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SCOTT WALLACE FOR US. CONGRESS soigsise Bf moure Bf scat resronsiorry (COMMITTED TO THE 2ND AMENDMENT Bf suns ausness OWNER Bf nomerows cuy Vote Scott Wallace” mek wm ACTIN SCAU TTS By SvarShoters cas allace grew up here. Fr. Cactus, Vicks Square Shooters J Club, "snd Litsle Rock Public ‘Schools through being « Senior Counselor at Brookhill Ranch in Hot Springs. Score has leamed the conservative values Bimportant cousin Central Arkansss, He J arended Lisle Rock Catholic High J School and the Univesity of Arkansas at | Wg Fayetoville, Scot has avays called this J place home and that is why he is erase an eng eyo EAaas in Washington, not. the |, voice “of Washington in \_ Arkansas. community chrough numerous charitable boards. Currently, RE serves as a board Jj member of the Union Rescue Mission/Doreas House and the Arkansas eee eee ey patrolled our streets as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for over two years, He understands the importance of community service and will aways take co hear che values of our community while serving you in Congres. marriage, and is a strong believer in your eerie a Sccond Amendment Rights. Additionally, > he bdicvs we mut revore fsel | Small! Business, Ma: responsibility in government. Because of = see ase his business experience, Scote understands ene ace na eee legendary restaurant in Little Rock how important it sto balance the nation's Fir Soa ad terete WG ore budget like you have to balance your businesses, he has employed hundreds of checkbook. Scott and his wife, Tanja, Arkansans over the years. From his along with their four daughters, reside in business experience, Scott understands that small businesses create jobs, not Little Rock and attend ‘The Summit ’ as Church in North Lite Rock. 3 Ree eee + in Central Arkansas MAY? TET) INT