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Lead Workplace Communication

Good workplace communication means good workplace performance.
Everything, from personal to business relationships, hinges on communication.
Communicate too little, too much, or incorrectly and everything youve worked for can
fall apart.
When people communicate properly, in a way that makes all parties feel heard, even
conflict and criticism can be constructive and lead to positive results. Humans are social
creatures by nature. We work together, play together, and live together. Verbal and non
verbal, quietly or loudly, we communicate at work with our co-workers, employees, and
leaders. We communicate at home with our families and friends. Weve been
communicating our whole lives. And were going to keep on communicating.
In the workplace, appropriate communication method should be used; questions are often
used to gain extra information, correct sources of information should be identified,
information is selected and organized correctly, verbal and written reporting is
undertaken when required and communication skills are maintained in all situations.
In leading workplace discussions, responses to workplace issues are sought and are
provided immediately. Constructive contributions are made to workplace discussions on
such issues as production, quality and safety. Goals or objectives and action plan
undertaken in the workplace are communicated.
In identifying and communicating issues arising in the workplace, issues and problems
are identified as they arise. Information regarding problems and issues are organized
coherently to ensure clear and effective communication. Dialogue is initiated with
appropriate personnel. Communication problems and issues are raised as they arise.

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