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Han 1

Jamie Han
22 January 2016
ENG 112-39
Professor Intawiwat
Journal 1
Literacy Narrative
I heard to my mom that I hold a pencil at the first time when I was one-year-old. And
then, I drew some lines on the wall of my house after I used to grab my pencil or pen.
Accordingly, my mom bought the white board, and attached it to the wall for me to draw
anything on the white board, not on the wall. I always played with that white board because I
could draw as much as I want by several colors of the white board markers, and my mom kept
praising me highly about what I did on the white board. When I was in the kinder garden, I
learned how to draw a horizontal line, a circle, and a rectangle etc. from my kinder garden
teacher. Also, I learned more about the art with my friends in the kinder garden. It was the first
time to learn something outside of my house; therefore, I was interesting everything to learn
about art. For that reason, I really liked to go to the kinder garden and to stay there; finally, my
mom sent me to take the art class after I took the class in the kinder garden. After I graduated the
kinder garden, I went to the private educational institute of art with attending the elementary
school. By that private education, I did not spend much time at home, but I was happy at that
time that I met real art teacher and learned the art from her. I specifically learned how to draw
and paint something and to look them like a realistic, and also I learned how to make sculptures
by using different medias of art. Later, I had an interest in art more than before I attend the
private educational institute of art, and it influenced me to do something only about art. For

Han 2
example, in the elementary school, every student had to take one club every year; consequently, I
always took the clubs about art such as handmade club and D.I.Y. club, and learned about design
from the designer in those clubs. When I graduated the elementary school and went to the middle
school, I also took the art classes every year and became the president of those art classes instead
of the other students. Finally, I came to the United States for studying, and I attended high school
at Charlotte. Even though it was difficult to communicate to others, but I kept taking art classes
and took studio art class since I was in a junior year. In the studio art class, I made my art
portfolio for the college, and I took the art club, Art Honor Society when I was a senior in the
high school. On the last day of the school before my graduation day, I got my graduation cord
from Art Honor Society club, and then I graduated the high school. I am going to CPCC from the
last year, and I took art appreciation class in fall 2015. Now, I am preparing to transfer to the
other college for studying more about art and design, and I will try to transfer next semester. In
the future, I would want to expend and to express my style of art and design.