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Week 1 - August 31, 2015

Introduction: Different tools to help us do our job, learning tools (personal goals) to
help us do our job of learning.
Adaptability Definition: Memorize
Explain Meaning: new people new places circumstances
Illustration and Application: Tell story of PE changes. Practical application I will not
get upset when plans change.
Week 2 September 7, 2015
Learn new song related to Adaptability: I can do all things Part 1
Review Definition
Recognition: Adaptability Awards
Illustration from Nature: The Water Bear
Bible-Focus: Apostle Paul. Scripture verse Philippians 4:12-13. HOW we get the
strength to show adaptability and contentment? Through Christ who strengthens
Week 3 September 14, 2015
Review: Definition and new song, learn part 2
Skit: Brother Adaptable and Brother Stubborn

I will not get upset when plans change.

I will try new things.
I will be thankful in tough situations.
Rewards of Adaptability: Joyfulness, Better learning
Week 4 September 21, 2015
Review: 3 weeks material, reminder of application of this tool, not just knowledge
Lesson: Jesus and Adaptability. Gospel presentation with cross as bridge.

Week 1 October 5, 2015
Introduce: Enquiry and The Great Mandate
Lesson: Scientist Lance Richdales enquiry and research into endangered yelloweyed penguins (Debbie) Tie in enquiry with the Great Mandate
Week 2 October 12, 2015
Presentation: Vinnys lunch worship group Our God is a Great Big God
Enquiry Definition Memory and Repetition
Review of last weeks lesson, application, and challenge
Announcements: Box of Hope (Simone), Charlies notices
September Birthdays
Week 3 October 26, 2015
Story: The Life of George Washington Carver
Week 4 November 2, 2015
Review: Adaptability definition
Recognition: Adaptability Awards
Bible Focus: Where do we find answers to the big enquiries and questions of life?
Who am I? Am I important? Am I loved? Bible tells the truth about ourselves and
about God. Scripture verses.
Recognition: Enquiry Awards

Week 1 - November 16, 2015
Student Speeches
Review Enquiry Definition
Thoughtfulness Definition: Memorize and explain meaning
Phrase: We need to STOP. And THINK.
Practice Thoughtfulness: Give situation and project question on PPT. All students
stop and think for a few seconds.
Application: Teach 3 practical I will statements for application of thoughtfulness.
October Birthdays
Week 2 November 23, 2015
Skit: A day in the life of Tina Thought (Dorcas). Go through the day once with her
not showing thoughtfulness (home spilled milk, class poor behavior choices,
kumon careless mistake). Each scene corresponds with one of the I will
application statements.
Go through same day again showing thoughtfulness second time around.
Week 3 November 30, 2015
Recognition: Thoughtfulness Awards
Lesson: Taking Thoughts Captive, Mailbox analogy and object lesson
demonstration. For bad thoughts we Capture it, lock it up, and throw it away!
Expanded story of Cain and Abel (illustrating the power of thoughts). Replace wrong
thoughts and lies with good thoughts such as those in Philippians 4:8
November Birthdays

Week 1 January 11, 2016
Review: All personal goal definitions learned so far. Recap lessons on thoughtfulness
Resilience meaning: Illustrate falling down and staying down in self-pity, or getting
up again to keep going
Definition: Memory, explanation and repetition
Examples of times we need to show resilience.
Game: Guess Who? Famous successful people who failed initially. Good examples
of those who showed resilience when faced with challenges and difficulties.
Week 2 January 18, 2016
Story: Ann Judson, missionary to Burma. Story of the many difficulties and trials she
and her husband encountered in a foreign land and how they persevered and was
resilient through it.
Week 3 February 1, 2016
Special Guests: YWAM team to share about International Mindedness and the Great
Week 4 February 15, 2016
Recognition: Resilience Awards
January and February Birthdays
Special Guest: Justine from Viva to receive donation raised from Mufti Day. Share
about International Mindedness, Viva and how they help children around the world.

Week 1 February 22, 2016
Song: I Wanna Do Right Teach new song relating to Morality. Lead into meaning
of morality by teaching through the lyrics. (How do we know what is right or wrong?
God tells us. Why do we want to be like Jesus? He is our role model for making right
instead of wrong choices.)
Morality introduction: Good and bad characters in popular movies and cartoons.
Definition: Memorize and expound.
Explanation of WHY we should do right (because God loves me) illustration a dog
who obeys his master because he loves the master.
Week 2 February 29, 2016
Presentation: Vinnys lunchtime worship group Thank you Song
Skit: Two brothers, Pedro and Jose in different scenarios need to choose to do what
is right and reject what is wrong.
Week 3 March 7, 2016
Presentation: James Belle Plate performers
International Mindedness: Vinny teaches IM song, Dani highlights the different
aspects of the IM logo
Forgiveness Object Lesson: Acetone and Styrofoam experiment to demonstrate
Gods forgiveness when we make wrong choices.
Week 4 March 14, 2016
Guest Speaker: Rob Penner to share about the Easter story using 12 eggs.
Recognition: Morality and other personal goal awards