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CANDIDATE ARTICLE #3 “Fall 2010 Pledge Class Hiatus” Article ARTICLE VI - Fall 2010 Pledge Hiatus Policy 1. The chapter will not take a pledge class for the fall semester 2010. 2. During the fall semester 2010 a Brotherhood Committee will be formed under the elected Membership Vice President that will explore a sustainable rush and pledging policy. 3. The Brotherhood Committee shall decide on its recommendations and provide them to the chapter before the time of executive officer elections. 4, The role of the Pledge Master during the fall 2010 semester will be to plan fellowship and service events for the purpose of bringing the brotherhood together. Abstract: “This amendment would essentially act as a referendum on not taking a pledge class next semester, and would present the semester as a time for the chapter to redirect the energy it normally would use for pledges and the pledge process towards chapter unification and greater dedication to service. It would be the role of the pledge master and membership and fellowship vice presidents elected this spring to develop programs and policies, with the aide of suggestions during CPPC, that would bring the chapter together. The committee established by this article should propose an amendment to be voted on during the fall eboard election.”