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on Oberlander ‘read with great sadness the letter from Gordon Mackay (NOW, March 17.23) responding to an article about ‘Nazi Killing Unit member Helmut Oberlanderby Bernie Farber, Len Rud- ner and Erie Vemon (NOW, March io- 2, Tamasurvivor of Auschwitz. Many ‘oftheguardsand fanctionariesat the death camp, like Oberlander, never pulled a trigger. They were doctors, guards, accountants, cooks, drivers Dookkeepers whoneverfiredonieshot However, without them the murder of ‘more than 1 million people at Auschy witzeould not have happened. ‘Mackay’s comparison between his father and Oberlander isin ter~ ribly poor taste His assumption that Oberlander would end up in a pit if heprotested the killings offews i une justified. Every cogin the machinery of mur- er had to Work in unison to murder onsuchaetall scale. ste eipeiger Toronto