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Alissa Mize

Math 1010
Shane Tang

Exotic Animals Project

Daniels Exotic Animal Rescue houses snakes, tarantulas and scorpions. When asked how many animals
of each kind he boards, Daniel answered: We board 114 total animals, and I am responsible for each of
their 496 legs and 75 tails. The following steps will guide you to find out how many of each animal the
Rescue board. (Recall: tarantulas have 8 legs and no tails, scorpions have 8 legs and one tail, and snakes
have no legs and one tail.)
1. Use a variable to represent the number of each of the 3 animals. Write down what each
Snakes= s
Tarantulas= t
Scorpions= z

2. Use the above 3 variable to write down the system of 3 linear equations based on the question.
s+t+z= 114

3. Solve the system to find out how many of each animal does the Rescue board. Be sure to write
down your steps clearly.
1. s+t+z=114(-8) =-s-t-z=-912
2. 8t+8z=496
-8s=-416 = s=52
-52-32 +z =23

1. s+t+z=114(-)
= -s-t-z=-114
3. 1s+1z=75
s + z =75
= -t=39 = t=39

4. Write down in a complete sentence how many of each animal the Rescue board.
The Rescue board 52 snakes,39 tarantulas, and 23 scorpions.

Exotic Animals Project: Reflection

Name: Alissa Mize
You must complete this reflection individually
1. The Exotic Animals Project gives a story where people use math in a playful way. Though we use
mathematics in many aspects in real life, most people have never used a quadratic formula
directly outside academic environment. Do you consider learning technique in Intermediate
Algebra class useful or useless? Why? Write between150 and 300 words to respond to these
Math is not my best subject and for most of my adult life I have not found quadratic formulas to be
useful. In basic day to day life you need to know math, and I love to learn new ways to do math even
if it is challenging for me, when I learn something new and I understand it I find it rewarding. I have
5 children and some are now in middle school, high school and college. I was ok doing their math for
the most part in elementary and if I did not understand something I would say ask your older
brother or your dad and math would get done. My 9th grader is now struggling in algebra and I am
able to teach him and help him with his homework and I find it very useful to learn algebra and
understand it so I am able to help my children excel in their studies.

2. Dr. Edward Frenkel in the preface of his book Love & Math wrote, Mathematics equal rigor plus
intellectual integrity times reliance on facts. We should all have access to the mathematical
knowledge and tools needed to protect us from arbitrary decision made by the powerful few in
an increasingly math-driven world. Where there is no mathematics, there is no freedom. Do
you agree or disagree with Dr. Frenkel that Where there is no mathematics, there is no
freedom? Why? Write between150 and 300 words to respond to these questions.

I agree with the statement where there is no mathematics, there is no freedom. Math is needed
in everyday life. When my kids earn money they count it and recount it and put 10% in savings
and then they go to the store and buy treats or something they have saved for. If they do not
have enough they need to know how much more they need and how much tax is going to be so
they can include that when saving. You need math to be able to balance a check book, buy a
car, grocery shop, use coupons and know how to figure what the interest is on loan. If a person

does not learn math they are powerless and would have to rely on others often times not
getting the best deal for what they are in need of. There is no freedom without the basic
principles and knowledge of math.