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The questions I was assigned was question 13 section B which challenged me to

Describe the techniques Hitler used to organize a large majority of German people to accept
and promote Nazi ideology. I found some interesting things. Historians and normal people as
weel appear to have some form of an obssession with hitler. It boggles so many people's
minds as to why he was capable of becoming so powerful. People have gone so far as to
study the pets he had present while growing up in some last resort attempt to find every inch
of how he took over the country. Although I'm certain that Hitler had many techniques that
happened to have escaped my research, the most common examples appear to be his use of
propoganda and his excessive use of racism, more specifically his blaming of the Jews and
other none-Germans for the war. People feared what the war did to them personally and how
it greatly affected the country in every possible bad way and wanted to steer away from it.
Hitler undoubtedly made use of propoganda to achieve his goals. He bombarded the
people with posters and papers discussing his plans for the country. Possibly the biggest
propoganda he released was his book entitled Mein Kampf written by himself, Adolf Hitler.
In this book he did not solely speak of his plans once he was in government, but also of his
personal beliefs that the Germans were superior to all other races. "Hitler's time in the army
and the military background of many of his supporters led to the NSDAP becoming like
a military organization" (Evidence 1). Effectively Hitler was able to bring up a politcal
party that would follow his every order. His words to them were just like law. Even before
campaigning he was able to become quite powerful from his words. The people who
followed him had a military background which i can infer made it easier for them to follow
him. "There was a section of the (NSDAP) party called the 'stormtroopers'....meetings
looked like military parades, and Hitler addressed them with passionate speeches that
roused strong emotions in his followers"(Evidence 1). People willing to follow Hitler
ultimitely fueled his goals. Who some may call a psychopath, had a following that I almost

describe as religious. Nothing stood in his way until he was sent to prison, however, this gave
him time to write the book I previously mentioned, Mein Kampf. "Hitler wanted to gain
power over the country and, after the failure of his attempt to overthrow the
government, he realised he would have to use the democratic methods of the Weimar
Republic" (Evidence 1). He saw the issues of his previous plans, as they did end quite
horribly for him. Hitler decided that his best course of action was to play by the rules that
those opposing him had set. As long as he did things that they would allow him to do, they
couldn not possibly stop him. "The Nazis used propoganda to increase their support and
appeal. They spent huge sums of money on newspapers, leaflets, and poster campaigns
with simple slogans encouraging people to support the party" (Evidence 1). Hitler and
the other Nazis made sure that wherever people went, they would soon find something
speaking highly of the Nazi party. Because of this, they were able to gain the publicity they
needed in order to earn the support of the people. "The military style of the Nazis involved
using large political 'rallies' to gain support" (Evidence 1). Hitler and the Nazis had large
gatherings that involved banners and marching bands. These were broadcast and had many
viewers. They used the 'rallies' to portray Hitler as being a strong leader who knew what was
best for the country. Although Hitler did use alot of propoganda, he had did use other ways of
influencing the people.
Hitler and the Nazis wanted the pople to think of them as a friendly helping hand.
"Propoganda...encouraged passivity and acceptance of the impending measures against
Jews, as these(various progopanda) appeared to depict the Nazi government as stepping
in and 'restoring order'" (Evidence 2). Rather than the government being this big evil
racist force against the common people, people saw the Nazis as being these nice people who
would fix everything. Not to meantion that people began to agree with the racist ideals if they
had not previously before. "...This propoganda sought to elicit political loyalty and so-

called race consciousness among the ethnic German populations" (Evidence 2). This
made the German people aware of and hate everyone that was not German. They were taught
to belive that they were born to be superior. "...Hitler established a Reich Ministry of
Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels" (Evidence 2).
Doing this allowed Hitler to focus on controlling other aspects of Germany while Goebbels
was working to keep Hitler's thumb pressed on the German people. At this point, Hitler did
little to keep control of Germany. Hitler did alot to hold onto Germany, including changing
the idealogy of the people, but he also did more.
Hitler somewhat made himself the German nation. "...Hitler could only win power,
because he had made himself the spokesman of the German fears and longings. He led a
war against modernism"(Evidence 3). After Hitler had influenced the nation, he shared the
greatest ideals and goals of the people. He wanted the same as them, so no one wanted to stop
him. "...Hitler...enjoyed the broad support, confidence, admiration - indeed the love of
the Germans until the very end of his days"(Evidence 3). The people supported Hitler
greatly. He fed off of their love and it kept him going. "Hitler's power could only have
blossomed in collaboration with the German people"(Evidence 3). In the end, ultimately
Hitler could not have become what he was without the people wanting him. Hitler was
elected legally, the nation loved him. They loved everything that he was, at least in the
beginning. Hitler used many different techniques to control the people, but in the end he
didn't do as much as some may speculate.
Hitler had to do alot to come up from his childhood into being the ruler of a nation.
By his use of propoganda and shared needs, he came about to power. However, the people
wanted Hitler to be what he was. He learned that to be a ruler you need to be accepted by the
people, wanted by the people. He used this one primary tactic to grow to be one of the most
powerful men in history.