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Matthew Maher

10610 South 48th St | Phoenix, AZ 85044| Phone: (480) 745-9881| Email:



Leadership, Mentoring and Instruction of Game Industry Knowledge

Planned and implemented various game development courses at the collegiate level in the areas of
programming, art production and design
Organized and held weekend workshops focusing on specific topics important to game development
Mentoring of specific students that go above and beyond their academic responsibilities by offering
private tutoring in specifically targeted areas designed to increase the chances of successful entry to
desired industry positions
Guest speaker/lecturer at local schools on essential game industry skills and other topics key to
student success at becoming a professional in the gaming industry
Created internship opportunities and non-profit game projects to give students valuable experience
and exposure to the game development environment
Art Asset Management and Outsourcing
Constructed and managed the art teams schedule determining and assigning tasks for all artists
each week.
Created/Evaluated art tests to prospective outsourcers and 3rd party vendors while organizing and
assembling packages to be submitted to outsourcers and maintaining business relationships.
Managed milestone schedules and deliverables, adhering to established budgets and quality targets
of the game set by upper management.
Constructed and Negotiated terms of development contracts with vendors.
Set the technical specs of assets to be built, managed 3D art assets for Stargate Worlds,
performed initial quality assurance tests on art assets and managed the schedule and delivery of
assets while providing feedback during asset construction.
Maintained outsourced asset lists and schedule while continuously reviewing the submission
pipeline for vendors and internal teams. Frequently meeting with Art Director for feedback on visual
quality of assets and to report outsourcing progress.
Employee Training/Documentation
Evaluated and helped integrate Zbrush, Maya into CMEs work pipeline by conducting training in the
use of these tools.
Created and documented first normal mapping pipeline as well as a system for using multiple UV sets
Wrote documentation on how to properly implement key components of the Big World server
Troubleshot lightmap/shadowmap issues with the Unreal 3 engine, solved problems and documented
Wrote documentation on how to implement the Maya animation exporter and how to bring animations
into Unreal 3, assign to characters, as well as triggering animations in-game.
Art Asset Creation and Technical Art responsibilities
Modeled and textured countless 3D art assets, including armor, weapons, buildings and props,
utilizing 3ds Max, ZBrush, Maya and Photoshop for Stargate Worlds.
Created body components, material instances, animation trees, and implemented visual fx for
armor, weapons and props using the Unreal engine.
Created and tested custom collision for all asset types using 3d Max and Unreal.
Assisted Animation team and Cinematic team by creating custom Kismet sequences using Unreal

Software/Technical Skills
Created countless 3d game assets using Autodesk
3ds Max/Maya

Development experience with Unreal 3.5

Programming experience with Unity3d

Matthew Maher
10610 South 48th St | Phoenix, AZ 85044| Phone: (480) 745-9881| Email:
Extensive development experience with Unity3d
scripting, ActionScript3.0, Objective C , C++,
and JavaScript languages
Advanced asset and texture creation using Adobe
Photoshop and Flash

Freelance Web/Mobile Developer Phoenix, Az
Director of Production JoesGotGame(start up) Phoenix, Az
Game Design Instructor Collins College Phoenix, Az
Game Production Instructor Art Institute Phoenix, Az
Co-founder & Lead Artist Funbubl LLC Phoenix, Az
Lead Artist Cat's Cradle Studios Phoenix, Az
Technical Artist Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Mesa, AZ
Manager of Outsourced Art Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Mesa, AZ
Supervising 3D Artist,Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Mesa, AZ
3D Artist, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Mesa, AZ
Graphic Designer, MB York Inc., Scottsdale, AZ

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Credited Major Titles

Stargate Resistance (Triple A)

- Online, third-person shooter powered by the Unreal 3 engine
- Publisher Dark Comet Games(formerly Cheyenne Mountain)
- Position: Manager of Outsourced Art, Supervising 3d Artist
Minor Pc Credited Titles

Publisher Funbubl LLC

Publisher CatsCradle Studios
Publisher CatsCradle Studios
Publisher Funbubl LLC

Published Iphone Titles

Garden of Zen Publisher: CatsCradle Studios
Publisher: CatsCradle Studios
Last Portal
Publisher: CatsCradle Studios
Geo Tones
Publisher: CatsCradle Studios
Sea Snake (Awarded Itunes Staff Favorite) Publisher: CatsCradle Studios

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Game Design, Collins College, Tempe, AZ
Focused studies in 3D Art, Tech Art and Project Management
Graduated with Valedictorian Honors
Bachelor level course studies in Computer Science, Arizona State University,Tempe, AZ
Completed upper division courses focusing on C++ data structures


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