ‘tone gee pet 2 ns q Pacers a a ea ION ema = fp ipa acer] lc Bers. state yd ee 2 heptane ped rig 9 secre tet + Weswepearat et o 2 selmi inno 13, "eal to aul downoad | (isco mon | gi te tt pores ‘wa nto ty ‘rep in Ego? ‘torch Winey SS hn ‘onto rs? ‘is toe ig ‘ech jcr eam 1 etre a * are 2 Tecematng mes at al : Sven cocoooos Sten aig 1 Inu ten cinch sds undo + Sisaiumrcteamentme pea 1 coca + Singer hone ottsome sien > hg ac" fevemee es | fae ame su scr | [Se be Satanniumaetoene | tap (sors ib eda a ne pn 1 obegnton nd prison: most revonohoucinny ad can 18 Request ad tre Orato emt Ewen 5 ES ‘ie Get it a ‘eee es | Ver flowed by dng anor ive SiS eet tn Tee [are opi oa] si we 1 Won 7 py em? 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Sentai at sm ‘honeypot (Ft condo a nts {Shiga ‘woe spp 8 ia anne vs me stan saan 15 Second contra eal stone ae a ep ‘pty et ys ai fetena a A a 1 natagauestone Tokcaceataetee ame Schoen * “Nana be roviene tooo 1 eect mt 1 tory peer nnn re aes dame ee ota mat x9 Reporting steer an questons Naa pape et cose Hes eee secant F a Fee 4 [Ae se when we inte someting : J fuer mmr | fy ne tag Tae cuuiace ey oon [totes eri a ce sepeeraeme nnimnevon [a {01d a eid wo [ir Saito a Semi simeresimemawmcens tera Seneveeern— |e (B Persona pronouns and preemies 8 Sa Pesta telserdeenemead Sy et ts ot ft 0 Kenptronenecnstine ar 1 thang Seger meetin htt + tate crt wet ore macy Ratti ron + Reemoger/mtsmientene [Panic em Deneck lc Hesemeimeee woe | + Shpeeeyigeariween CSc" 2 F Steumatspant non mea) Gt Hatch Cie whe Coren gonee ne 2 Thateeacar ti tome Termesitinyenn fatten. | Sito Batch Ewe Ww okt gig te stn Senerona atest oat * Sangontehart arse tan] Tran earner.) ‘A Compares and suprotnes ‘Simon ett ‘tan ea 2 Teton tech esi be : 4+ Fe no ppt te Coat Renesas ti oth Hoe rom eli baat ‘stig sn © seqpecer 10 on ner. 2 Neve er eps em eB heat eine nome ‘thee cnt ‘hy eed py Oi i hw ye © eo merous 1 Prponton ote {Thea cn en, {te ann 4 Nelo i 1 Prevcatons of ace iy centegy my et "on byes ‘seep ya oa yore agony roca 36, ne, bu, thous, ree oer agra 1 Selden 1 Conitemeseeneon tne iming Mas ya fi Soi nec aayan =m © saphg ston tings hoor wan, ha : ‘hes ont yo0s008 S82. en rf Li melt ‘Sorntatrert em cae he ee gree _ Seon © beloreater sg 2 erg ti 1 tne nou 1 sotsch ana ‘ern rape pt at 4 cnc ‘Seatac pb a ‘itn ay ca General vocabulary 2 etn Pons Sieben nin ner + Eaaemnnnt y cgmcumees gl Soi § porcartnpy teary an 1B enang Pats Teamoealturstesewa Cl © fon tan ey ter (© hatin tie Sac ca [ison se sum nto Sie Se etme . ee | Meds You seein sine nd nce © res es : Seats ae Tamera oS ‘smmemancatmrs | Storie Tat cme | * Shiectemee eet rma. dete te oe Seton = SSestome ne ee | "Recs mera. | tanmaty anton ey ayaa a Spm ates (compound nouns Raa Sererencui ee (8 rooming eects 1 Sry uw ir + [mt mo os] Semen * Ee | * Eee © yout te 2 yu teetlane coat ‘ses win rae mae Me tg tg ‘SSnsnanstaoe os me a eS + Noi tii te te (© tects eng ne 0g meceatretetctce =e SSacoe boccoo 1 ninon srt ra * Seeger ctann (Seatac aetoec | * ease © Teton vas av ths Behera pean ade, 1 Prepston + noun ‘Stuns oe as 2 Te eas i seat 18 Aajcte rpenton ‘creer ani © Sacer ata he 2 Tan yom te “© Yer psostion |B Yrs = prepoainagrer 1 ee aead——aman |? Rabon nan 2 Vanrtiny tionags ee erm fom nn ed ene " 5 a ewe a ne Scowtqesctnsnevnenmnny 6 Ta ah ORAL ETS TES, * SoGienneree re ps. a Seneca TEI ooo MO cmmtimvmamae 2 os ‘teen o "nett © tnt aa ut Fr feo clone Saat tee Te ee waren ewe ‘ec anatly tt eee a Sorter Th ote ek tae ‘Sine wi Sra 1 Ta mesentery yal soi ch pe, « Seeteeeesnomn nat a oe ee) ‘emg Ment oh ‘sesame a ane 12 Q mises nme toaieng Sst te ence py. 1 torte mio 5 Sora 4 Sait in on ster tpeg? ‘ce dy. Atneurfet arse page ‘preg be ‘onsanemay aina ie ery Eownetacswiecee i oy we eee eerrers Q Treaty ante an Rotman Os cae ° OS opener fc) ‘Emel 5 SL our ng © Qonceinmmres, 1 Metis tate thor? "Gernneonn ane beane 1 eS menae foes a ikaw” Laer BOnetmerenaee | Sonn Srurewew TE : + Sieeenenemmies | Sere pire 4¢Maying compe o ee 8: ee Ne, nen eect 2 hang somone oeting 2 ain some oti ate sean egg alte came cmt 1 pmo caeny 1 paemanang sts ewer erg te oe Wrtng Pa: atrs 1 bipbang itr 12 owes ‘opto yk rg Pa Sores _Speating Pn: Gna eonrersaton 5 eens oma gem sc Tin ws. rn ee tay ee Soeaing Pat Dicusing ston Sper move mat at ea, ‘ape boo et ‘ah pm co be own up Sonning Par: Daseing to 1 Dering pati ena te comp Q latte a sewsty 0 satan ewe JOM ett Sah te ett heaton pean Lanes state nnn Tevet Frnt nr a kt ode sar at eth Spain Par Dcuain a 1st 1, Part 3, Photograph 14 Tost 3, Part 3, Photograph 3A ‘Test 5, Part 3, Photograph 5A ‘Tost 4, Part 3, Photograph 1