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; What A Wonderful World Words and Music by GEORGE DAVID WEISS and BOB THIELE F Am am Slowly I see trees of green, molto legato 3 3 red ros-es too, ee cr = 3- js SS ae — ~ all e Am ——— 2 of white, © 1967 Herald Square Music Co, Copyright renewed and assigned to Range Road Music Inc, Quartet Music Inc and Abilene Music Inc, USA. Carlin Music Corp, London NW1 8BD and Memory Lane Music Ltd, London WC2H 8NA AT Dm D> ice —— — think to my-self Bb cr = = — — Sh SSS s WORLD| The col-ors of the rain-bow, so pret-ty in the sky are al-so on thefac-es of — peo-ple _go-in' by, I see Dm C(Ebass} 3 C(Gbass) Fedim Dm(F bass) friends shak-in’ hands, say-in',"How do you do!” They're real-ly say ~in' Reproducing this music in any form i egal an forbidden by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1968, Printed in Englans ‘The Panda Group - Haverhill» Suto" 9/99 "I love you,” I hear ba -_ bies ery, 1 watch them grow + Dm Db Gm7 FE AT 3 —— <4 than Tl ev-er know and 1 think to my-self WHAT A WON-DER-FUL — WORLD. Rubato Gm7 Slowly 3s F Bb6 a F think to my-self Inernational Music Publications Limited Griffin House 161 Hammersmith Road London W6 BBS Enaland Order Ref: 89001