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When is Mothers Day 2016

International Mothers Day is celebrated every year on second Sunday of May

month. United States observes it as a public holiday. In 2016 Mothers Day falls
on 8th of May Sunday. The celebration started in US in the early twentieth century
and later on was spread to other countries. Though it is not declared a public
holiday in countries other than US, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm in
almost all parts of world. Mothers are wished for the day with gifts, greeting
cards, messages and wishes. Mothers Day gifts and cards are purchased by sons
and daughters.
This article is mainly to acquaint readers when is mothers day 2016 and how it
will be celebrated. A brief history of mothers day is also shared in this piece of
information. Mothers Day was being boosted before its official declaration in US.
The international mothers day celebrated now is quite different from the
traditional day of motherhood which is being celebrated in ancient cultures like
Greek and Roman. While the traditional days used to celebrate the motherhood,
the modern celebration offers this day to all the mothers by appreciating them.
Mothers are appreciated and rewarded for their enormous contributions to bring
up family and children.

History of Mothers Day

Ancient cultures like Greek and Roman celebrates motherhood through their
regional festivals known as Cybele and Hilaria. In Christianity too, the mother
Sunday celebration celebrates mother church. The modern day celebration of
mothers day started when in 1914, the then President of US Woodrow Wilson
proclaimed every second Sunday of May as a national holiday to honour all
However, this happened because of movement taken up by Anna Jarvis who
celebrated it first in 1908. She held a tribute in form of memorial for her mother
in 1908 at the St. Andrews Churh in West Virginia. Since then this shrine is known
as International Mothers Day Shrine. Her campaign was to make Mothers Day a
national holiday in US which she initiated in 1905 when she lost her mother. She
then took the movement to commemorate a day to honour a person who does so
much for family and kids more than anyone else. The Mothers Day founder Anna
Jarviss mother too was a peace activist who used to care for the wounded army
soldiers during the Civil War. She also created Mothers Day work groups to care
about public issues related to health.