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Unit 3 Test Study Guide Answers

Bonding Concepts:


What is an oxidation number? The number electrons needed to be gained or lost to make the atom stable. (follows the
octet rule)
What is being used to create the bonds? Valence Electrons
What are cations and anions? Cations= ions with a positive charge. Anions= ions with a positive charge
Draw the following Lewis structures: CO, CH4, NO3-, SO2, H2S

Describe the following as linear, trigonal planar, tetrahedral, pyramidal, or bent: O 2=linear , SiO2=linear, BF3=trigonal
planar, CaH2=linear

Ionic Bonds and Nomenclature


What is a binary compound? A compound with 2 elements

What are ionic bonds? (What kind of elements and what happens to the electrons?) A bond between a metal and a nonmetal where the electrons are transferred. There is a net charge of zero because the cation and anion charges cancel out.
3- When do we use Roman numerals in the name? When there is a transition metal with more than one possible charge
that could make the element stable.
4- What is the proper name for LiCl? Lithium chloride
5- What is the charge on a Mg ion in its ionic compound? Mg2+
6- What does K+ represent? A potassium ion
7- What is the symbol for a rubidium ion? Rb+
8- What is the correct name for an Al3+ species? Aluminum ion
9- What are the formulas for the following: aluminum chloride = AlCl3, sodium bromide = NaBr, carbon monoxide = CO?
10- The electron configuration for Na1+ would be identical to which element? Neon
Covalent Bonds and Nomenclature

What are covalent bonds? (What kind of elements and what happens to the electrons?) Bonds between two nonmetals where the electrons are shared.
What the prefixes for 1-10? 1-mono, 2-di, 3-tri, 4-tetra, 5-penta, 6-hexa, 7-hepta, 8-octa, 9-nona, 10-deca
How do we use the prefixes for covalent bonds? The prefixes tell us how many atoms we have of each element
(we dont use mono for the first element)
What is the names for the following: SO =sulfur monoxide, S3O, =Trisulfur monoxide SO3 =Sulfur trioxide
What is the formula for the following: potassium iodide = KI, dihydrogen monoxide =H2O (hehe), triphosphorous
chloride =P3Cl?
What is the formula for sodium chlorite? NaClO2
What is the compound formed from the polyatomic ions NH4+ and PO43-? (NH4)3PO4
Explain single, double, and triple bonds. What are they and when do they happen? Single bonds=share 1 pair of
electrons. Double bonds=share two pairs of electrons. Triple Bonds= share 3 pair of electrons. (The Lewis dot for
CO should have had a triple bond. The Lewis dot for SO2 should have had a double bond.) They are used when
atoms can share more than one set of electrons.making them more stable.

Ionic or Covalent?
Are the following Ionic or covalent?

N2O Covalent
Al2O3 Ionic
Na2S Ionic
BF3 Covalent
H2O2 Covalent