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USF Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template (S 2014)

Grade Level Being Taught:


Size: 5

Name: Gianina Fletcher

Date of Lesson: 02/23/2016

Lesson Content
What Standards (national
or state) relate to this

Objectives- What are you


LAFS.K.L.3.5- With guidance and support from adults, explore word relationships and
nuances in word meanings.
LAFS.1.RF.2.2- Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds
1. Given a pile of words with corresponding pictures, students will be able to sort the
pictures into the appropriate column based on ending letter blends without error.
2. Students will be able to recognize ending letter sounds and write words that have
similar endings in a coherent sentence without error.
3. Given an anchor chart, students will recall and reflect on previously taught letter

Evaluation Plan- How will

you know students have
mastered your objectives?

I will walk the students through the sorting activity and monitor their progress while they
place the cards in the correct places. They will be given a worksheet that requires them
to write a sentence with one of the words they have sorted. I will use this worksheet to
assess their ability to write and spell the words correctly.

Step-by-Step Plan
(What exactly do you plan to
do in teaching this lesson? Be
thorough. Act as if you needed
a substitute to carry out the
lesson for you.)


Where applicable, be sure to

address the following:


Lesson Implementation
Who is
responsibl 1. This activity will take place during the Daily 5 activity.
e (Teacher 2. The instructor will gather a group of 5 students and ask them to
sit at a back table for a group activity.
Students)? 3.. The instructor shows the sorting chart to the group of students
and explains the purpose of the activity. The purpose is to sort the
words/pictures into the correct column based on ending letter
blends. Some The two columns will be labeled yes and no.
4. There are 18 cards and each card has a word on it that has an

USF Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template (S 2014)

Grade Level Being Taught:
How will materials be
How will students
transition between
What will you as the
teacher do?
What will the students do?
What student data will be
collected during each
What are other adults in
the room doing? How are
they supporting students
What model of co-teaching
are you using?

Meeting your students

needs as people and as





Size: 5

Name: Gianina Fletcher

Date of Lesson: 02/23/2016

ending blend of ing. Each student will be given 3 cards to sort on

the chart, and then the remaining cards will be sorted together as a
group. Some words are correct and others arent. They will be asked
to say the word and use it in a sentence to figure out whether it is a
real word or not.
5. After each student sorts their cards, the group will reflect on the
words and grade how well they sorted the cards. They will give
themselves either a 1, 2, or 3 grade based on how well they thought
they did as a group.
6. Ask the students if they have ever heard of the words and what
they mean. Connect this to their lives and show how often they use
the words without realizing how they are spelled.
7. Once the chart has been used, set it aside and pull out the ing
8. The students will be given separate piees of paper in the shape of
an apple and asked to draw a picture of one of the words they
9. The students will then write a coherent sentence with that word
within it. (one sentence or two sentences depending on the student)
11. The instructor should help the students brainstorm and think of
sentences that they can write.
12. The instructor should observe their thought process and their
ability to write the words in their sentences.
13. Once they complete their sentences, collect the papers and tape
them to the tree so they can see that they are all ing sentences.
Ask them to reflect on how well they liked the activity.

If applicable, how does this lesson connect to the interests and cultural
backgrounds of your students?
This lesson is designed for many types of learners. The words that have been chosen for
the sorting are often said by the students, and they use it in everyday conversation.

USF Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template (S 2014)

Grade Level Being Taught:

Size: 5

Name: Gianina Fletcher

Date of Lesson: 02/23/2016

There is also a designated time within the lesson/ activity where the students will reflect
on the words and discuss when they use them in their day-to-day life. I also chose reallife pictures for some of the words so that the students will connect the words visually.
Differentiationbased on
the needs of your students
how will you take
individual and group
learning differences into
Relevant Psychological
Theories and research
taken in consideration
when planning this lesson

This lesson was specifically designed for a differentiated group of learners. Each card has
a typed word, followed by a picture that relates to the word. The pictures were added so
that students who are struggling with reading or sounding out words will be able to sort
the words verbally rather than relying only on reading. I will also be aware of the group
atmosphere and keeping a respectful and appropriate discussion when we reflect on the
words we sorted. Some students may be more comfortable being quiet and letting their
peers dominate the conversation. The lesson is designed to be a group discussion rather
than a strictly instructional lesson.
I have observed the learners in my classroom and used my own notes when designing
this lesson. I have also observed and made note of my CTs lessons and way of teaching
that works well with the students.
Differentiating instruction based on individual learners course.