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Samuel Palungan Rantetoding

Pak Agung, Ms. Hannah, Mrs. Peggy
March 4, 2016

Reflective Essay

Field trip is about a project where we need to experience what we had learned or what
we know based on what had happen during that time. We need to interpret what we had
learned to some NGOs or a community village that work together to recycle trash. We learned
how to show empathy into those communities. We learned about human rights, fairness, and
development in IS class that basically related to the field trip. In biblical study class, we
learned about empathy, and human life, like connection or relationships. In English, We
learned issues of human rights. This field trip is taught me many things, including increase
my understanding to interacting to people, appreciation for them, and empathy building.
From this field trip, I increase my understanding about each of problem that they have
in specific community. Interacting with them is problem that we had because we didnt want
to hurt their feeling, but with interacting with them, we could know new understanding. For
example, I learn that saliva or mosquito cant spread HIV. I know that I need to treat the fairly
because that what I had learned in class. I also learn that not all human rights could be earn
by those people, like in Yakkum Rehabilitation center, not all facilities could be achieved by
them. For example, they didnt have the rights to have a better education and if they can, they
need lift to carry them because they cant walk using stairs because they using wheelchair. I
learned that not all problems they have is bad. Even though they had this problem, but they

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still have a lot of fun, even maybe have more fun than us. They didnt deserve to be cornered
by us. Like what we learned in IS class, fairness is needed to achieve human rights equality.
The issues that happen in those communities for me is that I think they were lack of
respect. They try not to meet many people as possible because many people didnt show
respect like stay away from them because theyre weird or etc. For example, in Yakkum
Rehabilitation Center, People in there were trying to help kids with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral
Palsy is basically a disorder that attacks the movement of someone because of brain damage
(Cerebral Palsy Alliance). They tried to help them in education because they have brain
damage, which means that their brain is not as good as us. They still not appreciated by the
government for what they did. There is also a different case that happens in Dian Interfidei.
In that place, some of the activists are told that their beliefs are wrong. They didnt deserve to
be a Muslim because of their belief. They just want to have faith in their belief or religion,
but they were told that they belief is wrong. There is less appreciation for what they did
because theyre different from others. In CD Bethesda, There is one activist that had story
about her daughters friend could not go to school because of her father have HIV. They tried
to live as normal as other people, but our community rejected them. They tried to survive by
do something that normal people would do, but they cant. People should show some
appreciation to those people who would like to change their destiny because they think they
could have better destiny, not rejected them.
I also have empathy feelings for them who got challenges on health. Before field trip,
actually I just want to stay away from people with disabilities because I scared that they have
mentally problem that will affect me. I never care of what other feels. I dont care if someone
had a problem. I never knew how to help people with disabilities. I never knew what it feels
like until I came to that place and they told us how it feels. I feel terribly sad for them. I
didnt know that life could be so hard for them. I just think they could do everything normally

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like use, but theyre too lazy to do it, but the truth is that they cant do it because they rejected
to be in the several communities. They must be in the same community as the people with the
same problem as they had. They didnt have the rights to have a proper education like us. I
feel now that my empathic feeling is growing inside me. Now, I need to know more about
them before I judged them easily.
The conclusion is that they didnt want to have life like that, but they have to because
that is their destiny, but they didnt make that as a huge problem. They kept moving forward
and try to be better and make their problem as a gift rather than a problem. I need to know
more about them before I judged them easily because now I feel that Im being a fool because
I didnt know what actually happen. I need to interact more with people like them because the
problem is they didnt want people to visit them because of people like me that judged them
easily. I need to show some respect because of their effort to live. Its very hard for people
like them to live especially people with HIV/AIDS because it also affects their family
member. Not only appreciation for trying to live normally, but they need to get some respect
for getting education, even though its not as good as normal school. They could be my role
models for try hard for study because they didnt have a good chance/opportunity to learn in
better school like me, but their motivation for study is bigger than me.

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