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Education Department Internship Field Experience Journal Reflection

Intern Name:
Amount of Time:
75 minutes
75 minutes
2 hours
2 hours
Name and Description of Activity

ISSLC Domain
Standard 4 Collaborative Leadership (CL)

Met with districts central office staff who works in data collection to review the different databases that the
district has licenses for.
Analyzed the grammatical concepts and skills addressed in the 9th and 10th grades curricula to look for
spiraling and building of concepts both within the grade-level and from one year to the next.
Reflections and Insights
I was introduced to the districts newest purchase of a database called Milepost which tracks student data
from multiple years on standardized assessments, behavioral referrals, and interventions that will ultimately
become every students individualized plan. While most of the data was up-to-date, teachers are just being
trained on how to access this information. This database would not allow for individual teachers to enter
their own classroom data on a regular basis. Since I am looking for a way to streamline the information that
our department is collecting on grammar to be used for information instruction at the next grade-level, I am
looking at different databases that are available to us to use. I also learned that we still have access to
Performance Pathways, a database that we have used extensively in the past to collect classroom data as well
as standardized assessments. This particular database charts and graphs the data that is entered and allows
all teachers to use the system for their own classroom assessments. However, the future of this database is
not certain after this year because the district is looking to phase this out in order to house everything in
Milepost. Therefore, I am still unsure of what database would be the best for our department to input our
individual grammar data into.
During a review of the 9th and 10th grade curriculas grammar, I noticed that there is no identifiable
connection between what is being taught in 9th grade and how that builds for what is laid out to be taught in
10th grade; I could not decipher a relationship between the concepts and skill building. It almost seemed as
though what looked like more remedial topics were being taught in 9th grade and what seemed like more
complex topics addressed in 10th grade but there was no scope and sequence to either grades curriculum.
The skills are not being addressed in a manner that would build upon one another. The topics are segmented
into units with no clear cut relationships between why one topic is before the other. This makes it difficult
for the students to retain the information that was taught in September by the time the class gets to March. I
Certificate of Advanced Studies Department of Education

have taken a different approach to this than the 9th grade English teacher has by using a spiraling of concepts
to ensure that what was taught in September is still being assessed in June and on every quiz throughout to
ensure better retention. However, this was my own creation and not part of the districts plan.

What type of database could the English department use that would enable us to track each of our individual
classes data while still allowing us to view the students that are incoming to our grade from the previous
How were the grammatical concepts for grades 9 and 10 decided upon? How do they reinforce and build
upon one another? Is there a better way of organizing the skills and concepts in these two grade level to
have the skills spiral and be reinforced in a cohesive manner to ensure better student retention of the ideas?

Certificate of Advanced Studies Department of Education